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Leading the industry! Haier UK washing machine achieves TOP1 growth rate

Haier Smart Home, the number one overseas brand in the home appliance industry, has made great achievements in the European market. Not only has the market growth been the fastest for eight consecutive years, but in the UK, it has developed into a Chinese company with the highest share of major appliances in the local market. Data shows that from January to February, Haier ranked top 2 in UK washing machine market share and top 1 in growth rate.

Behind Haier UK’s leading position in the industry are its achievements in iteratively innovating smart life solutions and practicing ESG concepts. According to the latest news, in the shortlist announced by the British IER Awards, Haier, Candy, and Hoover, owned by Haier Smart Home, are all on the list, and have been shortlisted for the Best Intelligent Innovation Award, the Best Floor Care Award, and the Corporate Responsibility Award. , this is undoubtedly a full recognition of the strength of Haier’s British brand.

The IER Awards has been in existence for 33 years and is one of the largest and most influential events in the British electrical appliance retail industry. It is dedicated to recognizing retailers and manufacturers who have made outstanding contributions in the industry. The annual selection is conducted from multiple dimensions such as product innovation, industry training, advertising and marketing, and corporate performance. This is not the first time that Haier Smart Home has been shortlisted for the IER Award. In the 2023 annual selection, the Hoover wireless vacuum cleaner won the “Best Vacuum Cleaner” award. “.

The reason why Haier UK has been repeatedly recognized is due to its insistence on R&D and innovation centered on user needs. Since entering the local market, Haier Smart Home has launched a number of smart products in line with users’ energy conservation and environmental protection concepts. The Haier I-Pro Series 7 Plus tumble dryer, which was shortlisted for the Best Smart Innovation Award this time, has achieved A+++ level energy efficiency. The equipped heat pump technology can reduce energy consumption by up to 50%, and combined with I-Refresh technology can achieve better drying results in less time. The Candy RapidO dishwasher that was also shortlisted is also designed to meet users’ high-efficiency needs. It is equipped with a speed-driven inverter motor and has a large internal space. In addition to greatly improving cleaning efficiency, it can also meet the needs of oven trays, cutting boards, and salad bowls. and other cleaning needs of various kitchen utensils, making it easier for users.

Not only the innovative product functions, but also the smart life scenarios provided by Haier Smart Home are also important reasons for frequent recognition. Take the shortlisted tumble dryer as an example. In its smart clothing protection scenario, AI can automatically identify clothing type, fabric type and load size, thereby providing a more appropriate drying cycle. Users can receive it in time through hOn App The drying process reminder can also be controlled remotely, which greatly improves convenience.

While building a better life based on users, Haier UK is also constantly adhering to the construction of ESG field. Not only does it actively fulfill its corporate social responsibilities by supporting Sino-British cultural protection projects and cooperating with British children’s charity projects, Haier UK also practices the concept of green and low-carbon sustainable development and won the 2023 Earth Charter badge, which is why it was shortlisted Corporate Responsibility Award, Best Company Representative Award for a reason.

The rapid growth and recognition in market performance are not only the achievements of Haier UK’s brand creation, but also the harvest of Haier Smart Home’s global layout. Relying on iteratively upgraded smart life solutions and continuous construction in the ESG field, Haier Smart Home will go hand in hand in improving user experience and brand image, and continue to empower new leaders in globalization.

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