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Leading Fashion with Scientific and Technological Innovation “Fashion Rebirth? The Second Life of GORE-TEX Products” global tour exhibition landed in Shanghai

Leading Fashion with Scientific and Technological Innovation “Fashion Rebirth? The Second Life of GORE-TEX Products” global tour exhibition landed in Shanghai

On March 22, 2024, the GORE-TEX brand’s global tour exhibition with the theme of “Fashion Rebirth—The Second Life of GORE-TEX Products” landed in Shanghai, displaying many eye-catching fashion items. On display at this fashion feast are not only the topical recycled design artworks launched by the GORE-TEX brand during Paris Fashion Week, but also its representative products that combine functionality and high-end trend design in cooperation with high-end luxury brands, as well as a series of Popular items from high-end outdoor brands that combine cutting-edge technology and fashion trends. On the first day, many industry partners and trend ICONs gathered in the exhibition hall to take the lead in visiting the iconic fashion exhibits brought by the GORE-TEX brand and discuss hot topics in the industry and future development trends.

“Fashion Rebirth—The Second Life of GORE-TEX Products” displays many classic and popular shoes and clothing items on site

On the first day of the event, many fashion ICONs gathered at the event

  Break through professional outdoor and inject vitality into fashion with function

In the 1970s and 1980s, changes in weather and daily commuting patterns led people to expect a longer-lasting wearing experience. Therefore, the GORE-TEX brand combines high-performance fabrics with fashionable designs, and collaborates with many brands to launch popular classic items. The GORE-TEX brand has also become an iconic brand of comprehensive windproof, waterproof, and breathable functional fabrics, laying the foundation for the future. Laying the foundation for growth in the lifestyle and fashion industries.

In the 1980s, Sneaker (sneakers) brands began to pay attention to GORE-TEX technology. In 2007, Nike incorporated GORE-TEX technology into the first batch of shoe designs using a seamless connection system. Since 2015/2016, the GORE-TEX brand has successively cooperated with trendy brands such as Palace Skateboards and OFF WHITE to strengthen the product camp of casual clothing and shoes. The functionality of the GORE-TEX brand injects new vitality into fashion items.

(From left to right) Jordan x GORE-TEX joint jacket, PALACE Ultimo23 GORE-TEX Going Further Varsity wool baseball jacket, TNF WOOL BOA FIELD wool cardigan

Adidas TERREX x Stella McCartney joint HIKER GORE-TEX hiking shoes

MONCLER Trailgrip Grain x GORE-TEX Sneakers

NIKE AIR JORDAN 1 ELEMENT GORE-TEX basketball casual shoes (left)

Clarks x End GORE-TEX hiking shoes (right)

After accumulating sufficient reputation in the fashion field, the GORE-TEX brand began to enter the T-stage show that is the global fashion industry’s trend vane – Paris Fashion Week. It continuously launched global theme events during Paris Fashion Week and triggered new trends based on current technology and fashion trends. Speculations and thoughts on future fashion industry trends. In January 2024, the GORE-TEX brand will make another appearance at Paris Fashion Week with the theme of “From the past to the future – the rebirth of GORE-TEX products”, exhibiting in collaboration with Toronto-based creative agency Better Gift Shop and Tokyo embroidery creative studio AOI Industry collaborated with 20 GORE-TEX hard-shell jackets that were transformed into wearable works of art, attracting attention from the fields of fashion and art, and sparking discussions around fashion and sustainable development.

GORE-TEX Brand Exhibits GORE-TEX Hard Shell Jackets Transformed into Wearable Art

Seeking innovation in technology and continuing to think and explore in the industry have attracted more and more brands to seek cooperation with the GORE-TEX brand. In addition to considering the market recognition of the GORE-TEX brand, fashion brands have also recognized that its windproof, waterproof, and breathable functionality gives the product the advantage of being worn in multiple scenes. This advantage brings an extension of the wearer’s freedom of dressing. , making a single item suitable for covering multiple scenes such as life, work, outdoor and so on, truly developing fashion into a way of life. In addition, fashion brands are also focusing on GORE-TEX’s rich technical fabric solutions, which can bring blessings to designers, which not only meet the needs of functional protection of products, but also do not worry about sacrificing functionality and materials. Design expression helps fashion brands bring design products with greater space to the market.

