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Lin’s whole-house customized 49,800 package package is the first in the industry and is determined to overcome the “increase chaos” in the industry.

Lin’s whole-house customized 49,800 package package is the first in the industry and is determined to overcome the “increase chaos” in the industry.

Every year “315” is not only an opportunity for home furnishing companies to review and improve, but also a time to introduce new products and compete on quality and price. Taking into account consumer complaints in various industries, additional issues such as unexpected payments that have always existed in the home decoration and customization fields have made consumers even more miserable.

To this end, Lin’s whole-home customization complies with market demand, aims to overcome the pain points of adding items, and launches 49,800 whole-home package packages, taking “zero additional items, truly whole home” as the core, allowing consumers to truly realize one-stop customization Together, we can solve pain points such as time cost and information gap, and find the optimal solution for the entire home.

When the industry becomes more intense and both supply and demand are deeply damaged by “low price and low quality”, it is necessary for industry leaders to break the inertia of thinking, change path dependence, and use “high quality-price ratio” products to dispel consumers’ concerns and make home furnishings more affordable. The industry has entered a positive cycle. Lin’s whole-home customization took on this role at this time, changing the industry chaos with the determination of “zero added items” and “true whole-home”, safeguarding the rights and interests of consumers, and returning the truth about what buyers pay, allowing practitioners to earn a bright future Money shows the courage and responsibility of the industry’s leading companies.

  Want the truth, don’t add items,

  DoUnmatched package at the same price

The current situation of “low price to attract traffic and additional charges” has always been a consumer pain point in the home furnishing and home decoration industry. Because the customization field is a non-standard market, and during the actual decoration process, unexpected situations such as unexpected changes and on-demand adjustments do occur. Therefore, many companies take advantage of this situation to use insufficient design area, material upgrades, and complex construction. Such excuses lead to consumers’ final transaction price far exceeding the basic cost advertised by the company. In recent years, as the customization industry has become increasingly involved in price wars, this type of situation has become more common.

At the end of 2023, based on big data analysis, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission found that among the nearly 300 complaints in the home decoration industry, more than half were about “contract additions”. The theme of “adding new items to avoid pitfalls” that frequently appears on various video platforms reflects the great troubles and dissatisfaction caused by the addition of new items in the industry to consumers.

In fact, while “contract additions” infringe on the rights and interests of consumers, consumers also have distrust and low reputation towards enterprises and dealers, which also causes harm to practitioners.

As consumers’ ability to pay has generally improved, consumption concepts have also changed. Compared with pure “low prices”, consumers are more willing to eliminate information gaps, pay for quality, accept premiums that match quality, and obtain shopping at the payment stage. the truth.

“You want the truth, not additional items” is the voice of consumers. As a leader in the home furnishing industry, Lin’s whole home customization keenly grasps the needs of advanced consumers and launches the “49800 whole home package”, targeting 100 square meters of three-bedroom apartments, covering 28 square meters of cabinets and 14 pieces of high-end furniture , fully equipped with hardware package, whole-house curtains and 6 square meters background wall, no additional space is reserved at the level of supporting products, truly one-stop complete package, eliminating the time-consuming and labor-intensive worries of consumers’ home decoration.

The cabinets included in the package are equipped with special skin-feel PET door panels as standard; 14 pieces of high-end furniture covering hundreds of designer leather sofas + leather beds for the primary and secondary bedrooms; 10,000+ SKUs to choose from; imported hinges for hardware and standard handles and drawers ; The background wall includes hardware, baseboards and installation, with optional designs, colors and materials, truly achieving “all-inclusive, no price increase, soft furnishings more coordinated”.

Discussing the total price without considering the unit price is like discussing the efficacy without discussing the dosage. Although the starting price of the 49,800 whole-house package is indeed slightly higher than the current general traffic price in the market, the area covered by the package and the categories included… Compared with similar products in the market, its value is significantly higher than the price, which compresses traditional traffic. The additional space reserved by the price.

For consumers, transparent quotations can dispel consumers’ price concerns, enhance trust in the brand, and increase the adhesion of Lin’s entire customization; for dealers, “zero additional items” simplifies the transaction link, Improve conversion rates and reduce pressure on store operations teams. High-value packages can also increase the tonality of package configurations, adapt high-end configurations to mass prices, optimize store transaction logic, and increase store customer unit prices.

Based on long-term insights into users, in order to meet users with more consumption needs, Lin’s Home Furnishing has also built a product matrix that is “led by 49,800, supplemented by 17,800 whole-house customization + 29,800 fashion packages + 39,800 light luxury packages, etc.” , used to meet different consumer customization needs.

  17Years of deep cultivation support corporate competitiveness

Lin’s whole customization business has such confidence in the industry, which was not achieved in a day. Since its establishment 17 years ago, Lin’s Home Furnishing has built up its brand influence, product competitiveness, channel layout capabilities, and corporate organizational empowerment capabilities in many aspects and dimensions, forming a complete closed loop and becoming the foundation for corporate visibility and word-of-mouth effects. .

