Love movie “12 Days” will be released on April 26. Stephy Tang and Ma Zhiwei have been in love for ten years.

Love movie “12 Days” will be released on April 26. Stephy Tang and Ma Zhiwei have been in love for ten years.

The movie “12 Days” will be officially launched on April 26th at 16:00 on the dual platforms of iQiyi and Tencent Video. The film is a new chapter of the classic love movie “12 Nights”, with Wu Jianxiong as the producer and producer , Lin Aihua is the director and screenwriter, and Stephy Tang and Ma Zhiwei are co-starred by powerful actors. The film tells the story of the young and beautiful stewardess Anan Jeannie (played by Stephy Tang) and the bank elite Simon (played by Ma Zhiwei) who have returned from studying in the UK. Conflicts continue, but the lover who was once the closest is drifting away. Marriage, divorce, and reunion… After ten years of wrong love, the whole army will be wiped out if they retreat, and countless casualties will be left behind. How should they choose? From “12 Nights” by Cecilia Cheung and Eason Chan in 2000 to “12 Days” by Stephy Tang and Ma Zhiwei in 2023, 23 years later, when one year of love extends to ten years of marriage, a period of extreme true emotional portrayal of contemporary urban men and women is engraved presented.

  From love to marriage, the 12 day and night cycles reflect the real relationship between the sexes

Different from the movie “12 Nights”, which presents the evolution of the love mentality of men and women in a year, the movie “12 Days” brings the audience a love and marriage story spanning ten years, interweaving the hero and heroine from acquaintance, sweet love, to Tired of escaping, same bed and different dreams, quarrels and indifference, the whole picture of separation and reconciliation, the cycle of love reincarnation, delicate and heartfelt emotional depiction, truly reflects the extreme tension in the relationship between the sexes, and fits the current game between the sexes on marriage and love. A mirror that helps viewers reflect on their own emotional state.

This time, “12th” released a fixed-file preview, using the 12th timeline to connect ten years of love-hate entanglement from love to marriage. distance from the audience. In the trailer, the focus of the conflict between the two lies in the imbalance of their emotional needs. Boys feel that their wives make a big fuss and put themselves under a lot of pressure, while girls feel that their husbands don’t value them. From the sweetness of two people relying on each other despite the typhoon at the beginning, to the helplessness of being strangers to each other when walking at the same intersection in the end, when love becomes a habit, this relationship that makes each other unhappy is a choice Continue to compromise, or dock to survive? How should they choose? It will not be officially announced until the movie is released.

The finalized poster of the movie “12th”

  Lin Aihua’s classic love movie “12 Nights” new chapter Stephy Tang Ma Zhiwei fresh collision arouses anticipation

The film “12 Days” is the opening film of the 18th Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, and it is the continuation of director Lin Aihua’s 2000 classic “12 Nights”. “12 Nights” uses 12 nights to talk about love, and “12 Days” uses 12 days to talk about marriage. “12 Days” continues the narration method of 12 chapters in “12 Nights”, from Cecilia Cheung to Stephy Tang, the love stories of stewardess Jeannie from different generations, savor an emotional dialogue across time and space, and understand the true meaning of love, an eternal topic.

Director Lin Aihua wrote and directed the film “12 Nights” for the first time in 2000. It was a blockbuster, and later, as a screenwriter, with the film “What If? He has been nominated for the Hong Kong Film Awards, the Golden Rooster Award and the Popular Film Hundred Flowers Award for many times, such as “Love”, “Certificate of Fame”, “Chinese Partner”, and won the Best Screenplay Award at the Beijing International Film Festival. She said that the original intention of “12 Days” was: “It is the most appropriate to describe marriage as ‘boiling frogs in warm water’. Suddenly, you will find that you have been in a marriage for ten or eight years. If you want to quit, you will be completely divorced.” The army is wiped out, and if you stay, you will be killed or injured. To stay or to stay? It is often a decision that women face, and Jeannie and Simon are such a story.”

As a new chapter of a classic love movie, “12 Days” has a large time span, and focuses on depicting the multiple emotional states and emotional collisions in marriage, which requires extremely high acting skills and chemical reactions between actors. Actress Jeannie is played by Stephy Tang, who has been nominated twice for Best Actress at the Hong Kong Film Awards. Her representative works include “Karate”, “Anti-Corruption Storm 3”, “Golden City”, “I Still Think You Are the Best” and so on. In “12 Days” this time, Stephy Tang perfectly interprets the image of a full-time wife who sticks to love. Various emotions such as sweetness, melancholy, sadness, numbness, and collapse are vividly displayed. The essence lies. Ma Zhiwei is a model and actor with good looks and figure. He has gained wide attention for his appearance in the TV series “Thirty Only”. The two joined hands for the first time this time, and they collided freshly, which is full of expectations.

The movie “12 Days” is produced and produced by Local Production Co., Ltd. Wu Jianxiong is the producer and producer, Lin Aihua is the director and screenwriter, and Stephy Tang and Ma Zhiwei are the leading actors. “12 Nights” is a new chapter of the classic love movie, a high-level production by a professional team , powerful actors perform in town, 12 day and night reincarnations to understand the truth of love and marriage, on April 26, lock on iQiyi and Tencent Video, the movie “12 Days” is bound to bring different surprises to the audience.

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