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Love e-sports, beauty, and camping? AWE: The life that young people love is all in Leader

In this era full of individuality and vitality, the lives of young people of Generation Z are becoming more and more colorful. They love e-sports, pursue beauty, love cute pets, and yearn for camping… Every hobby is their beloved “poetry and distance”. Now, Leader has brought these young people the exclusive life they pursue and love.

On March 14, the 2024 China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE2024 for short) opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As a life development partner for young people, Leader has not only customized four major living spaces for e-sports, camping, cute pets, and beauty makeup on-site, but also provides young people from different circles with an “immersive” experience through rich and exciting interactive activities. Adapt to lifestyle.

  Very different interests?Here, there is always something suitable for you

“What kind of life do you desire?” Faced with this question, perhaps every young person has a different answer. E-sports fans are keen to work side by side with their teammates in the online world, chasing victory and glory; beauty lovers express their charm through makeup and enjoy confidence and joy; cute pet lovers regard pets as partners and spend warm time together; camping lovers yearn for Be free to explore the tranquility and comfort of the great outdoors. And when these young people step into the Leader exhibition area of ​​AWE2024, they can find a life that suits them no matter what their interests are.

  Cool eSports, find a home for your electronic OOTD.Entering the e-sports space, even if you don’t see the game screen, you will be ignited by the shocking sound and light effects to ignite the “soul of the game”. Looking at the delay-free ultra-clear images on the Leader Supercar smart screen at the booth, it felt like I was the protagonist of the game. When fighting against an expert, just say “turn on dehumidification” and the Leader Yuanqi air conditioner next to you will turn into a game assistant, making the room comfortable and helping you fight the enemy bravely.

  Make up with confidence and add a little “magic” to your beauty.Boys go straight to the e-sports space, while girls are more interested in beautiful makeup. As soon as you enter the Leader’s beauty cabin, the cosmetics neatly arranged in the Leader’s beauty refrigerator attract every girl’s attention as if they were cast by “magic”. In front of the dressing table, some people sat down and rested, while others touched up their makeup. Surprisingly, even if the air conditioner is turned on, everyone’s makeup will not become dry and uncomfortable. It turns out that the Leader rotor headphone air conditioner has turned on the anti-direct blow mode, which makes it cool without wind.

  Cute pets make your furry children more comfortable.Leader’s cute pet space is simply a pet paradise. As soon as you walk in, you will be immediately attracted by the cute pet elements. While interacting with pets, you can also use the second-generation Leader air curtain air conditioner to replace the air with fresh air and remove odors. What should I do if my clothes get dirty while playing with my pet? Don’t worry, put it in the Leader small blue box all-in-one decontamination and disinfection machine, and you can clean and disinfect it in one go. You don’t have to worry about the disinfectant hurting your pet. It’s safe and convenient.

  Camp wherever you want and light up your dreams with freedom.Young people who like adventure must not miss Leader’s camping space. Here, everyone can enjoy the natural scenery while feeling the cool air sent by the Leader mobile air conditioner. It is both natural and comfortable. This camping experience is really amazing.

  Want a more diverse experience?Come interact and let Leader integrate into your life

At the AWE2024 site, young people can not only see different living spaces here, but also experience the unique fun of different circles in the joyful and colorful interactive sessions.

In the e-sports area, game cosplayers wear stunning costumes and have a great time checking in and taking photos with young people. Many e-sports fans can also experience cool e-sports games here and put on AR glasses to make them look like real people. Enter the game world; the beauty area is also very busy. Young people can try out commuter makeup and Chinese-style makeup here. By the way, they can also do smart skin testing and catch up with the beauty bloggers’ makeover challenges. Everyone can give bloggers their own hands. Master makeup, experience the addiction of a makeup artist; the soft and cute pet area has a giant cat climbing frame and a furry pet wall, which is not only a must-have for checking in, but also makes you want to turn into a big cat and play for a while; in the camping area , everyone kept laughing. It turned out that someone was sharing the fun of camping and exchanging camping knowledge, just like being in an outdoor camp.

In addition to experiencing the fun of different circles at the exhibition, Leaders also continue to shorten the distance between themselves and young people in life. On the screen, the Leader shares the joy of work and life with everyone through the popular variety show “Farming”; online, the Leader deploys social platforms such as Douyin and Weibo to communicate closely with different circles and build communication bridges; offline , Leaders also go deep into the lives of college students through a series of activities such as the “UP Youth Campus Tour”, exchange interests face to face, and create a wonderful life together.

From the passionate battlefield of e-sports to the exquisite palace of beauty, from the cozy nest of cute pets to the free world of camping, every space carefully created by Leader for young people embodies their infinite love and unremitting pursuit of life. As the life partner of young people, Leader has always worked side by side with them to create a wonderful life suitable for young people.


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