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On March 15, the Beijing Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration cooperated with Beijing TV to launch the 2024 “March 15” special party with the theme of “Light and Shadow Guarding the Light of Financial Consumer Protection”. In the chapter, the touching story of Ma Hongda, an employee of the Beijing Branch of China Pacific Insurance Company, who rescued 75-year-old Uncle Miao after a heavy rain in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region in 2023, was vividly told to the public.

At the end of July 2023, Beijing encountered a rare heavy rainstorm in 140 years. Flash floods broke out in Fangshan District and Mentougou District, severely damaging many houses and roads.

China Pacific Property & Casualty Beijing Branch, a subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance, quickly organized emergency rescue teams to go deep into the two districts under the unified dispatch of the Beijing municipal government and regulatory authorities to assist the local government in post-disaster clean-up work.

On August 5, 2023, the afterglow of the setting sun shone on the mountains of Wangping Town. The China Pacific Insurance Mentougou emergency rescue team had just completed a day of heavy tasks and was preparing to return down the mountain. However, the road was blocked by congested vehicles. It turned out that an innocent vehicle stalled in the raging floods, leaving only a glimmer of hope for passage. Vehicles loaded with relief supplies were blocked on the road. Faced with this situation, although the CPIC rescue team members were exhausted, they did not hesitate to step forward to clear the obstacles and buy time for the transportation of relief supplies. While coordinating tow trucks to come to the rescue, they actively directed traffic. Their tired figures looked particularly determined in the sunset.

At this moment, team member Mahonda discovered a lonely old man. He was standing on the roadside with his waist bent, his short-sleeved T-shirt and shorts looking extremely thin in the cold wind. He looked around helplessly, but no one in the crowd paid attention to the helpless old man. Mahonda’s heart was touched instantly, and he understood that the old man was looking for help. He walked forward resolutely and talked with the old man.

Perhaps because he was frightened by the disaster, the old man refused to talk to Mahonda. After Mahonda repeatedly identified himself as a member of the China Pacific Insurance Emergency Rescue Team, the old man slowly spoke. It turns out that the old man’s surname is Miao and he is 75 years old. It was Uncle Miao’s vehicle that stalled in the middle of the road. Uncle Miao’s children were far away from the country and his wife had passed away. He comes to Wangping Town regularly to deliver food to stray cats and dogs in the mountains. However, this sudden flood put him in trouble.

I thought that the rescue would be completed in one hour and Uncle Miao would be sent home, but I didn’t expect that things would develop unexpectedly. While the rescue team was cleaning up the flooded vehicles, two vehicles ignored the rescue team’s obstruction and tried to forcefully pass through the congested road section. However, they were successively stopped by the rising water. The originally barely passable road was completely interrupted and the road was blocked. The swirling water is still flowing from the mountain at this moment. As time goes by, the danger is approaching and the temperature is dropping. The feet of the rescue team members and the old man are soaked in the cold water, and a sudden chill…

In order to protect Mr. Miao from the cold, the rescue team arranged for him to sit in the work car. Mahonda handed the food and drinking water he brought to the old man and said firmly: “Uncle, don’t worry, no matter what, we will send you home safely.” After the joint efforts of the rescue team and the traffic control department, the road finally cleared at night Traffic was restored around 10 o’clock. Uncle Miao’s car was successfully towed away, and he returned home safely. And the rescue team embarked on the journey again.

Uncle Miao can’t forget how he escaped from danger that helpless night. The mountains and people of Wangping Town who have returned to their daily lives will also not forget that in the heavy rain in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, countless “Pacific Blue” did their best to fight with the wind and rain. In a race against time, some people walked 4 kilometers on a mountain road full of gravel and silt, just to deliver supplies to the masses; some people persisted in the damage assessment work in the wind, rain and high temperature, handling hundreds of cases in a month. Just to allow the reporter to receive the compensation earlier.

Finance is caring for the people, and CPIC services show true love. It is these CPIC people from the front line who use practical actions to build an “insurance embankment” and use CPIC services of “responsibility, wisdom, and warmth” to protect people’s lives and property!


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