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Li Xueqin sang the promotional song “Empty” for “Priceless Treasure” with heart-breaking lyrics and powerful staying power

Li Xueqin sang the promotional song “Empty” for “Priceless Treasure” with heart-breaking lyrics and powerful staying power


Today, the movie “Priceless Treasure” directed by Zhang Dapeng, produced by Han Sanping, and starring Zhang Yi released the promotional song “Empty”. In the song MV, both the lyrics and the images are used to re-enter this “modified family” from the perspective of the daughter Qianqian in the film. The movie will be available to audiences across the country on the big screen starting from November 10th.

“Stone” Shi Zhenbang (played by Zhang Yi) and Yang Wu (played by Pan Binlong), two down-and-out brothers, struggle to make a living by running a hardware store. In order to collect their debts, they have to temporarily take care of the debtor’s child Qianqian (Zhou Yiran/Cheng Xi) decoration). In their interactions with Qianqian, the two’s attitudes changed from their initial dislike of being a “slugger” to trying every possible means to “fight for their daughter.” Their rough lives also became softer and softer in their hearts… “They have no blood relationship.” “A family of three” shows the freedom and ease of ordinary people in a busy life. The movie “Priceless Treasure” has received rave reviews since it was released to the audience. It has been praised as “a collision full of romance and realism”, which makes people moved by the most essential warm and true feelings of the Chinese people.

The promotional song “Empty” was written by director Zhang Dapeng and composed by Dawei. From “empty river” to “empty balloon”, each section of the lyrics progresses step by step, emphasizing that “empty” appears to be “indifferent” everything in life, but in fact it is what Qianqian cares about most and wants to touch most. The soft and true feelings you have. There is a lot of self-deprecation in the lyrics that resonates strongly, and there are also heart-warming words such as “Even if you cry in your heart, you still have to smile softly.” The promotional song “Empty” slowly talks about Qianqian’s emotions, and also interprets the father-daughter bond between Shitou and Qianqian from the daughter’s perspective. At the same time, Qianqian’s attitude towards Yang Wu and his mother Wang Manli also has a deeper emotional expression with the songs and images.

The film “Priceless Treasure” invited Northeastern actor Li Xueqin to perform this song. After watching the movie, Li Xueqin said frankly, “The movie has great stamina. After watching the movie, I remembered the fields and rivers at home, so I went back to my hometown in the countryside with my mother the next day to embrace my family and hometown.” During the recording of this song, she said, “Every lyric fits the movie very well and can be accurately matched to the plot. When I sang the second half of ‘You smile so beautifully’, I remembered the character played by Brother Yi. Stone, no matter how bitter the stone is, you can still laugh, which makes me sigh.” A song that touches the heart, matched with the right picture and the right singer, is just like the right aftertaste that “Priceless Treasure” gave the audience. Since its release, the movie “Priceless Treasure” has scored 9.4 on Taopiao and 9.1 on Maoyan. It is considered by many viewers to be the warmest movie in November. Some viewers commented that the movie “Priceless” is a sincere, deep, and immersive movie that arouses their yearning for warmth and true love. It is definitely worth watching.

The movie “Priceless Treasure” is produced by Shanghai Taopiao Piao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhengfu Film Co., Ltd., China Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Anrui Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., Wanda Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Running Man (Xiamen) Culture Media Co., Ltd., Haikou Xilefu Film Co., Ltd., April Turin (Beijing) Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Youku Film Co., Ltd., Shandong Tianmei Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ruyoushenzhu Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai Taobao It is distributed by Piaopiao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., jointly issued by China Film Co., Ltd., Wanda Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., and Poly Film Investment Co., Ltd., and produced by Running Man (Xiamen) Culture Media Co., Ltd. The film is adapted from the Korean movie “Guarantee”, directed by Zhang Dapeng, produced by Han Sanping, starring Zhang Yi, starring Pan Binlong, Zhou Yiran, Cheng Xi, Yuan Xiaoxu, Huang Jingyi, Hao Lei special appearance, Zhang Guoqiang and Fang Qingzhuo friendly starring, and is currently being screened nationwide middle.

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