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Leading the urban lifestyle to further advancement, Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui debuts at 12.30 to open up new business ideas

Leading the urban lifestyle to further advancement, Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui debuts at 12.30 to open up new business ideas

With the development of consumer trends and consumer demands, the commercial field has become more involved in consumers’ lives and feels the beauty of life with consumers on the basis of meeting consumer demands. In this way, the commercial field needs to provide consumers with more high-quality, fresh and interesting lifestyle content and become a proposer of new lifestyles.

  Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui is one of the representatives of the new lifestyle proposersexplaining that business is different from the traditional transactions between people and goods, goods and places, but lies in creating the value of lifestyle, deeply participating in the details of consumers’ lives, and creating a love for life with consumers.

On December 30, Xiqing Dayuehui officially opened.Customer flow exceeded 121,000 on the first day, sales exceeded 14.198 million yuan on the first day, cumulative new members exceeded 45,000, and members’ consumption accounted for 40%,Weibo city topic list/TikTok/WeChat/Xiaohongshu topic discussion soared and continued to dominate the list, the total exposure exceeded 83 millioncontinuously injecting fresh blood and vital content into consumers, the city, and the industry, a new lifestyle and attitude are taking root in the Zhongbei Town area of ​​Tianjin.

  80% of the first brands to enter the regionRefresh the “experience-focused” business matrix

Lifestyle is the sum of the life contents that people choose and arrange according to their own needs and preferences under certain social environment and historical conditions. It is not only the external manifestation of people’s values, ways of thinking, behavioral patterns and consumption habits, but also reflects the internal characteristics of people’s social status, cultural level and quality of life.

The shopping mall conveys a new lifestyle, and its main display surface comes from its business brand portfolio. The combination of business formats and the hierarchical tone of the brand often represent the positioning of the business. On the basis of inheriting the brand concept of Dayuehui, Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui absorbs and integrates the local culture and humanistic characteristics of Tianjin.With “Joyful Life and Love” as the slogan and “Gathering Quality Life” as the project positioning, we create a new lifestyle scene that resonates with quality families and young customers..

Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui understands the importance of brand portfolio in conveying new lifestyles, and its diverse and exquisite brand content will lead the improvement and renewal of regional lifestyles. Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui has differentiated the positioning of Hall A and Hall B from the three dimensions of lifestyle, spiritual appeal and fashion expression.Hall A is committed to creating a new trendy and fashionable landmark, while Hall B aims to be a one-stop leisure shopping gathering place that “focuses on the common growth of family members”jointly empower to build a regional quality life center, with an excellent business combination and richness,Comprehensively meet the needs of geographical customer groups, 200+ brands are brilliantly presented, 80% of the regions are the first to enter, and multiple business formats are deeply integrated.leading regional commercial upgrading.

  Hall A is mainly focused on fast fashion, boutique retail, youth social entertainment experience, and fashionable catering formats, gathering international high-quality products, trendy entertainment experiences, etc.In terms of selection of main stores, Hall A introducedQixian Supermarket, Muuka KTV, bringing more choices to regional customers in terms of life services and entertainment experience.In terms of retail formats, Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui has introducedUR, Sisyphus Bookstore, Charles&keith, UGG, NB1906, LEE, MLB, CHINISMand other fashion brands, driving up regional fashion consumption and renewing exquisite lifestyles. In terms of catering business,Russian Kitchen, Dajili·Chaoshan Beef Hotpot Kunji Buffet Barbecue, Yao·Qingcheng, Green Manor, Yuanmai HillHighly popular catering brands gather together to meet personalized, diversified and high-quality consumer needs.