  From Paris to Shanghai,GORE-TEXThe brand’s “fashion rebirth”

The theme of this tour is “Fashion Rebirth – The Second Life of GORE-TEX Products”, which is intended to express the GORE-TEX brand’s attitude towards the compatibility of fashion and sustainability – extending the service life of products while giving them fashionable designs. The product has a secondary artistic attribute that transcends practicality, thereby causing the fashion industry to discuss fashion and sustainability. Regarding the theme and grand exhibition of GORE-TEX brand this time, Terry, co-founder of DOE, commented: “As a practitioner in the fashion industry, my understanding of environmental protection is to let everyone buy good things. Good things refer to things that are durable and durable. Full-featured shoes and clothing that can be worn for a long time and on many occasions, rather than clothes with a low unit price and discarded after a few wears. GORE-TEX is an environmentally friendly and fashionable brand that I understand. It is in terms of technology, environmental protection and sustainability. It is at the forefront of the fashion industry.”

During the on-site communication session, three keynote speakers shared their views on “Fashion Rebirth—The Second Life of GORE-TEX Products”

In addition to exhibiting joint creations with overseas creative agencies, the GORE-TEX brand has long been cooperating with many high-end fashion brands to explore designs, and its own brand elements have become popular trend symbols. You can see the representative works jointly launched by the GORE-TEX brand and high-end luxury and leisure brands such as Jordan, Acronym, Adidas Original, Clarks, CONVERSE, ECCO, Moncler, Nanamica, Palace, thisisneverthat, Timberland, UGG, Y-3, etc., from From timeless classics that have dominated the fashion charts for many years to today’s niche designs that are making waves. For example, the Moncler Trailgrip Grain sneakers are full of adventurous expressions, and the addition of GORE-TEX technology makes them waterproof and breathable; Yohji Yamamoto’s GORE-TEX women’s down jacket is equipped with GORE-TEX fabric technology, and its cool and simple shell is also windproof. Warmth properties; the Jordan and GORE-TEX joint jacket is spliced ​​with pictures of multiple famous dunk scenes in Michael Jordan’s basketball career, and combined with GORE-TEX waterproof, windproof, and breathable fabrics, which has both commemorative significance and protective performance.

MONCLER Trailgrip Grain x GORE-TEX sneakers (left)

Jordan x GORE-TEX joint jacket (right)

Y-3 Yohji Yamamoto GORE-TEX women’s down jacket

AIGLE French workwear style GORE-TEX 3L suit (left), PRADA x GORE-TEX windbreaker (right)

MONCLER Menger GORE-TEX parka (left), OFF-WHITE x GORE-TEX joint fashion suit (right)

Products jointly exhibited with the GORE-TEX brand also include but are not limited to: Bosideng, DESCENTE, ECCO, KOLON SPORT, KAILAS, and Nike , Peak Performance, Salomon, The North Face, etc.

ECCO GORE-TEX GRUUV smart women’s shoes-China exclusive (left)

Salomon x The Broken Arm joint X-Alpages GORE-TEX hiking shoes (right)

Salomon ODYSSEY ELMT MID GORE-TEX mid-top sneakers (left)

REEBOK Zig Kinetica II Edge GORE-TEX High Top (right)

  Fashion and sustainability are compatible, leading the fashion trend

With the strengthening of people’s environmental awareness, the trend of consumers considering environmental sustainability when making consumption behaviors has become increasingly obvious, and this trend is also increasingly evident in the fashion industry. As a symbol of personal life attitude and taste, functional fabric clothing not only needs fashion attributes, but sustainability is also the hottest focus in the fashion field. Prior to the sustainable consumption trend, the GORE-TEX brand has been practicing sustainable development since the 1980s and has been at the forefront of this trend change. In recent years, the GORE-TEX brand has developed an innovative film that does not contain PFC (perfluorochemicals). It is light, thin, and strong. It combines the outer textile fabric with the inner textile fabric to form a durable windproof and waterproof film. , breathable composite functional fabrics, effectively improving the durability of end products, providing consumers with lasting protection, while reducing the impact of the product’s entire life cycle on the environment. At present, GORE-TEX brand innovative films have been used in new products of many brands and have received positive feedback from many partners and consumers.

When fashionable lifestyles are gradually combined with environmental protection, chasing trends is no longer achieved through rapid iteration of new products. GORE-TEX explained in this themed exhibition how to make classics never go out of style, through products that are windproof, waterproof, The combination of breathability and creativity breaks through the greatest value that fashion can create. The GORE-TEX brand will continue to break through the boundaries of technology and fashion in the future, and work with partners from high-end luxury brands to popular fashion brands to provide consumers with footwear and apparel products that combine functional protection, comfort and fashionable design, allowing consumers to While showing your personality and taste, you can get more reliable protection and a more comfortable experience.

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