Leading the industry forward with a professional attitude, Wanhe Heating Furnace National Distributor Opening Conference ended successfully

Leading the industry forward with a professional attitude, Wanhe Heating Furnace National Distributor Opening Conference ended successfully

For heating furnace products, 2023 will be a year of more opportunities than challenges. The traditional heating market in the north is accompanied by the penetration of natural gas pipeline networks into the sinking market and the expansion of product replacement demand. The heating market in the south ushers in economic recovery after the epidemic. In parallel with the rigid demand for heating, it can be expected that the heating furnace market will have a good growth momentum. On February 28, in order to establish a new beginning for Wanhe heating stoves and do a good job in market expansion throughout the year, Wanhe Electric President Lai Yuwen and the company’s management team, and Wang Qi, director of the China Gas Heating Professional Committee who were invited to participate, and More than a hundred distributors of heating furnace products from all over the country gathered at the company headquarters to discuss market plans.

Wang Qi, director of the China Gas Heating Professional Committee, spoke at the meeting. He reviewed the changing trend of the heating furnace market in the past few years. Foreign brand heating furnaces have been intensively cultivated and their domestic market share is relatively stable. In 2023, with the end of the epidemic, the recovery of the economy, the easing of real estate policies, the increase in the proportion of natural gas consumption, and the replacement demand for product replacement, it is expected that the heating furnace market will improve, but the heating furnace market will also face fierce competition. , Including the impact of new categories such as heat pumps, the reshuffle of the industry will also lead to a further increase in brand concentration, all of which need to be paid attention to. For leading domestic brands such as Wanhe, the opportunity is greater than that of small and medium-sized brands. I also hope that Wanhe can lead domestic brands of heating furnaces to make a comeback.

Yuan Jinkui, research and development of heating stove products, made a special report on the theme of “The Future of Heating Stoves”. Judgment and practice, Wanhe will continue to strengthen its product capabilities and stabilize the position of the domestic heating stove head brand with its deep market foundation and technology accumulation in the heating stove field. At the same time, Wanhe will also continue to invest in intelligent According to the development trend of modernized and healthy products, with continuous technological innovation, various products that meet the needs of consumers are launched to provide food and grass for the market expansion of heating stoves. Chen Shaochun, product planning manager of heating furnaces, introduced the planning of the heating furnace product line in 2023. Whether it is ultra-thin products, high-power, large-sized products, or fully pre-mixed products with a thermal efficiency of 108%, Wanhe We have made sufficient preparations.

Gao Haisheng, the heating stove marketing center, analyzed the current situation and overall trend of the heating stove market, and clearly believes that 2023 will be an opportunity for the rise of domestic brands. Wanhe has entered the heating furnace field since 1999. After 24 years of deep cultivation, it has achieved the advantages of the leading brand in the industry. In terms of products, it has strong product quality and manufacturing capabilities; Layout; from the perspective of the sales team, a professional sales and after-sales team has been built. A clear and stable product line, high-density market penetration and customer base, and a strong sales and service system give Wanhe a solid foundation to lead the industry forward. In 2023, Wanhe will drive the market with product power, and innovate the marketing model, based on offline, and use the Internet as a means to connect users to promote in-depth distribution. In addition, Gao Haisheng also gave a detailed explanation on product marketing strategy, product delivery policy, channel construction, and brand promotion support, encouraging all marketing personnel and dealers to work together and work hard, and finally handed in a beautiful answer sheet .

Deng Siping, the customer service center, gave a detailed explanation around the heating furnace service policy. In 2023, the company will build a good service system and create Wanhe good service “1234567”: one concept, 2 major standards, 3 major systems, 4 Process, 5 major features, 6 major experiences, and 7-centered service; implement multi-form parallel after-sales service network layout, establish a new training system, create a professional service support team, establish product life cycle service management, etc., to serve heating furnace users in an all-round way Together with dealers all over the country, we will jointly promote the rapid growth of the heating stove market.

Lai Yuwen, President of Wanhe Electric, made a concluding speech. He expressed a warm welcome to the national distributors and marketing officers of heating furnaces to return to the headquarters for communication and exchanges. He hoped that through this meeting, there will be new opportunities and more reflection on what we have done. What did you do right? What did I do wrong? The times are changing very fast. Whether we will miss the next era of heating stoves is something that management and everyone in the value chain need to think about. In good times, there are companies that do poorly, and in bad times, there are companies that do well. 2023 is the 30th anniversary of Wanhe. Where did Wanhe come from, where is it now, and where will it go in the future? Therefore, we must first clarify our own positioning: Wanhe is to be the leader and leading brand in the global gas appliance industry, and we must set a clear-cut benchmark! We must focus on the main channel of gas appliances, and do a good job in a down-to-earth manner, and heating stoves are the highlight of gas appliances. We must have higher pursuit of products, set development goals, and make a three-year and five-year plan.

Regarding the heating stove business, Lai Yuwen clearly put forward three viewpoints. First of all, it is necessary to further increase investment in research and development and further build a research and development system. The industry has entered the “replacement era”, and it is necessary to seize the opportunity of product upgrading, to deeply understand and study the pain points of users, to continue to invest in technology and product research and development, to increase investment in basic research, and to improve product strength to stimulate competitiveness. There is no shortcut to improve product strength. Technological innovation is the only way to improve competitiveness. It is necessary to increase basic research and applied research through the dual research and development system of the Central Research Institute and the business department, and ensure continuous investment in core components and High quality production. Secondly, quality is Wanhe’s first strategy. We must unswervingly do a good job in quality, do a solid job in basic work, focus on product safety, reliability, energy saving, and user experience, and further create high-quality products. All-round investment in equipment, venues, and personnel. At the same time, rigid management must be achieved in management, the responsibility should be compacted to everyone, and quality problems should be vetoed by one vote. The third aspect is that the management needs to become anxious, and only when there is anxiety can there be motivation for change. In 2023, Wanhe will implement the direction of professionalization in operation and management, and achieve three sticks: adhere to common sense, that is, to return to the essence of operation and do the right thing; To do what you should do requires the courage to deny yourself, admit your shortcomings, and make improvements and corrections, and face the front line to find and solve problems; stick to simplicity, be pragmatic, and don’t engage in performances. The common denominator of great and successful companies is that they don’t play tricks. What they compete for is the forward-looking layout and the ability of the team to learn and grow continuously. If you dare to think and do it, you can’t do things step by step and stick to the old rules. Headquarters, sales regions, and distributors should perform their duties, clarify their own positioning, and plan and deploy around a common goal. I hope everyone will work together. Hard work is more important than any beautiful strategy and rhetoric.

At this opening meeting, a military order signing ceremony was also held. The person in charge of the national sales area of ​​the heating furnace signed a military order with Gao Haisheng, the general manager of the heating furnace marketing center, and representatives of dealers from all over the country, clarifying the sales tasks in 2023, and Made a firm commitment to the mission.

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