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Liaoning Kangbaier Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. successfully held the OTC listing ceremony in the United States-Times Finance-Northern Network

Liaoning Kangbaier Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. successfully held the OTC listing ceremony in the United States-Times Finance-Northern Network

On February 8, 2023, Liaoning Kangbaier Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. held the “Cangbaier US OTC Listing Celebration” in the Sofitel Ballroom of Panjin Ligang International Hotel. Relevant government leaders, listing service team, strategic cooperation units, managers of franchised chain stores, and more than 500 shareholders and employees of the company gathered together to share the joy of Kangbaier entering the international capital market.

Liaoning Kangbaier Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd., affiliated to Panjin Shuangying Group, uses the carrot cell wall breaking technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the high-temperature non-enzyme technology of Germany to focus on naturalExtraction of β-carotene. After years of accumulation, we have developed many high-carotene products that meet the market demand, which are sold well in the market and have a good reputation.

At the beginning of 2020, Kangbaier signed the “Listing and Listing Service Agreement” with the United Business Association of the United States and the Overseas Listed Capital Group of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises; signed the “Legal Service Agreement” with Beijing Jingtian & Gongcheng Law Firm, a well-known Asian law firm; to sign“Financial Consultant Agreement”; and filed with the Liaoning Provincial Administration of Foreign Exchange, focusing on investing manpower and financial resources, bravely entering the US financial market,Start the journey to the US listing.

  For three years,After the challenge,overcome difficulties,Kangbaier goes public in the United Statesachieved gratifying results,On December 30, 2022, it was successfully listed on the OTC trading market in the United States, stock code:BIMTofficially entered the international capital market.

  Ms. Sun Xiuzhi, chairman of the board of directors of International Kangbaier Company, said in her speech: “Listing on the stock market is a new beginning, a new starting point, we cannot relax, let alone be proud, and there is a long way to go for future development. We will stick to our strategic goals and never forget our original intention , maintain perseverance, and take advantage of the momentum; we will unite as one, build a dream together, and continue to struggle; we will continue to work hard to increase the market value and transfer to NASDAQ for Kangbeier, and hand in an excellent answer!”

  I sincerely hope that Kangbeier will transfer to the main board market as soon as possible and become a role model for Chinese concept stocks.


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