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Leading the new trend of health, Gulingshen soaked wine injects vitality into the industry

Leading the new trend of health, Gulingshen soaked wine injects vitality into the industry

China’s health wine industry has been developing rapidly with an annual growth rate of 30% in recent years. Moreover, with the advent of the era of big health consumption, people’s demand for health consumption has become increasingly strong, and the ways of pursuing health have become more diverse.

In the ranks of health wines, the production process of Gulingshen soaking wine is slightly different from other health wines. This wine uses the unique material and structure of the pottery jar to have good oxidation and adsorption effects. The medicinal materials soaked in ceramic jars can extract the active ingredients of the medicinal materials without destroying the cellulose of the medicinal materials, ensuring the excellent taste of the wine while maximizing its nutritional value, making it a unique health wine.

Most of the health-preserving wines on the market use modern mechanical extraction processes, and their taste and nutritional value are different from soaking wine. In the long history, the traditional soaking process used in Gulingshen soaking wine can be traced back to In the Han Dynasty more than 2,300 years ago, corresponding records were recorded in the traditional Chinese medicine book “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica”. During the Song and Yuan Dynasties, medicated wine had developed into a health-preserving wine that could replenish and strengthen the body. Health-preserving wine was even more popular in the Ming and Qing dynasties. The historical development of soaking technology represents the vigorous development of China’s excellent traditional culture. Under the influence of traditional craftsmanship, Gulingshen soaking wine can be unique in the ranks of health wines.

Gulingshen soaking wine adheres to the brand concept of “making ingenious products with the spirit of craftsman”. During the brewing process, the traditional pottery vat soaking process is used to absorb the crystallization of ancient wisdom. Home-brewed pure rice wine is used as the base wine with nearly ten kinds of Chinese medicinal materials. A single medicine is used in a single vat and soaked for 360 days to fully integrate the essence of the medicinal materials into the wine. To present the original and pure brewing process.

Through the extreme requirements of the ceramic vat soaking process, Gulingshen soaking wine is given unique quality and taste, adding irreplaceable charm to the excellence and quality of the product. This adherence to tradition makes the wine and raw materials interact with each other. The effect is more pure and direct, showing the most authentic taste and aroma. Allowing consumers to experience the purest and highest quality taste enjoyment.

Time has always been the standard used to test sincerity. In the process of traditional soaking wine, Gulingshen has been insisting on making every bottle of soaking wine have a unique personality and mellow taste, giving people a pure and real enjoyment. , allowing people to feel settled and relaxed while savoring the aroma of wine, and providing consumers with more healthy choices.

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