  Hall B is positioned as a home life, sports flagship, children’s retail, education and entertainment experience business formats., combined with a special food district, to create a one-stop leisure shopping gathering place that “focuses on the common growth of family members” that brings together quality life, sports vitality, and family entertainment gatherings. Introduction to Hall BNIKE SPORT LARGE, adidas, LI-NING full category benchmark storeand other trendy sports brands, injecting new energy into fashionable life; introducingCartoonni Park, Wanda Cinema, Hani Deer Theme Park, Jungle Adventure Reptile Interactive Experience Centerand other brands, bringing more brand combinations and scene creation suitable for family customers, and improving the quality of family consumption.

With continuous evolution, the main business interface has become a display window of lifestyle, carrying the lifestyle that people love and yearn for. Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui, as one of the leaders, is committed to creating an interactive experience between brand formats and customer groups in the commercial space, forming a commercial field with a lifestyle atmosphere. With the empowerment of different formats and brands, Provide diverse consumers with different choices and experience different lifestyles, allowing more consumers to find their own desires.

  Empowerment by three major friendly conceptsDeep link to life scenes of all customer groups

As a “proposer of a new lifestyle”, Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui aims to build an ideal living state for consumers, in which they can relax their mind and feel the beauty of life, and provide consumers with Emotional value.

To this end, Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui innovatively proposes three friendly concepts: parent-child friendly, sports friendly, and pet friendly. Through the three friendly concepts, it creates life scenes for different customer groups and finds a more suitable lifestyle for consumers with different interests and hobbies. .

In terms of “parent-child friendliness”, Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui has further refined the experience of parent-child customers, created consumption scenarios around “parent-child companionship” and “family happiness”, and provided refined services for parent-child families.Lay out a rich and diverse parent-child business brand matrix, andThe entire second floor of Building B is turned into a children’s theme floorembarking on a wonderful journey about parent-child companionship, using cutting-edge companion education concepts to promote the upgrading of urban parent-child consumption patterns, and write a new life sample of family parent-child companionship.

The proposal of “sports-friendly” shows Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui’s in-depth insight into the young family customer base, and also advocates a healthy and sports lifestyle.Tianjin Xiqing DayuehuiIntroducing the brand “Hippo Sports Theme Park”, covering diverse and rich sports methods to meet consumers’ needs for diverse sports.In addition, in the future, Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui will alsoFocus on outdoor camping, cycling and other sports lifestylesproviding more convenient service facilities and tentacle-like social scenes for sports enthusiasts, and becoming a gathering place for regional customers to exercise and socialize.

In addition, Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui has also observed that more and more consumers have a demand and love for “pet companionship”. As the pet culture continues to be deeply rooted, more and more humanistic concepts are being introduced into life. “Pet companionship” has become an indispensable part of life.Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui is in the commercial areaProvide consumers with a safe and comfortable pet-walking environment, set up pet signs, set up pet-friendly service facilities, and create a resting and interactive area for petsetc., to establish emotional connection and value resonance with pet lovers, and continue to attract target customers.

Through the interpretation of the three friendly concepts, it is not difficult to find that Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui has always focused its business logic on the real needs of regional customer groups, and has been committed to creating a lifestyle that they love and pursue for regional customer groups. The interests and hobbies of different circles link consumers’ happiness and spiritual joy, deeply participating in the life scenes of different customer groups, and completing the interpretation of “enjoying life and gathering love”.

  Double space inside and outside plus codeCreate a habitat for spiritual enjoyment

A good lifestyle not only improves the quality of life and makes life scenes pleasant, but also brings spiritual enrichment and improves the quality of life. Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui is well versed in the plasticity of art and culture in new lifestyles, and in space scenes And in the creation of outdoor plazas, multiple humanistic and artistic elements are integrated to provide consumers with a spiritually satisfying scene.

In terms of creating the space inside the venue, Tianjin Xiqing DayuehuiFocus on creating a relaxed, casual and comfortable stylemainly in wood color and natural color, with large areas of green plants decorating the space and layoutWater curtain waterfall landscape, large sunken staircase leisure areaetc., to create a comfortable and authentic lifestyle.At the same time, Xiqing Dayuehui alsoCreated the first Grand Canal cultural-themed dining district in China – Restaurant Wharfintegrating the trinity economic model of “national trend, community, and experience”,Strive to be the first highland in Jincheng’s commercial & cultural tourism projects.

