Limited warranty, unlimited service! Zhongke Meiling makes “Made in China Quality” more confident!


On March 12, Zhongke Meiling Cryogenic Technology Co., Ltd. held a “One-year worry-free replacement, quality upgrade” service upgrade 4.0 conference in Hefei, China. The meeting released the new service policy of Zhongke Meiling in 2024 to improve service quality, improve service quality, accelerate the development of new quality productivity, and let “Made in China Quality” give users a better experience!

For a long time, the scientific instrument and equipment industry has had many service pain points, such as cumbersome communication of emergency information, short service commitment cycles, long service completion cycles, high after-sales service costs, and expensive accessories. In order to make “Made in China Quality” more useful, Zhongke Meiling has been focusing on “user-centered” for 22 years, continuously improving service quality, and is committed to systematically solving long-term service pain points in the industry.

In 2016, Zhongke Meiling took the lead in the industry to launch the “worry-free GO for new products, 90-day no-reason guarantee return” service 1.0 policy, and also launched the first battle of the “Zero Distance Experience” service month activity. For 8 consecutive years, it has radiated to more than 660 cities. A total of 1,936 service engineers have taken the initiative to provide free maintenance, maintenance and overhaul services to users, serving a total of more than 350,000 users and more than 500,000 pieces of equipment!

In 2018, the “White Paper on Quality and Safety of Low-Temperature Refrigerator Products” was released and the Service 2.0 policy was launched to enable all ultra-low temperature series products to achieve “worry-free replacement in one year and free repair in five years.”

In 2019, the 3.0 service policy was launched to enable the company’s entire series of products to achieve “worry-free replacement in one year and free repair in five years.”

In 2024, we will upgrade again on the above basis and release the Zhongke Meiling Service 4.0 policy, promising one-year worry-free replacement of new products, free door-to-door service outside the warranty period, 7×24H all-day manual customer service and other policies to directly address the pain points of industry service with emotion and heart. , let the service never close, and strive to be the industry service leader!

Timeliness has always been a service pain point that global scientific instrument users are highly concerned about. The service cycle of some imported equipment is as long as several months. Damage to biological samples caused by the failure of equipment to be repaired in time occasionally occurs. In order to allow users to solve their repair needs faster, Zhongke Meiling’s service has been upgraded to a 7×24H hotline. All-weather manual service, no robot customer service is used, and a level I-III emergency response mechanism is activated so that user needs can receive real feedback and be resolved in a timely manner! In response to users’ repair needs, Zhongke Meiling promises to provide technical solutions within 2 hours, door-to-door service within 24 hours, and satisfaction visits within 72 hours! Not only use good products to make sample storage worry-free, but also use good services to make sample storage worry-free!

Overdue services have always been a major pain point for users. At present, almost no company in the scientific instrument industry can proactively provide overdue free door-to-door services. In order to make users’ equipment experience more secure, Zhongke Meiling became the first company in the industry to achieve “worry-free replacement in one year and free repair in five years” as early as 2018! This conference has been upgraded again, providing free door-to-door inspection services outside the warranty period, and a one-year free replacement experience for a full range of new products.

The “last mile” is also one of the pain points that the scientific instrument industry needs to solve urgently. In order to comprehensively improve the logistics infrastructure and service capabilities of scientific instrument equipment and solve the difficulties of long service chains and difficult logistics operations, Zhongke Meiling will make every effort to open up the “last mile” and adopt “delivery and installation integration” measures to achieve transportation, One-stop experience for warehousing, distribution, installation and after-sales!

With this further upgrade of service policies, Zhongke Meiling has been accompanying users for 22 years. Today, Zhongke Meiling not only relies on the strong support of the Institute of Physics and Chemistry Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Changhong and Meiling, it has become the earliest enterprise in China engaged in the manufacturing and production of ultra-low temperature medical equipment; it has also been listed in 37 days and 111 days on the market. Records have become a new star in China’s capital market. While continuously improving the company’s comprehensive strength, it continues to pursue the vigorous development of “made in China quality” scientific instruments and equipment, empowers new quality productivity with “new services”, brings high-quality experience to users, and makes China’s scientific instrument services more confident!


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