Lean production, 2023 Pein Electric 315 quality month activity heat start

Lean production, 2023 Pein Electric 315 quality month activity heat start

Quality is the eternal theme of manufacturing. With the approach of 315 International Consumer Rights Day, on February 28, the kick-off meeting of the 2023 3.15 Quality Month with the theme of “Quality Awareness in My Heart, Product Quality in My Hands” was successfully held in Bain Electric Manufacturing Center .

At the beginning of the kick-off meeting, Gao Lingjun, general manager of Peien Electric, first affirmed the manufacturing awareness of “careful production, quality first” in the manufacturing center in the past few years. Quality issues are always the top priority in production. Only by ensuring the quality of products can In order to gain a place in the market, otherwise it will not last long.

In addition, regarding the deficiencies in production management, Mr. Gao also pointed it out sharply. In Mr. Gao’s view, the competition in the integrated kitchen market will only become more and more cruel. To meet the challenges and improve the economic benefits of the enterprise, we must use our high-quality products to seize the market.

The high-quality image of Peien is carefully built by every Peien employee. Therefore, each of our employees should improve their own work quality, deepen the quality awareness in their hearts, start from themselves, and strictly control quality.

To build a corporate quality image, quality, technology, and service are closely related and indispensable. Minister Dou, the person in charge of the quality department of Peien, took the opportunity of the “315 Quality Month” activity to summarize the shortcomings of the past 22 years and carefully plan the direction for the next 23 years. Make scientific arrangements, conscientiously carry out self-correction, self-inspection, and self-examination activities, and strive to create a strong atmosphere where everyone cares about quality, attaches importance to quality, and participates in quality management, and improves the “fine” management of the manufacturing center.

Quality is the foundation and reputation of an enterprise, and the development of quality ideology is not an overnight effort. Only by holding quality month activities and deeply rooting the concept of quality first in the hearts of Peien people can we make greater contributions to the company’s quality management.

Quality is the key to the survival of an enterprise. In order to strengthen quality improvement, improve quality management and overall product quality, thoroughly solve long-standing quality problems, and enhance product market competitiveness, at the site of the 315 Quality Month Launch Meeting, the heads of various major departments enthusiastically signed military orders and invited The leaders are assured that, on the premise of being responsible to consumers, they will ensure that the goal of quality improvement and growth rate will be realized as soon as possible.

At the end of the 315 Quality Month activity, all employees took the quality oath and signed on the banner of “All employees participate, improve quality and efficiency, pay attention to the source and process, and make Peien products more reliable”. This sign is not only the name, It is a promise, a guarantee.

Survive by quality and benefit by management. The high-quality, high-quantity, and high-quality corporate image lies in the strict control of each link, starting from a little bit, and gradually seeing a long flow in the fine water. Pein Electric is moving towards a higher, further and stronger enterprise development point step by step.

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