In the design of outdoor scenes, Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui createdBreeze Plaza and Xingzhou Art Sculpture are two major outdoor spaces..The Star Boat art sculpture combines the culture of the Tianjin Grand Canal and uses the language of design to concretely express the flowing water reflecting the nebula and the smooth sailing of the light boat like a boat. It combines movement and stillness, and creates new ideas.The homophonic pronunciation of “Xingzhou” gives the project the market vision of “happy sailing and prosperous business”, cleverly using artistic forms to show the cohesion of the project to gather momentum and attract traffic.breeze squareBreeze Plaza built with “wind movement” as the main elementplacing three large-scale artistic wind-driven devices, organically combining nature with technology, sculpture and landscape, using metal and breeze to create a smart small world, giving the square strong vitality, and building a dynamic space full of inspiration, fun and surprises .

In addition, there is a huge screen areaThe largest naked-eye 3D screen in North China with an area of ​​approximately 740 square meters, using cutting-edge trend design to form an urban highlight label full of personality and fashion, and using ultra-high-definition video technology to present a naked-eye 3D audio-visual feast to consumers. The most beautiful aerial theme corridor between Halls A and B empowers commercial space value through diversified innovative themes.

  Rich and diversified opening contentSample of jointly creating a better life in the region

During the opening period, Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui demonstrated its strong content operation capabilities, introduced high-quality resources into the commercial space, and used ingenious marketing activities to bring a lot of check-in content to consumers.

Performed at the outdoor Xingzhou Plaza of Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui Hall A“Oriental Wonderful Night Large Lantern Festival”among which the 7m-high giant dragon lantern installation shocked the world, showing the charm of the new national trend; the atrium on the B1 floor of Hall A exhibited an immersive story line creation“The Adventures of a Fat Dragon and a Fat Tiger” is the first exhibition in North China, the combination of the Year of the Dragon zodiac, trendy IP, and Chinese aesthetics, the five interactive experience stations carry Tianjin culture and bring new and interesting experiences.Beside this there is“Happy Street Fair – New Year Themed Market”, Furry Costume Random Dance, “Happiness Detective Bureau” 2024 Fulinmen New Year Immersive Script Killing Garden Party, COSTA Little Red Cup Travel Notesand other various activities.

While enjoying a good life, Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui also brings excessive discounts, including 2000 back for 1000 purchases, 200 back for 200 for heavy dining, value-for-money gold group purchases of 4600 for a group of 5000, digital group purchases of 880 for a group of 1000, and huge retail discounts Group purchases of 69 and 100, as well as food court surprise vouchers with 10 off for purchases over 25, etc. In addition, registered members can also enjoy many exclusive gifts. There is a crazy lottery for Huawei Mate 60Pro at the opening site, and the online lottery carousel has prepared tens of thousands of luxury gifts. Full of sincerity, there are also membership benefits such as double points, points for cash, and points redemption for gifts. You can enjoy free parking for three days before the opening, all-you-can-drink super privileges as low as buy one, get one free, and other opening privileges. Enjoy the wonderful lifestyle. In addition, you can also enjoy the full sincerity and surprises provided by Xiqing Dayuehui during its opening period, and enjoy the fun of shopping, fun and entertainment.

Whether it is scene creation, brand matrix or business concept, Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui has brought comprehensive quality improvement and innovation, renewed a beautiful and exquisite lifestyle, promoted urban regional consumption upgrade, and injected vitality and colorfulness into urban business.

Tianjin Xiqing Dayuehui’s innovative and unique business philosophy and business model will also provide domestic businesses with new ideas and new samples, bid farewell to the “copy and paste” building method, and push the expressiveness of physical businesses to a higher level, which is worthy of continued focus on.

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