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“Lingzi” Ma Yi?: Deep love is also about dignity, and scolding is also about self-respect.

“Lingzi” Ma Yi?: Deep love is also about dignity, and scolding is also about self-respect.

She is what her uncle calls a “debt collector”, and her best friend Linghong ridicules her for being “cheap”, but she is also a noble person who “lends” her fortune to A Bao, and is also a affectionate and righteous night Tokyo boss lady on her way to becoming a virtuous person. In the popular TV series “Flowers” currently being aired on Jiangsu Satellite TV, Ma Yi? plays Reiko, a lovely woman with a “sharp mouth and a soft heart” who is deeply loved by the audience. “In Lingzi, I can see something very shining about Shanghai women. They are able to bend and stretch, and they also attach great importance to friendship.”

  There is a “respectability” that Shanghainese value between Lingzi and Mr. Bao.

In the play, Lingzi cooperates with Mr. Bao (played by Hu Ge) to open a restaurant called Night Tokyo, which is full of urban smoke and smoke. She is smart and capable, and will take action promptly when Mr. Bao encounters difficulties, and handle complex interpersonal relationships appropriately; she is also well-rounded, and is generous when facing guests, making others smile with her jokes.

In Ma Yi?’s words, this character is truly remarkable. “When I was acting, I also felt that she was very powerful, flexible and flexible, and also attached great importance to friendship. There is a relationship between her and Mr. Bao that is difficult to understand for others, just because she possesses these qualities.”

“I think no one can be emotionally sober in the world. Reiko loves A Bao. I am very clear that Reiko loves A Bao deeply.” Ma Yi has his own interpretation of the relationship between the two that is difficult for others to understand. : There is a “decency” that Shanghainese care about and value between Lingzi and Mr. Bao. “This kind of dignity is reflected in the sense of distance and security. The relationship between Lingzi and Abao is open and relaxed, and there are back and forth. Lingzi will cooperate with Abao’s dignity, and Abao will fulfill Lingzi’s dignity. It is a sense of order with regional characteristics.”

In the latest plot, Reiko and Mr. Bao almost broke up because of a pair of pearl earrings, which made the audience exclaim “I didn’t expect it.” In Ma Yi?’s view, this break is actually the awakening of Reiko’s self-awareness, and she begins to understand that only by not depending on men can she gain true respect. “After this, she (Lingzi) will return to Shanghai with the most decisive attitude, and truly live as the boss’s wife, not as the woman behind Mr. Bao.”

  The harder Reiko scolds Mr. Bao, the more she actually cares about him

In the play, Lingzi and Mr. Bao often bickered, and the comedic quarrel scenes made director Wong Kar-Wai enjoy watching them. “The director likes to watch Lingzi and Mr. Bao quarreling very much on the set. He will add fuel to the fire and ask us to add some funny things, just like a child.”

In fact, the bickering between the two is also a way for Reiko to express her concern. “Shanghai women are just like that, they don’t like to say nice things. Some people have misunderstandings about Shanghai women, thinking that we like to be garrulous and arrogant. In fact, this is not the case. Sometimes we don’t talk well, but instead Express it in the form of scolding. The harsher the scolding, the more caring you actually feel. It contains a kind of female self-esteem and pride.”

But there was only one scene where Reiko asked Po to withdraw from the shares of Night Tokyo and return her destiny to her, but Reiko was uncharacteristically different. “Actually, that scene took a long time to shoot. It was the only scene where I didn’t yell at him. The answer comes when you don’t know what to choose. That’s when you want to call Bao to stop him. , A Bao has turned around and left, so it’s better to miss it like this.”

Qin Wen, the screenwriter of the drama version of “Flowers”, had previously collaborated with Ma Yi in “The First Half of My Life”. When they met again, the two had a better understanding. “Teacher Qin Wen understands women’s language and sense of language very well, and quarrels and curses are also contexts we are very familiar with.” Therefore, even if he only gets the script when he goes to the scene for makeup every day, Ma Yi will still quickly follow the lines to see if he can add some new and more interesting things. Even Hu Ge, who is responsible for the whole process of being “scolded”, also Will join in and create together.

  Wong Kar-Wai is a delicate and warm-hearted person, but he will also say, “If your acting is not good, I will cut it for you.”

In May’s opinion, Wong Kar-wai is a very delicate and warm-hearted person: When the work intensity is high, May will get hungry easily and likes to eat small desserts to satisfy his hunger, so Wong Kar-wai will specially ask the staff to prepare small desserts on the set; When not filming, Ma Yi is habitually a little hunched, and Wong Kar-wai will always remind her “Don’t hunch, keep your chest up”.

Wong Kar-Wai’s warm heart also made Ma Yi work harder to shape the character: In order to get a good shot of a look, she filmed from 11 pm to more than 2 am, repeatedly wearing high heels and climbing on a stool to change light bulbs, shooting front and back. I passed thirty-four articles without any complaints.

Although it was very hard during the filming, Ma Yi couldn’t hide her excitement when the final film was released, and said that Wong Kar-Wai captured her most beautiful look. “He is a director who loves actors very much. Through the working process, he will constantly get to know the actors and discover the beautiful points in the actors, as well as the points that other directors have never seen. Then he will ask the screenwriter to modify the script and give it to the actors. More display space.”

Ma Yi smiled and said that Wong Kar-wai often said on the set, “If you don’t act well, you will be cut.” So everyone tried their best to perform every scene well. “When you watch the show, you will definitely be able to see the changes in our faces over time. It’s not about whether there are wrinkles on the face, but the changes in the eyes. Three years ago, the eyes were very confused. When filming was completed three years later, there was something in the eyes. Tired. I think this is in line with a process of life.”

Three years of savings finally ushered in the most brilliant bloom. At 19:30 every night at Jiangsu Satellite TV’s Happiness Theater, the curtain rises and “Flowers” blooms!

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