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Lock in the love of young people! LeaderAWE Exhibits 8 Original Technologies

What do young people love? Some people’s love transcends species. They treat their cute pets as family members and share every important moment in life with them. Some people’s love transcends time and space. They use the keyboard to adjust tactics quickly and complete every beautiful move in the e-sports world. The killing… Generation Z’s love is not limited, and Leader, as the preferred home appliance brand of Generation Z, has always been loved by young people, allowing them to live out themselves and continue to love.

On March 14, the 2024 China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE2024) opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As a life development partner for young people, Leader came to the scene with the life scenes that Generation Z loves, creating exclusive life scenes around the young circle. At the same time, he exhibited 8 original technologies covering refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners. Such technological innovation is the result of Leader focusing on the needs of young people and adapting to life scenarios according to different needs.

  Love eSports?Enjoy comfort and fun with original air supply technology

“Beer with wolfberry, wear kneepads when dancing.” The health regimen of this generation Z is quite Buddhist + punk style. When it comes to healthy habits, they also have their own ways of coping. When playing games at home, what should I do if the air conditioner is turned on low and it is not powerful enough, but if it is turned on high it makes me easily catch a cold? At the AWE site, Leader air conditioners brought better air supply solutions with different original technologies.

Yuanqi air conditioner’s original soft-cooling and even-heating double-wing air technology uses large air volume across the entire area to make the room temperature rise and fall more evenly. The air curtain generation cabinet VDA has original giant curtain air technology and large air curtain design, and a 120° ultra-wide-angle air supply, making the air out of the air conditioner faster, softer and more comfortable. The rotor headset air conditioner features original rotor wind-changing technology, with 40° wind wings that prevent direct blowing in the entire area, allowing users to enjoy comfortable wind-free air in the entire area while playing games at home.

At the same time, Leader TV pioneered the Starlight connection technology, which realizes flash connections for handles, microphones, etc., with low power consumption and high speed, allowing you to switch between real and virtual to enjoy more technological fun.

  Love food?Original smoke control and Juyan technology create a convenient kitchen

Generation Z people are also very enthusiastic about “eating”, but when they actually start to eat, they are always full of problems: one moment they are choked by oil fumes, and the next moment they are confused; they obviously follow the recipe, but after cooking it, But the car overturned. Leader hoods and stoves bring users a more convenient cooking experience, allowing young people to easily cook all kinds of dishes.

The original three-chamber design of the Leader hood achieves full-area smoke control, allowing young people to focus on cooking without being distracted by smoke exhaust. They can also keep the kitchen clean and refreshing while cooking delicious food. Leader stove’s original flame-concentrating design solves pain points such as slow cooking and poor taste of ingredients, creating an energy-efficient and delicious experience for young people.

  Love cute pets?Original sterilizing wash protects the health of pets

One of the favorite hobbies of pet lovers at home is petting cats and dogs. But after a sweet interaction, cleaning and disinfecting are crucial for both human pets. The small blue box all-in-one washing and disinfecting machine creates a one-step washing and sterilizing experience, allowing the love between each other to extend to every detail.

The Little Blue Box all-in-one decontamination and disinfection machine is the industry’s first washing machine with its own disinfectant. It has a sterilization and washing function that integrates decontamination and disinfection, with a sterilization rate of 99.99%, ensuring a healthy daily living environment when people and pets live together.

  Love exquisite beauty?Original bottom cooling care cosmetics

Generation Z working girls are representatives of independence and confidence. During the day, she is a professional professional with just the right makeup. When she returns to her own world at night, she instantly transforms into a refined lolita who pays attention to the quality of life. She removes makeup meticulously and takes care of her skin gently. For Generation Z girls, beauty is not only an external display, but also the attitude of Generation Z in loving life. The Leader Xiaosenbei Beauty Refrigerator was born for this kind of love.

Leader Xiaoxianbei Beauty Refrigerator is the first bottom cooling design in the industry. It is equipped with a 360° surrounding air supply design and constant temperature and humidity settings, which is conducive to the maintenance and maintenance of active ingredients in skin care products. At the same time, the ultra-thin body and high-profile appearance will enhance the appearance when placed in the home, creating a beautiful solution for Generation Z girls that is both internal and external.

The love of young people can range from an office corner to a mountain and lake, or from the second dimension to the real world. As the life development partner of Generation Z, Leader always iterates original technology around the love of young people, making love the driving force for them to move forward and lighting up their own beautiful life.

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