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Leading the vigorous development of special-flavor liquor production areas, Site liquor will enter a new era in 2024

Leading the vigorous development of special-flavor liquor production areas, Site liquor will enter a new era in 2024

In recent years, the accelerated pace of consumption upgrading has pushed China’s liquor industry to enter a new development track. Following channel competition and category competition, competition in production areas has begun to become the focus of liquor companies’ competition for the market. As the superior production capacity of the liquor industry continues to gather in advantageous production areas, whoever can take the lead in developing and building characteristic production areas and telling the story of liquor will undoubtedly take the lead in the new round of competition.As the leader in special flavor, one of the twelve major flavor types, the four special alcohols have a precise layout and make every effort to accelerate the construction of special flavor production areas in 2024.

Zhangshu, Jiangxi, is the birthplace of Site Liquor. It is also a “wine town” where wine-making culture has flourished since the Neolithic Age. At the National Liquor Standardization Committee in 2021, the vision of building the Zhangshu Liquor Producing Area into a characteristic Chinese fine wine production area was clarified. As Jiangxi’s “Provincial Liquor Leader”, Site has shouldered the mission of leading the development of the Zhangshu Liquor industry. , continue to upgrade and make efforts in product optimization, brand promotion, and market layout, and become the leader in the development of Jiangxi liquor industry.

Full coverage of product levels, brewing differentiated special flavors

Over the years, Site Wine has gained in-depth insight into market changes and consumer needs, flexibly adjusted product strategies, and established a complete and diversified product matrix. The large single product series, represented by Site Fifteen Years, Site Oriental Rhythm, and Site Ration Wine, cover the high, mid and low-end markets.In response to the high-end trend of the liquor market, Site also launched Tiangong 1988, Zodiac Commemorative Liquor, Xi Zang·Shi and other products with scarce and collectible attributes, all of which have received good market response.

In terms of product R&D and design, Site strives to promote the liquor culture with Jiangxi characteristics and gives the product a unique “spirit” and “shape”. The ancient brewing technique of “Qingjiang local roasting”, Ganpo rice, Ganjiang water source and other Jiangxi specialties have made the special fragrance of “pure and pure, endless aftertaste” famous all over the world; Jingdezhen ceramics, peony textures, zodiac totems and other traditional elements are The products are engraved with a deep imprint of national culture, making each bottle carry an outstanding oriental charm.

Increase brand building and promote Jiangxi liquor culture

In terms of brand building, Site Wine has also been maintaining a high-frequency attack status. It not only covers outdoor billboards, train stations, shopping malls and other places, but also cross-border cooperation with “Chef’s Glory” by landing on CCTV prime time , “Shining East”, “Round Table” and other popular cultural columns softly convey their own brand value. At the same time, it actively supports major projects such as the International Health Industry Conference, Nanchang International Dragon Boat Races, and the Poyang Lake Cycling Competition, to give the brand a higher voice.

Actively embracing traditional culture has always been the core of Site Liquor brand building, and it is also the bridge that brings us closer to consumers.For six consecutive years, every Spring Festival, Site Wine has held large-scale folklore and party activities in Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi Province, around the “Happy Chinese Year”. There are traditional dragon and lion dances, Spring Festival couplets, and modern song and dance performances. Through diverse activities Establishing an emotional connection with the public also creates a benign model for the brand to break through.

The innovative cultural activities have also become a carrier for Site Wine to promote the high-quality wine culture of Ganpo. At the end of last year, Site Wine launched a series of activities called the “Fifth Generation Site Fifteen Years of Tasting Garden Party” in Nanchang, Jiujiang, Shangrao and other places, inviting wine tasting experts and guest customers to experience traditional wines in poetic gardens. Entertainment projects, watching theatrical performances, and tasting fine wines not only promote differentiated products, but also further achieve a high-quality leap in the brand image.

Laying out the national market, both production and quality are at par with each other

In terms of market layout, Site Liquor is based in Jiangxi and faces the whole country. It is C-end oriented and has established a dual-line model in which national products and regional products coexist, realizing a channel management strategy that deeply flattens the domestic market. Not only has it been firmly established in the Jiangxi market for many years No. 1 in the liquor industry, its marketing network also covers 34 provinces, autonomous regions, and cities across the country. It has achieved annual sales of over 100 million in the markets of Guangdong, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu and other provinces.

With its high quality and profound connotation, Site Liquor has continued to enjoy a good reputation in the market and industry. It has won the “China Food Industry Association Science and Technology Award”, “Jiangxi Province Standard Innovation Contribution Award First Prize” and “ISGC2023 International Spirits Gold Award” and other awards, and won honorary titles such as “Chinese Time-honored Brand” and “Chinese Liquor Industry Power Craftsman”. The growth of brand reputation is obvious to all.

In terms of innovative production, Site Wine has established three major factories, Chengyanyuan, Zuoyanyuan and Geshan Brewing Base. The production capacity has exceeded 60,000 liters and the wine storage capacity has reached 110,000 liters. It is the largest special flavor in Jiangxi. Type liquor brewing area. The profound brand culture, unique special aroma craftsmanship and abundant production capacity have made Site Liquor enduring. Its star wine series products alone have exceeded 200 million bottles in sales, creating a market legend belonging to Jiangxi liquor.

In recent years, competition in the liquor market has been intensifying. If traditional liquor companies want to break out, they must take a long-term view. With products as the foundation and strategy as nourishment, in the Lunar Year of the Dragon that has just begun, Site Liquor continues to increase its efforts in the construction of production areas, and the towering tree of irrigated special-flavor liquor thrives.

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