“Love Goddess Festival”, Miyi App allows women to experience the immersive festival atmosphere


March day in the world, when everything recovers! In a few days, we will usher in a festival dedicated to women—Goddess Day.

Today, more and more women have become economically independent, positive and confident, and shine in their respective fields. She is as graceful as a frightened bird, graceful as a swimming dragon; she is as bright as a spring flower, as bright as an autumn moon;

More and more “shes” are beginning to live out authenticity and confidence in their lives.

Some people say: “A woman at twenty is a peach blossom, bright; thirty is a rose, charming; forty is a peony, magnificent; fifty is an orchid, calm; sixty is cotton, warm.” Knowing how to care, a girl’s life will be beautiful flowery.

In this festival exclusively for women, Miyi APP, as a real-life social platform, launched an exclusive event for female users, “Love the Goddess Festival”, so that female users can also feel the immersive festival atmosphere online.

Activity time:

March 6-March 8 (3 days)


1. During the event period, you can get roses by completing daily tasks, and roses can be exchanged for Goddess Festival event exclusive gifts;

2. Gods and goddesses who give or receive the most gifts will eventually get list rewards.

Participation path:

In order to allow more users to participate in this Goddess Festival event, Miyi officials have also increased the participation path of the event.

After entering the app, the user can participate in the event through the homepage banner, the banner in the lower right corner of the homepage, the live broadcast list banner, the app startup page, the banner on the gift bar in the live broadcast room, and the app pop-up window.

As a dating platform, Miyi APP is full of care for female users from the beginning to the end, whether it is from the name, logo, color use, or promotion, recommendation algorithm, including platform rules to product design. and attention.

For example, in terms of private message chat, Miyi has set up a lot of sensitive words. If a boy typed sensitive words such as “dating it” and “dating a gun”, the platform will block these sensitive words to reduce harassment to female users .

If you encounter other violation information, female users can also click to report at any time, and the official 7 * 24 hours online quick processing. Make every effort to ensure the authenticity and security of social networking on the platform, and protect the most beautiful characteristics of female users to the greatest extent-kindness, strength and warmth.

As the “Favorite Goddess Festival” event is about to be launched, Miyi is expected to further attract more female users to join this event through interesting, low-threshold, and interactive gameplay. I hope that the majority of female users You can express yourself bravely and show your true self on MIYI.


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