“Looking for Liyang’s Delicacy and Enjoying One Step” SF Express Spring Tea Delivery Promotion Conference Held in Liyang

On March 16, the SF Express Spring Tea Delivery Promotion Conference of “Looking for Liyang’s Delicacy in One Step” was officially held in Tianmu Lake, Liyang. At the promotion meeting, Liyang Tianmu Lake White Tea Industry Supply and Marketing Alliance and SF Express held an in-depth cooperation signing ceremony, making concerted efforts to make “Liyang White Tea” go global.

“Looking for Liyang’s Delicacy in One Step” SF Express Spring Tea Delivery Promotion Conference Officially Launched

Liyang has a long history of tea production, and the natural endowment of “three mountains, one water and six fields” has endowed Liyang with the reputation of “tea town”. Liyang white tea industry, represented by “Tianmu Lake white tea”, has continuously created a new realm of high-quality white tea development from introduction to rooting to development and growth.

Awarding Ceremony for Recommended Logistics Service Providers

With the continuous improvement of consumers’ living standards, the requirements for the freshness of high-quality agricultural products are also getting higher and higher. As the regional public brand of Liyang tea, “Tianmu Lake White Tea” is how to continuously improve the brand value and help the local white tea go up. Tea urgently needs to be solved.

Pu Aiyu, president of Liyang Tianmu Lake White Tea Industry Supply and Marketing Alliance, delivered a speech

Pu Aiyu, president of Liyang Tianmu Lake White Tea Industry Supply and Marketing Alliance, said that since the establishment of the Supply and Marketing Alliance, it has vigorously promoted the development model of “company (cooperative) + base + farmer” to give full play to the leading role of white tea leading enterprises, and pursue industrialization, specialization, and diversification. The road of globalization and branding has made Tianmu Lake white tea more and more famous. Relying on SF’s network coverage advantages, advanced packaging technology and safe and fast delivery capabilities, it has further opened the logistics channel for Tianmu Lake white tea to the national market, and SF Express has become an important link in the white tea industry’s external sales.

Liyang Tianmu Lake White Tea Industry Supply and Marketing Alliance signed a contract with Wuxi SF Express Co., Ltd.

Speech by Geng Dong, General Manager of Wuxi S.F. Express Co., Ltd.

Geng Dong, general manager of Wuxi S.F. Express Co., Ltd., said that SF Express and Liyang White Tea have been associated for 13 years. This year, the industry chain solution has been fully upgraded, and professional packaging materials, cold freight vehicles, high-speed rail lines, freight planes, and Jinliyi Transit Depot have been invested. With more than 10 million yuan in resources, nearly 100 field collection points have been set up to help villagers send tea from the branches to the tip of the tongue without leaving home. At the same time, SF Express also invited online e-commerce, offline channel providers, members of the White Tea Industry Alliance and tea farmers to gather in Liyang for face-to-face negotiations. Efficient logistics and transportation empower products, and through online and offline multi-channel promotion, further increase the popularity of Liyang white tea. So as to realize the win-win situation of enterprise management, farmers’ benefit and local economy.

Visit the tea making workshop of Liyang Tianmu Lake Yuzhi Special Tea Garden Company

“Liyang White Tea” is sent to the whole country by SF express car

This signing is also to promote the solid and effective implementation of the business cooperation between the local white tea supply and marketing alliance and SF Express, develop to a deeper level and in multiple fields, and create a good start for the two sides to complement each other’s advantages and promote development together. With the cooperation and promotion of governments at all levels, enterprises and the media, through the implementation of e-commerce operations, special promotion activities, and the implementation of measures such as benefiting farmers and helping farmers, we will help “Liyang White Tea” to travel smoothly all over the world.

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