Looking at China Life’s customer service upgrade path from four dimensions

Looking at China Life’s customer service upgrade path from four dimensions

Continuously upgrading service quality is of great significance to improving consumer satisfaction, boosting financial consumer confidence, and maintaining financial security and stability. As a financial central enterprise, China Life has always regarded the needs and dissatisfaction of the people as the fundamental evaluation criteria for its work, accelerated service transformation, solidly promoted the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers, and helped build a harmonious and healthy financial consumption environment. The people’s better life is escorted.

  Optimize the smooth and speedy claims settlement service

  Claims serviceIt is the embodiment of the core value of insurance services and one of the links that customers pay most attention to. China Life focuses on solving the problem of slow and difficult claim settlement, optimizes the claim settlement process, and strives to make the claim settlement service more efficient, faster and better in quality.

In 2022, life insurance companies under China Life Insurance Group will build diversified claim settlement application channels to make services more convenient and customers more at ease. Customers can apply for claims through China Life Insurance APP, official WeChat public account, official website, 95519 contact center, sales personnel, sales outlets, counters and other channels, realizing the service “anytime, anywhere, at your fingertips”. The scope of application of the “One Day Compensation for Serious Illness” service has been expanded, and in 2022 it will be more than180,000Customers provide claims over8.5 billion; The proportion of “direct payment” service claims in all medical insurance claims is close to40%.The claim reconsideration function accepts applications nearly15,000 pieceseffectively answer customer inquiries, improve customer satisfaction with claim settlement services, and the customer Net Promoter Score (NPS) of the claim settlement function of the life insurance app has increased compared with that before the function was launched1.9 percentage points.The cumulative number of claims settled by the group’s property insurance companies in 2022 is nearly11.8 million piecescase closure rate95.17%At the same time, it attaches great importance to the application of technology in the claim settlement process. It has launched smart claim platforms such as “All the Way” to realize one-stop online video claim settlement, helping the loss assessment to be more accurate and the claim payment to be paid faster, so that customers can easily enjoy contactless and convenient Smart claims experience.

  Protect health and provide for the elderly with a wide range of intentions

China Life closely focuses on “care for the sick”, “care for the old” and “support for the weak” to promote the transformation of comprehensive and life-cycle health services, and is committed to meeting the high-quality and diversified health protection needs of the people. Help the government build “Basic + Serious Illness + Supplement + Assistance“Multiple security nets, by the end of 2022, undertake critical illness insurance projectsMore than 200covering nearly350 millionFor urban and rural residents, the cumulative compensation in the past ten years has exceeded160 billion yuan, Effectively alleviate the problems of falling into poverty due to illness and returning to poverty due to illness. Vigorously promote the effective connection between customized medical insurance business and basic medical insurance, and under the guidance of compliance management, steadily implement urban customized commercial medical insurance business with obvious inclusive financial characteristics such as “fair availability, low premium, moderate protection, and wide coverage” , forming a number of typical projects such as Guangzhou “Sui Suikang” and Hangzhou “West Lake Yilianbao”, creating a new model of urban customized medical insurance business under the guidance of the government.Actively participate in the pilot project of national long-term care insurance, with the purpose of “government-led, professional operation”, relying on resource advantages, actively build a long-term care insurance management and support system with comprehensive service system, strong professional ability, and good business quality, and cooperate with local government departments Co-create typical models in Chengdu, Sichuan, Zhangjiagang, Suzhou, Tianjin, Guangzhou, etc. By the end of 2022, a total of long-term care insurance projects have been undertaken58covering super27 million people.

China Life supports the national strategy of actively responding to population aging. While participating in the construction of the social security system at all levels and at multiple levels, and coordinating the development of the third pillar business of elderly care, China Life also continues to improve the supply of elderly care services to provide more comprehensive and considerate services for elderly customers.In terms of improving aging-friendly services, the APP of the life insurance company under the Group took the lead in the insurance industry to pass the pre-assessment of aging-friendly and barrier-free level by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.20 million times“Elderly call priority answering” manual connection rate98.07%; China Guangfa Bank took the lead in piloting 5G real-time video services in Guangdong, realizing one-click access to video services, etc.14 itemsRenovation of services for the elderly; the property insurance company has improved the configuration of outlet hardware facilities, and has set up barrier-free passages and love window outletsMore than 1800.In terms of product innovation for elderly care services, successively initiated the establishment of50 billion yuanbig health fund and20 billion yuanA large pension fund has been initially formed “Institution + Community + Home“The three-in-one elderly care service system; actively explore the development of innovative elderly care, medical care, nursing, health management and other product services, and launch at least one health care service product every quarter on average.