As one of the top 500 Asian brands, Lin’s Home Furnishings products are now sold to 69 countries and regions and have accumulated 13 million household users worldwide. As one of the first domestic home furnishing companies that started on the Internet channel, it targeted e-commerce platforms in the early years and continued to work hard to reap dividends. It has 4000W+ fans in the global matrix, allowing Lin’s Home Furnishings to rank No. 1 in the Tmall residential furniture industry for many consecutive years. .

Over the years, Lin’s Home Furnishing has made diversified efforts to maintain continuous output in upgrading its business formats, laying out multi-channel interconnection online and offline to achieve business connectivity. In 2020, Lin’s Home Furnishing entered the customization industry with a new integrated business format of “finished products + customization + household products”, and founded “Lin’s Whole House Customization”, the predecessor of Lin’s Whole House Customization. After completing the brand upgrade in 2023, Lin’s Home Furnishing The whole home customization has officially evolved into a large home furnishing business format of “cupboard, door and wall customization × finished furniture × home soft furnishings”.

Relying on Lin’s Home Furnishing’s mature home space design and matching capabilities and R&D and supply integration capabilities, Lin’s entire home customization integrates six categories of cabinets, wardrobes, doors, background walls, finished furniture, and furniture soft furnishings, covering bedrooms, living rooms, restaurants, etc. Eight major spaces, driven by integrated design, have developed 25 product series such as Bauhaus, V series, and Rida, achieving one-stop customization for the entire home, and truly providing consumers with integrated solutions for the entire home. .

Years of intensive online cultivation have enabled Lin’s Home Furnishings to develop self-developed digital management tools, combine them with online platform consumption data, and build an information and digital center. Through big data analysis and management, it can deeply explore the potential needs of consumers, thereby having Carry out targeted product development, design and production.

Lin’s pioneering layout of whole-home customization, as well as its strong self-research and integration capabilities, have laid a solid foundation for this year’s main launch of the “49800 whole-home package”. The product library composed of 10,000+ finished product SKUs gives consumers ample room for personalized choices. While providing high quality and price, it meets the needs of young people for spatial aesthetic expression and truly achieves the goal of improving consumer experience and cultivating loyal users.

  High-quality and price-effective packages come from the brand’s ultimate cost control and efficiency improvement

In 2023, Lin’s whole home customization determined the brand strategy of “Internet whole home customization”, relying on the traffic gene of Lin’s Home to maximize the “Internet-based” advantages of Lin’s whole home customization. On the consumer side, Lin’s whole-home customization eliminates information gaps through traffic empowerment and makes the price system of the home furnishing industry more transparent; on the distribution side, Lin’s whole-home customization relies on the company’s years of hard work in Internet channels, even in the current “high-priced traffic” “Era, it can also accurately identify the accuracy of traffic delivery on each platform, improve traffic utilization, bring lower customer acquisition costs and faster conversion rates.

Like Lin’s Home Furnishing, Lin’s Whole Home Customization also adopts the “supplier cooperation” model on the production side. The advantages of the “lightweight” model become increasingly prominent as the scale of the enterprise increases, avoiding the heavy asset investment and high logistics requirements of traditional home furnishing enterprises. Problems of cost and high loss rate.

At the same time, Lin’s Home Furnishing has reduced the high dependence of traditional home furnishing stores on prime locations and other factors by empowering dealers with continuous traffic, and through big data analysis of user portraits and other methods, it can match stores in different regions with products that are more in line with regional consumer preferences. Sample matching can improve the dealer’s square footage efficiency and capital occupancy rate, and reduce the sunk costs of stores, thereby obtaining higher profit margins and profit margins for consumers.

Analyzing Lin’s whole-home customized 49,800 package, the 14-piece finished furniture package can be said to be the biggest highlight. Lin’s Home has long-term implemented the “CMF integrated” R&D system in the research and development of finished furniture, and has formed a high degree of tacit understanding due to long-term cooperation with suppliers. It not only allows high-value finished furniture to empower the design aesthetics of customized spaces, but also empowers the consumer market through With profound insights, while increasing the production scale and reducing the cost of single products, it also continued to launch popular “hot models” to reduce inventory occupation and promote quality assurance and price control in an all-round way.

On the occasion of “315” and the “Gold, Three, Silver and Four” in the home furnishing industry, faced with the chronic disease of increasing items in the market, both practitioners and consumers have been suffering from the “increasing items and chaos for a long time”. As a leader in the home furnishing industry, Lin’s Whole Household Customization shows the responsibility of a leading enterprise. The company has always believed that only a good working environment can make great progress in the industry and enable enterprises to achieve sustainable development.

Fortunately, the upgrade of consumer purchasing power and the iteration of consumption concepts have made the market generally recognize the price positioning of 49,800. This price is likely to drive new consumption hot spots, bring more companies into the market, further expand user choices, and make this Price positioning has become an opportunity to improve the industry’s consumer mentality from price to quality.

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