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Light of the Teacher丨China Life Insurance Company held the finals of the Lecturer Professional and Technical Competition in Beijing

Light of the Teacher丨China Life Insurance Company held the finals of the Lecturer Professional and Technical Competition in Beijing

On September 20, China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance Company”) held the “Light of Teachers” Lecturer Professional and Technical Competition Finals in Beijing.

Picture: The scene of the competition finals

  China Life Insurance Company has always attached great importance to the improvement of employee quality and skills, and vigorously promotes the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, craftsman spirit and the culture of respecting teachers and valuing education.The “Light of Teachers” lecturer professional skills competition is a labor competition project of the China Financial Union. It has attracted more than 1,300 lecturers and more than 8,000 individual insurance mentors from the system to participate. After preliminaries, semi-finals, and qualifying rounds, After fierce competition and multiple selections, 6 lecturer representatives successfully entered the finals. The outstanding performance of the contestants was highly recognized by the on-site judges. Through vivid language, detailed cases and logical explanations, they fully demonstrated the value and responsibility of insurance practitioners in serving society and people’s livelihood and shouldering social responsibilities. . After fierce competition, Li Jie from Chengdu Insurance Training Institute and Liang Mingrui from Shenzhen Branch won the National Financial May Day Labor Medal and China Life Group May Day Labor Medal respectively, and the remaining four contestants won the finals ” Star Award”.

Picture: Awarding ceremony for National Financial May 1st Labor Medal winners

Picture: China Life Group May Day Labor Medal winners awarding ceremony

In the first year of fully implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the company’s listing, holding this labor competition has further strengthened China Life Insurance Company’s cultural tradition of respecting teachers and valuing education, and highlighted model workers The important role of spirit, labor spirit and craftsmanship in the long-term and healthy development of the lecturer team demonstrates to the entire industry and society the responsibility and good image of China Life Insurance Company in respecting knowledge and talents and taking multiple measures to serve the “big country”.

China Life’s lecturer team was born in conjunction with insurance marketing. It has always been responsible for cultivating insurance talents, promoting career development, and publishing the right voice for the industry. In the long-term construction and development, it has gradually formed a team of “cultivating people with moral integrity, adhering to the new, diligent in learning, and practicing diligently.” China Life’s teacher culture of “Loyalty and Responsibility” and the growth and development path of lecturers with China Life characteristics. At present, China Life Insurance Company has established a professional qualification training and certification system consisting of four-level lecturers: preliminary lecturers, assistant lecturers, intermediate lecturers, and senior lecturers. It has more than 3,000 professional qualified lecturers, more than 130 lecturers in the core lecturer group of the head office, and individual insurance There are more than 80,000 instructors, which has basically formed a new situation in the construction of the teaching team in which intermediate and senior lecturers provide professional guidance and escort, core lecturer groups overcome difficulties and make key breakthroughs, and personal insurance instructors provide workplace counseling and training.

Picture: The award ceremony for the winners of the “Star Award” in the finals

“I am the disseminator of China Life culture, the promoter of business development, and the cultivator of the talent team. I abide by insurance rules and convey the correct voice of the industry; abide by the company’s ethics and respect the three-foot podium; based on the training position, practice “double “Culture”. Make employees better and the company more outstanding. As long as China Life is here, I will have a future; as long as I am here, China Life will be strong.” The 94-word lecturer’s oath profoundly explains the sacredness shouldered by China Life’s lecturer team mission, and at the same time, this infinite glory will be engraved into the development history of China Life’s education and training career.

This “Light of Teachers” lecturer professional and technical competition is an important measure for the company to strengthen the high-quality development of the lecturer team and highlight the political, people-oriented and professional nature of the main life insurance business. The content of the competition focuses on the five major work dimensions of lecturers: special research and development, course teaching, coaching and training, training practice, and legal compliance. It serves the front line and is close to actual combat. It not only competes with the lecturers’ professional teaching and research and development capabilities, but also evaluates the lecturers’ ideological stance, theoretical level and Conduct comprehensive inspections on legal compliance and other abilities, and comprehensively improve the overall level of the lecturer team by using competitions to promote training, use competitions to assist abilities, and use competitions to enforce regulations.

Education, science and technology, and talents are the basic and strategic support for comprehensively building a modern socialist country. China Life Insurance Company unswervingly implements the strategy of strengthening the company with talents in the new era, elevating the importance of training to a new level and providing a new stage for the majority of training workers to display their ambitions and talents in their new journey.

  The journey is going thousands of miles with great momentum, and we are determined to carry out the important task. future,China Life Insurance Company will continue to promote the spirit of model workers, the spirit of labor, the spirit of craftsmanship and the culture of respecting teachers and valuing education, attaches great importance to the cultivation of professional and technical talents, and encourages the majority of lecturers to always maintain the “original intention” of teachers, adhere to the “craftsmanship” of educating people, and uphold the “development” “Wisdom of Mind”, with more firm faith and selfless fighting spirit, contribute the wisdom and strength of China Life Masters to the company’s high-quality development and serving the people’s better life.

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