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Let’s talk!Brother Tan will take you to play and earn “Tan Ke Wine Cellar”, hundreds of cities and thousands of stores, only for sealing altars

Let’s talk!Brother Tan will take you to play and earn “Tan Ke Wine Cellar”, hundreds of cities and thousands of stores, only for sealing altars

“Forbes” magazine once said: In the future, it will no longer be private swimming pools and private gyms that will highlight the quality of life, but wine cellars and collected wines. Combining this sentence with the habits of the Chinese people, a mature liquor collection investment market will be formed in the future, and opening a wine cellar and customizing sauce wine altar seals are the most promising venture capital at present. With a high degree of foresight, Wuxing Group took the lead in launching Tanke Wine Cellar in the industry. It is the first brand in the country to create a customized experience hall brand for sealing altars with soy sauce and wine. Hundreds of cities and thousands of stores, only for sealing altars! If you want to catch the express train of Jiangjiu Sealing Altar, you just need to open a Tanke wine cellar!

Tan Geer will give lectures in the classroom, and play and earn money to open a store with you!

Q1: What does Tanke wine cellar look like?


Q2: The wine cellar has a great visual impact! Can you introduce the internal environment in detail?

When people enter the store, they can see the Tanke standard product area at first glance, where the 1-catties package of Tanke standard Fengtan sauce wine is displayed. The “Tanke” brand has the same name as the wine cellar, and it is the main altar brand of the wine cellar.


The multi-brand altar area displays the Fengtan wine of the high-end sauce wine brand under the Five Star Group. Daguo etiquette sauce wine Guoyi Building, business legend sauce wine Yurongzhuang, master culture sauce wine Fanjiang, five-star peak sauce wine five-star grade A, each brand has unique positioning and application scenarios, and there are 5 catties and 10 catties , 30 jin, 50 jin, 100 jin and other altar wine capacity and different levels of wine body selection. Wine lovers can buy a favorite sauce wine brand Fengtan here, and at the same time, it can also meet the customization requirements of Fengtan wine lettering stickers, which are more commemorative and have higher collection value!



Q3: The Fengtan wine is too big, can you customize a catty of soy sauce wine?

have! Let’s take a look at the focus customization area. Tanke Wine Cellar owns the high-end customized industry brand Focus, which can meet the personalized wine needs of small batch customization of wine lovers. Choose the bottle style you like, engrave your exclusive content on the bottle and the outer box, and Tanke Wine Cellar will present you the unique and exclusive customized sauce wine.


Q4: How is the quality of the drinks in the store?

Every drop of fine wine in the Tanke wine cellar is selected from the red tasseled sorghum in Maotai Town, drawn from Chishui, and brewed with the authentic 12987 ancient technique. Every drop of fine wine is full of self-confidence, tenacity, wisdom, truthfulness, perseverance, and calmness. It is a precious work inherited from ingenuity and enjoys the taste of time scale.

Q5: I am very interested in opening a Tanke wine cellar. What is the specific policy?

Tanke wine cellar has an area of ​​50 square meters, and it has the right to operate at the county/district level when it opens a store. In addition to standard products, you can purchase products from other brands under the Five Star Group, and develop focus customization business.


Q6: What should I do if the wine cellar has not been sold in the early stage?

Tanke Wine Cellar is a standardized and large-scale sauce wine brand flagship store. The headquarters provides you with unified promotional brochures, product leaflets and other overall supporting marketing materials to create a nationally unified, standardized and first-class VI visual image. Customer introductions are more comprehensive and specific, enhancing customer trust. At the same time, the headquarters has in-depth cooperation with major media to release digital and regional advertisements to help store owners expand their brand influence.

At the beginning of the opening of each wine cellar, the headquarters will be equipped with a professional team to guide and incubate, provide dedicated personnel to follow up and guide the whole process, provide professional training for wine cellar owners, seize market opportunities, and promote product sales. In addition, the exclusive online new retail custom mini program for Tanke Wine Cellar is under development. At that time, wine lovers can select the “Focus” brand or multi-brand altar wine through the mini program for online customization, design patterns and labels, and generate personal exclusive sauce wine with one click, which will promote the fun of altar sealing.

Tanke Wine Cellar creates an online and offline integration model, which breaks the time and space constraints of the traditional closure of the altar, and surrounds the wine cellar, products, space, and people together, forming a sustainable dynamic sales circle, providing a steady stream of wine for the operation of the wine cellar Constant motivation.


Tanke Wine Cellar, the country’s first customized experience hall for sealing the altar of soy sauce and wine! Actively innovate the industrial development model, give wine lovers a systematic altar sealing experience, and create a leading brand of altar-packed soy sauce wine. We sincerely invite you to join hands in digging the 100 billion old wine altar sealing track!

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