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Let’s work together to achieve a win-win future | Crab Zhuangyuan Appreciation Party and sub-brand Zhuangyuan New Year’s Season Launch Meeting was a complete success

Let’s work together to achieve a win-win future | Crab Zhuangyuan Appreciation Party and sub-brand Zhuangyuan New Year’s Season Launch Meeting was a complete success

On November 8, Xizhuangyuan held a 2023 annual thank-you party and sub-brand Zhuangyuan New Year’s Season kick-off meeting in Suzhou, Jiangsu with the theme of “Gathering together to win the future”. This event brought together Xizhuangyuan’s dealers, advertising media and other partners across the country to witness this historic moment.

At the press conference, Gao Chao, the founder of Xizhuangyuan brand, delivered a speech, kicking off the press conference. He said in his sharing that 2023 is an important development year for Crab Zhuangyuan. Looking back on the entire crab season, in the face of the severe and complex economic situation and fiercely competitive market environment, all dealer partners and advertising media friends have always worked together with Crab Champion to gather winning strength with confidence and successfully completed the crab season sales. The set goal has allowed Xizhuangyuan to win market recognition again.

Liu Xiaoli, advertising director of Xizhuangyuan, said that Xizhuangyuan has reached an in-depth and long-term strategic cooperative relationship with core advertising media across the country. In the future, Xizhuangyuan is confident and determined to go further and higher together with the advertising media present here. At the same time, we also look forward to establishing in-depth cooperative relationships with more media friends and jointly exploring new cooperation models and opportunities.

At the event, Xizhuangyuan also signed a collective strategic contract with core advertising media across the country. The signing ceremony was huge, which not only enhanced the brand influence of Xizhuangyuan, but also conveyed the brand’s value and image to consumers. Through in-depth cooperation with these core advertising media, Xizhuangyuan will be able to better serve consumers and provide them with better products and services.

After more than ten years of deep cultivation in the industry, Crab Zhuangyuan seizes every market opportunity, while striving to serve rural revitalization while presenting high-quality specialty agricultural products to consumers. On the basis of helping farmers in the production areas increase production and income, it launched its New Year sub-brand “Zhuangyuannian” “. In 2023, a brand-new characteristic product “Diqing Tibetan Fragrant Pig” was found. Known as a plateau gem, this product is acclaimed for its exceptional quality and delicious taste. Zhu Xuan, sales director of Xizhuangyuan, said at the meeting that the Year of the Champion will also refocus on the Chinese New Year, and with the expectation of “sending the Year of the Champion and celebrating the Year of Reunion”, he hopes to bring consumers more New Year’s goods. “

In addition, the champion Nian Nian Beast IP also made its debut. The Nian beast is used as the creative image, riding on its somersault cloud, climbing over snow-capped mountains, crossing mountains and seas, and finding high-quality agricultural products such as cattle, sheep, pigs, seafood, and representing the best wishes for a good year and a happy reunion year in the first year of the year. Witnessed by everyone present, Chairman Xie Zhuangyuan Gao Chao held up the fire of reunion to witness the sacred moment together. “Have a good year, the Year of the Number One Scholar”, now the 2023 Number One Year New Year Goods Season Launching Ceremony” is officially launched.

At the press conference, Wang Yanting, deputy general manager of Xizhuangyuan, shared Xizhuangyuan’s retail strategy and development plan. First, I reviewed the development history of Crab Zhuangyuan. From the birth of the first Drunken Crab to now, it has developed into a sales brand with more than a hundred stores across the country. Yongfeng Industrial Park will be put into production next year and become the No. 1 crab sub-category. , turn big products into big industries. In the future, Xizhuangyuan will continue to adhere to strict quality standards and service requirements, continue to expand its brand vision, expand Xizhuangyuan’s products to overseas markets, and write a new glorious chapter.


Don’t forget your original intention and forge ahead. For more than ten years, Xizhuangyuan people have overcome obstacles and obstacles, always maintaining the spirit of daring to be the first, stepping forward to face difficulties, and achieving one achievement after another. In the future, Xizhuangyuan people will shoulder the trust and hope, continue to work hard, make steady progress, improve quality and efficiency with care, serve every consumer with affection, continue to cultivate agricultural product brands, and explore the taste of China.

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