  Carry out solid and vigorous efforts in consumer protection

China Life attaches great importance to the protection of consumer rights and interests, earnestly conducts consumer education and publicity and comprehensively handles customer complaints, and earnestly safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers. On the occasion of the “3.15” Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Week in 2023, China Life also released “Guard with care and rest assured“Consumer protection slogan, and further strive to improve the overall management level of consumer protection by continuously deepening the cultural construction of consumer rights protection.

Continue to carry out complaint management and create a “zero complaints,excellent service“Good atmosphere. Monitor the customer complaints of member units, do a good job in the research and judgment of complaint risks and pre-control, catch the small ones early, and actively resolve various conflicts and disputes. Focus on the special treatment of misleading sales and difficulties in claim settlement. The number of misleading complaints about new sales of the group’s life insurance companies in 2022 will decrease year-on-year39.2%; The number of new sales misleading violations has dropped significantly year-on-year79.0%the frequent occurrence of “misleading sales” has been effectively curbed; the number of claims and complaints from property insurance companies has decreased year-on-year15.9%, The governance of the problem of “difficulty in claim settlement” has achieved phased results. Actively carry out consumer education and publicity, leading the industry to release “China Life Insurance Consumer Protection White Paper》, do a good job in the exploration of financial consumer protection work and the transformation of results, starting from the “3.15” Consumer Rights Protection Education Publicity Week and “Financial Knowledge Popularization Month” activities, a total of nearly 100 online and offline education publicity activities have been carried out32,000 timesreach consumers over220 million person-times. In the “Financial Knowledge Popularization Month Activity”, China Life Group Company was rated as an excellent organizational unit by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, and a number of publicity measures were commended by circulars.

  Technology empowers development and innovation with an attitude

In recent years, technologies such as the Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain have accelerated innovation and are increasingly integrated into the entire process of various fields of economic and social development. China Life attaches great importance to digital transformation, actively adapts to the new environment, new situation, and new requirements, gives play to the new momentum of digital operation, and builds its core competitiveness in the digital age.

Continue to deepen the “Voice of Customer” project, perceive customer experience in a timely manner through digital means, and promote the long-term effect of closed-loop management.More than 100Collect customers’ “first-hand” voices in customer experience scenarios40 millionthe “Voice of Customers” project of the Group’s property insurance company was selected into the “Voice of Customers” by the Ministry of Industry and Information TechnologyNational Collection of Typical Cases of User Experience Innovation》, becoming the only innovative application case selected in the insurance industry.Build a voice service digital management platform, create the industry’s first voice model for customer-specific services, launch intelligent voice navigation service 2.0, realize 95519 voice intelligent service changes and go online in seconds, create a benchmark for digital voice services in the industry, promote the intelligent upgrade of the multimedia contact center platform, and use it in depth Conversation analysis capability building28Intelligent model, the first online real-time artificial assistance, emergency meeting reminder, uplink SMS and message processing and other intelligent applications, in 2022, the satisfaction rate of artificial service calls will reach98.77%, remained high for five consecutive years. Accelerate the online process of value-added services, improve the level of operation intensification and service quality, extend service tentacles, and realize multi-touch collaborative services.Life insurance companies provide multi-dimensional services such as “enjoying life”, “700 walking”, parent-child fun games and other “health care and entertainment”. In 2022, the total amount of online value-added services will be nearly73 million passengersChina Life’s big health platform realizesMore than 20 itemsFunction upgrade, accumulative registration nearly33 million people; China Guangfa Bank has launched a new membership growth system “Guangfa Wonderful Club”, which fully integrates the debit card and credit card point system and life scenes, and serves customers accumulativelyMore than 1.6 million households; The property insurance company continues to enrich the “whole heart, all easy” value-added service system, providing car owner services, healthy life, comprehensive life services and cultural creation, etc.4 categories,100 balanceSupported by service resources, the four value-added services of auto insurance reform have provided more than 100,000 customers1 million times.

Protection creates security, entrustment builds trust. China Life will uphold the “people first“value concept, to”Fully protect legitimate rights and interests,Win customer reputation and trust,increase their willingness to consume“As the goal, with unswerving determination, meticulous caring, trustworthy sincerity, and selfless love to protect the people’s better life at all times.

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