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Leading industrial construction with scientific and technological innovation, in-depth digital science “inheriting the law” to explore data visualization

Leading industrial construction with scientific and technological innovation, in-depth digital science “inheriting the law” to explore data visualization

To focus on innovation is to focus on development, and to pursue innovation is to seek for the future. Scientific and technological innovation is the core element of developing new productive forces and building a modern industrial system. Deepin Digital Group has always insisted on promoting industrial innovation through scientific and technological innovation, and constantly assists the creation of new industries, new models, and new momentum.

Technological innovation is the main engine of high-quality development. As my country enters a new stage of development, promoting industrial innovation with technological innovation is an inevitable choice for high-quality economic development. The “Chengfa” industry map of Deepin Digital Group seizes new opportunities in digitization, releases the value potential of data elements, consolidates the foundation of the digital economy, and promotes the development of social productivity and the reshaping of production relations.

There are breakthroughs in key innovations and impressive integration innovations. Seize the development of new opportunities, new technologies, and new changes. The “Chengfa” industry map leverages the three core capabilities of data source, data governance and data application, aiming to help solve information asymmetry and broken links caused by small, medium and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households due to small business scale and insufficient innovation. challenge. Use “maps” to determine industries, use “maps” to introduce industries, and use “maps” to promote industries. We will promote investment attraction through “chain strengthening” and “chain replenishment”, and at the same time help banks effectively identify effective customer groups in the supply chain. Improve the bank’s customer acquisition and risk control capabilities.

Leverage data effects and release new value. The “Inheritance of Law” industry map generates new services in different fields and different scenarios, releasing the value of data visualization. Promote data sharing through convenient and effective methods and strive to break “data silos”.

On the one hand, the “Chengfa” industry map helps companies draw accurate labels, generate industry chain maps, actively seize data opportunities, and help companies digitally transform and upgrade; on the other hand, it works with cooperative banks to jointly model based on macro industry maps and segmented scenario data. Innovate supply chain products, actively build a professional, innovative, and efficient open collaboration platform, optimize the supply chain structure, and provide users with a convenient, efficient, and friendly service experience.

Stone can be sharpened to turn dullness into sharpness. If you have a determined heart, the road will not be far. In the historical grand volume of technological innovation leading industrial construction, Deepin Digital Group has seized opportunities to make progress and establish itself amidst changing times and trends. The “inherited law” industrial map will also empower the construction of the data industry system with new quality productivity. , helping to open up new prospects for development and create new heights for the cause.

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