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Leisurely and comfortable, embracing sweetness Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin launches “Youyou Shiqu” joint afternoon tea

Leisurely and comfortable, embracing sweetness Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin launches “Youyou Shiqu” joint afternoon tea

Free and relaxed, Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin joins hands with the century-old Italian fashion house CURIEL to create a fun and lively afternoon experience inspired by Italian romantic aesthetics – "Enjoy leisurely travel"The joint afternoon tea will be available for a limited time at La Sala Lobby Lounge from January 12 to March 15, 2024, allowing guests to enjoy a sweet afternoon in a lazy and leisurely way.

Wendy, the hotel’s creative executive pastry chef, cleverly designed 5 themed desserts inspired by CURIEL’s classic little black dress and the 2024 spring and summer series:"Goose-Yellow Princess Dress- Matcha Coconut Mango Cake"inspired by CURIEL’s Tulip flower bud skirt, and the main color of spring and summer yellow, it takes guests to a romantic spring with its fruity and sweet scent; "Black and white topper – coffee chocolate truffles"inspired by CURIEL’s Hepburn skirt, paying homage to its classic top hat little black dress style, with coffee and truffle flavors to enjoy the afternoon comfort;"Dark Blue Fishtail – Bergamot White Chocolate Mousse"inspired by CURIEL’s Diva mermaid skirt, showing a minimalist romantic aesthetic style, as well as pistachio Italian cheesecake and rose lychee raspberry.

Paired with 5 savory appetizers with upgraded ingredients, handmade coffee/tea, homemade scones and jam, guests who like afternoon tea and elegant dress parties will experience an extraordinary afternoon pleasure. RMB 598 + 15% per set (for two persons). Guests who order this set of afternoon tea can also enjoy an exquisite souvenir of everlasting flowers. The quantity is limited, first come first served. For inquiries and reservations, please call 86 (22) 2716 6261/6688.

CURIL brand

As a century-old Italian skirt brand, CURIEL has been passed down by four generations of women. It is the favorite choice of royal families and celebrities and dignitaries from all over the world. It is known as"fashion intellectuals". The brand interprets La Dolce Vita’s Italian lifestyle with the spirit of haute couture, and presents eternal female beauty with minimalist and romantic Italian-style modern little black dresses. Its 2024 spring and summer series “Dolce far Niente” is about finding the other side of the concept of enjoying life – being lazy at the right time and finding the balance of a sweet life in leisure.

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