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Liu Jiangjiang’s new work “Safety in and Out” is completed, Xiao Yang and Ayunga face the life and death decision to interpret the struggle of human nature

Liu Jiangjiang’s new work “Safety in and Out” is completed, Xiao Yang and Ayunga face the life and death decision to interpret the struggle of human nature


  Recently, the reality-themed movie “Safety” directed by Liu Jiangjiang was officially announced to be completed, and the first trailer and final stills were released. The cast of the film was announced for the first time at the same time. The film is starring Xiao Yang and Ayunga, and Nazha and Huang Xiaolei (in order of appearance).

  The movie “Safety” is director Liu Jiangjiang’s second theatrical feature film after “Life Events”. It once again touches on realistic themes and directly faces the issues of life and death in disasters. It is shocking.

  This film is adapted from real events and tells the story of Zheng Ligun (Xiao Yang), a death row inmate who is about to be executed. ) was encountered by an earthquake while being escorted, and the detention center collapsed into ruins. Zheng Ligang, who had narrowly escaped death, seemed to have obtained a sudden victory.“free”,In factAlready trapped in another purgatory……at the same time,policeYuchi Xiao (Ayunga ) decided to temporarily organize a teamA “different” rescue team. In the face of a natural disaster, will a death row inmate with only 24 hours left to live escape or save others?Responsible for custodyheofpoliceHow to choose?Everyone stands at a fork in the road of destiny

  The trailer shows the texture of a realistic blockbuster

  The theme focuses on disaster life and death issues

  In the first trailer released today for the movie “Safety in and Out”, the death row inmate Zheng Ligang, played by Xiao Yang, stumbles and runs among the earthquake ruins at night. His eyes are full of shock and panic. He shows a guilty conscience when he took advantage of the chaos to escape from prison. Or still in shock after escaping death? Faced with the little girl blocking his way, screaming for help, what choice would he make? Yang Enyou, a young actor who had an outstanding performance in the movie “Life Events”, collaborated with director Liu Jiangjiang for the second time. In the trailer, he showed amazing explosive power of lines. The performance was shocking and heart-wrenching. His helpless cries brought the audience into despair in the earthquake situation. among the emotions.

  At the same time, in the trailer, you can also get a glimpse of the cruel scene of the city reduced to ruins after the earthquake.nightThe city below is like a purgatory on earth, allowing the audience to deeply feel the insignificance and fragility of life when an earthquake strikes. The display of post-disaster scenes also reveals that the film will focus on life and death issues under disasters and explore the nature of human nature in multiple dimensions.

  Xiao Yang and Ayunga join forces to star in LockdownSummer 2024

  policeThe ultimate collision with the death row prisoner shows the choices of human nature

  The movie “Safety” released its final stills today, and the characters of the four leading actors Xiao Yang, Ayunga, Nazha and Huang Xiaolei were exposed.

  Xiao Yang plays the role of Zheng Ligang, the death row prisoner, with tears in his eyes and embers floating around him. He has to make a choice between life and death, between escaping and saving others; Ayunga playspoliceYu Chixiao, with firm eyes, perseverance and courage, fulfills his duty to detain criminals in the face of a catastrophic disaster, or can he put aside his prejudices and join forces with the prisoners to save people? Nazha plays Mu Chuntao, crying in grief as if she has just experienced a desperate farewell; Huang Xiaolei plays doctor Bai Su’e, who looks sad. In the face of a catastrophe, she has to race against death. Only by winning can she save more lives. Chance. Everyone falls into purgatory on earth, and where will they go in the face of the catastrophe?

  In an extreme dramatic situation such as an earthquake, we hope that actors can collide with different sparks and dedicate to the audience a life and death drama about disaster, human nature, and the choice between good and evil.

  Director Liu Jiangjiang once again made a realistic movie after the movie “Life Events”.Showing the themes of life and death, love and justice, growth and redemption, I hope the movie can warm and soothe people’s hearts like a piece of candy and heal the pain of reality.The movie “Safety in and Out” is locked2024Stay tuned for the summer!

  The movie “Safety in and Out” is produced by Hebei Guangzhou Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Tianjin Maoyan Weiying Culture Media Co., Ltd., China Great Wall Art and Culture Center Co., Ltd., Beijing Jiuyi Starry Sky Culture Media Co., Ltd., Jiangjianghao (Beijing) Film Co., Ltd., Produced by Beijing Sorry Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Fengshuo Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Zhongqing New Film Culture Media (Hainan) Co., Ltd., and Beijing Tuanyuan Film Co., Ltd.

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