Listening to customers’ voices and spreading love and responsibility? Sunshine Insurance’s 2023 Customer Festival kicks off wonderfully


The 2023 Sunshine Insurance Customer Festival with the theme of “Listening to Customer Voices, Spreading Love and Responsibility” was grandly opened on May 19. This is a “special festival” for Sunshine Insurance to give back to customers and appreciate the society, and it is also a concentrated display of the heart-warming upgrade of Sunshine Insurance’s services. Since the first customer festival was held in 2010, this year is the 14th customer festival held by Sunshine Insurance. All Sunshine people will use practical actions to practice the corporate mission of “Let people have more sunshine”.

Sunshine Insurance’s customer festival this year revolves around the theme of “listening to customers’ voices, spreading love and responsibility”, adhering to the concept of “letting customers say good things – everything is for customers”, fully listening to customers’ voices, and through a variety of themed activities and high-quality products and services, Give back the support and trust of customers, and join hands with customers for a better life.

Let us take a sneak peek at the wonderful activities of this year’s Customer Festival!

  New Sunshine New Service——Heart-warming measures to upgrade service temperature is full

Sunshine Property & Casualty Insurance upgrades various services based on customer experience. At the auto insurance survey site, provide customers with “three-three services”, that is, “three greetings” and “three actions” of “assistance in evacuation, assistance in rescue, and resource support”; provide “love companionship” for injured customers Inpatient condolence and care” and “door-to-door mediation” services; provide online fast and efficient claim settlement transparency services to ensure transparency of the scene, location, process, and rescue, and create a safe and secure service environment; according to different customer needs, launch customized claim settlement innovations Mode, let customers feel the brand value of Sunshine.

Sunshine Life closely focuses on Sunshine Insurance’s core value pursuit of “all for customers”, and releases eight service commitments during the Customer Festival: Honest Sales, High-quality Claims, Convenient Services, Comprehensive Protection, Privacy Protection, Information Disclosure, Practice of Public Welfare, and Continuous Improvement , Comprehensively improve the level of customer service capabilities.

  New Sunshine • New Care——Develop special care to protect a better life

Sunshine Property & Casualty Insurance provides corporate customers with a series of services such as hidden danger investigation during flood season, electrical safety inspection, engineering risk patrol, safety management lectures, etc., and provides customers and the public with meteorological disaster warning and query services through the Sunshine Sky Eye Early Warning Elf Mini Program, using “Professional + “Technology” provides customers with a package of risk management solutions; enters the old revolutionary areas to carry out caring activities for the elderly; enters the border areas to carry out children’s quality education activities; enters minority areas to carry out oral knowledge popularization activities to send warmth to consumers and let customers Really feel the warmth of the sun.

Sunshine Life carried out a series of “Small Orange Love” wisdom to help the elderly in various institutions across the country; joined hands with Said Sunshine Dental Hospital to hold children’s dentist experience camps and free oral health clinics for the elderly; The store serves as a carrier to provide users with health testing services with the help of all-in-one health check-up machines, intelligent Chinese medicine pulse diagnosis, hand-held ECG recorders and other equipment.

  New Sunshine • New Style——Provide multiple activities to feel the charm of sunshine

During the Customer Festival, Sunshine Property & Casualty Insurance will invite customers to visit the Sunshine Museum, Sunshine Science and Technology Museum, and Sunshine Convergence Hospital, leading customers to understand the development process of insurance, experience insurance technology, and experience the benefits of sunshine in medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care, rehabilitation, etc. Comprehensive medical security capabilities.

Sunshine Life Insurance Co., Ltd. and China International Painting and Calligraphy Art Research Association jointly launched the calligraphy and painting selection activity of “Ink Calligraphy, Upright Painting and Family Tradition”, encouraging contestants to use traditional calligraphy and painting methods to show the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and excellent family traditions; advocate a healthy lifestyle, Launched the “Healthy China Tour” series of publicity activities offline, organized online lectures on parent-child education, psychology, and financial management series of healthy life; “My Sunshine” APP launched 3 new interactive games, and embedded insurance in the game scene Knowledge popularization allows users to learn insurance knowledge while having fun; at the same time, the “City Zone” special service section is launched, and institutions across the country can launch special services and activities for local customers and prospective customers.

Listen to the voice of customers and spread love and responsibility. Sincerely look forward to your participation in the Sunshine 2023 Customer Festival, and hope that through Sunshine’s new services, customers and their families will feel more at ease and happy!


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