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“Life Events” director Liu Jiangjiang’s new reality-themed film “In and Out of Peace” starts talking about life and death events

“Life Events” director Liu Jiangjiang’s new reality-themed film “In and Out of Peace” starts talking about life and death events


Recently, the reality-themed film “In and Out of Peace” directed by Liu Jiangjiang was officially launched, and the concept poster of “Peace is Blessing” was released. In the summer of last year, the movie “Life Events” directed by dark horse director Liu Jiangjiang won a total box office of 1.712 billion, becoming one of the masterpieces of Chinese reality-themed films. “In and Out of Peace” is Liu Jiangjiang’s new masterpiece after winning the Golden Rooster Award for Best Director’s First Work with “Life Events”. The film once again starts from realistic themes, confronts the issue of life and death, and explores the struggle and return of human nature under disaster.

“In and Out of Peace” tells the story of Zheng Ligun, a death row prisoner who is about to be executed, suddenly encounters an earthquake during his escort, and the detention center collapses into ruins. In fact, they have fallen into another purgatory… At the same time, prison guard Wei Chi Xiao decided to temporarily organize a “different” rescue team. In the face of natural disasters, will the death row prisoner with only 24 hours of life escape or save others? How should the prison guards responsible for guarding the prisoners choose? Everyone is standing at a fork in the road of fate…

The film is produced by Hebei Radio Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Tianjin Maoyan Weiying Culture Media Co., Ltd., China Great Wall Art and Culture Center Co., Ltd., Beijing Jiuyi Star Culture Media Co., Ltd., Jiangjianghao (Beijing) Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Sorry Films Co., Ltd. Industry Co., Ltd. and Beijing Tuanyuan Film Co., Ltd.

  Inside the concept poster, there is a deep meaning hidden in the prayer pendant to unveil the event of life and death

As director Liu Jiangjiang uncovered the camera, “In and Out of Peace” was officially launched, and the “Peace is Blessing” version of the concept poster was also released first. This poster catches the eye with a picture of ruined walls, dusty, collapsed buildings, and a corner of the earthquake, but it already shows the disaster scene of purgatory on earth, showing the strong realistic attributes of the film with the earthquake as the background. The character “Enter” is written in an unusual way, like a roof firmly covering “Ping An”, and like an inverted “人”, perhaps telling a story about the reversal of human nature.

The most conspicuous touch of bright color in the poster is the “Entry and Exit” pendant that fell on the ruins to represent blessings. The dial is cracked into a “no”, which seems to have a different meaning. This prop, which may play a key role in the movie, is illuminated by a ray of morning light, as if it is in a desperate situation and there is a glimmer of light. Under the strong contrasting tone of the poster, the sun and the ruins, cold and warm, Bitterness and sweetness, goodness and evilness, innocence and absurdity are closely related to the theme of life and death, and also symbolize people’s hope and good sustenance for survival in the face of natural disasters.

In addition, the English title “Give You A Candy” in the concept poster also seems to have a hidden meaning. Although the overall picture is dominated by disaster elements, the appearance of a single red candy echoes the English title, giving the audience a sense of origin. A sense of power in life and hope. At the juncture of life and death, who can a red candy save? In the face of a disaster, who will hand over a warm candy? Whether this candy has a deeper connection with the movie story itself, the audience may need to wait until the movie is released to find the answer to the question on the big screen.

  The dark horse director’s new work shows a blockbuster temperament and realistic themes, which arouses the audience’s expectations

“In and Out of Peace” is a realistic film showing the appearance of all beings in an earthquake, focusing on the self-salvation of a death row prisoner, and performing a life-and-death human choice. It is not difficult to see that director Liu Jiangjiang will continue the discussion of life and death propositions in “Life Events”, focusing on despair and hope, contradiction and responsibility, ordinary and extraordinary in disasters, so as to continue to convey warm and solid emotional power through stories.

In the film, a relationship between prisoners and prison guards has never been established, which is full of tension. After the earthquake struck, the surviving prison guards and prisoners were faced with a choice. Will the death row prisoner with only 24 hours of life escape or save others? Do the prison guards do their duty to strictly control the prisoners, or do they follow the morals and let go of the rescue? How do prisoners and prison guards play against each other in such an extreme situation? At the moment of life and death, everyone is faced with an unprecedented dilemma.

On the basis of realistic themes, the story of “In and Out of Peace” presents the themes of life and death, love and righteousness, growth and redemption, and the collision of human nature in disasters will also bring long-term thinking to the audience. As a realistic blockbuster, the movie “In and Out of Safety” is very exciting.

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