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Listed on the Consumer Brand of the Year list, Hefu Lo Mein won the Digital Innovation Award

Listed on the Consumer Brand of the Year list, Hefu Lo Mein won the Digital Innovation Award

The market environment is heating up and the consumer industry is gradually recovering. In order to respond to market changes and seize market opportunities, major consumer brands have always been on the road to innovation and seeking high-quality development. As the number one brand of Chinese noodle restaurants, Hefu Laomian stood out among many brands in the 2023 EDGE AWARDS global innovation selection held by Titanium Media. It relied on its industry-leading full-link digital intelligence system and its unremitting exploration in the field of catering digitalization. , won the “Consumer Brand of the Year – Digital Innovation Award”.

The EDGE AWARDS global innovation selection focuses on the world’s cutting-edge technology and always takes “potential value” as the core. It is an authoritative, pioneering and keen-exploring global innovation award in the industry. The “Consumer Brand of the Year – Digital Innovation Award” focuses on high-quality consumer brands that have achieved digital innovation in the consumer field and used digitalization to achieve new growth.

Hefu Lo Mein’s inclusion on this list shows its outstanding achievements in the digital field, and also reflects the affirmation and recognition from authoritative media and industry experts. Hefu Laomian has established an efficient operation and business middle platform, enhanced decision-making capabilities based on big data, and built a multi-platform collaborative system such as digital supply chain, omni-channel operations, digital retail, intelligent marketing, and industry collaboration and sharing. , while promoting its own digital intelligence upgrade, it also provides impetus for technological progress and innovation in the entire industry.

As a pioneer in the digital strategic layout of the catering industry, Hefu Lo Mian has invested nearly 100 million yuan in digital intelligence, accumulated 2 billion tag data, more than 6,000 data touch points, and achieved direct connection with the headquarters. For more than ten years, Hefu Laomian’s self-developed full-link intelligent operation system has achieved standardization, processization, automation and intelligence in the entire process from store operations, middle-office services to back-end management, which can fully guarantee the store’s Efficient operation of daily operational services and management.

As far as the digital middle platform is concerned, the system can not only support the efficient management of tens of millions of members, but also has the ability to intelligently label thousands of people. In key areas such as user acquisition, retention, fission, and repurchase, it can help stores stabilize their operations. Improve market performance. This also provides strong support for the continued growth of the market scale of Hefu noodles and the efficient operation of offline stores.

Winning the “Annual Consumer Brand Digital Innovation Award” this time is an affirmation of Hefu Lo Mein’s intensive efforts in the field of digital innovation, and also highlights its professionalism and influence in the catering industry. Facing the future, Hefu Lo Mein will adhere to the road of digitalization, continue to innovate technology applications, inject more vitality into the brand, and explore more possibilities for the progress and development of the entire catering industry.


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