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Listen to cross talk during the New Year and have fun during the New Year. Enjoy the authentic cross talk in a century-old teahouse

Listen to cross talk during the New Year and have fun during the New Year. Enjoy the authentic cross talk in a century-old teahouse


In recent years, listening to cross talk during New Year’s Eve has become a new trend. The authentic Tianjin cross talk is not only loved by Tianjin people, but also becomes a must-have for more and more foreign tourists visiting Tianjin. Starting from December 29, Yanle Shengping Art Troupe will hold a special cross talk performance at Yuansheng Tea House, using humor to heal life and usher in a new year.

Yuansheng Teahouse was built in the late Xianfeng period of the Qing Dynasty. It is the only remaining antique tea garden in Tianjin that was rebuilt on the site of the original Qing Dynasty tea garden. It is known as the first of the “Four Famous Gardens in Tianjin” in the late Qing Dynasty. It is at least 150 years old. Years of history. According to reports, the name “Yuan Sheng” comes from a legend. One day in the first month of the last year of Guangxu, a prince was listening to a play here. When he heard the tune “Celebrating the Lantern Festival”, he was very excited. He casually recited a couplet and said, “Let’s call it “Celebrating the Yuanxiao”.” Jinsheng Tea Garden The owner was very smart and immediately changed “Jin Sheng” to “Yuan Sheng”.


The teahouse is an ancient Qing-style building with a two-story brick and wood structure, with a lobby theater in the middle and a canopy above, where visitors can listen to plays and taste tea. There are private rooms on the east, south and north sides, and there is a wooden Chinese-style staircase in the southwest corner of the tea garden lobby. The overall building is rectangular, with green tiles on the balconies and red corridors and painted walls. It is antique and has the characteristics of the opera tea garden in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. As a typical representative of “Tianjin Tea House Culture”, this “Yuansheng Tea House” with a history of more than 100 years has been recognized as a Tianjin Municipal Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Unit. It has also been recommended to apply for national intangible cultural heritage protection units.

Listen to authentic cross talk in a century-old building and feel the blend of history and modernity. I believe you will fall in love with the cultural heritage and unique charm of Tianjin!


As one of the main performance venues of the Yanle Shengping Art Troupe, the Yuansheng Tea House New Year’s Eve Crosstalk Special will open its doors at the end of 2023. The Yanle Shengping Art Troupe, which brings together three generations of outstanding crosstalk actors, old, middle and young, was established in 2015 and was named after the “Yanle Shengping Tea Garden”. The main actors include Ma Jun, Sheng Wei, Wu Nanyan, Wang Zhibo, Liu Xiaochun, Yuan Chunqi, and Ma Chi , Li Zhenting, etc., the actors are not only famous teachers, but also appeared on major mainstream media platforms such as CCTV and local satellite TV. The traditional cross talk jokes are original and the basic skills are solid; the innovative cross-border baggage is loud and crisp, and is deeply loved. Popular with citizens and tourists.

Location: Yuansheng Teahouse (No. 79, Gulou North Street, Nankai District)

Performance Team: Yanle Shengping Art Troupe

Performance time: Every Friday: 19:30; Every Saturday: 14:30/19:30


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