Leader projector H1 debuts at AWE: battery can last 2 hours of viewing


“Pleasure of oneself” style camping has become the pursuit of young people of Generation Z. On weekends, friends go out camping. After eating and drinking, they want to enjoy classic movies with friends under the beautiful starry sky, but the screen of mobile phone and tablet is too small; self-driving trip with friends , after having fun playing, you want to enjoy watching dramas, but your back hurts even though you sit and watch mobile phones… How to get a portable movie-watching experience that is not bound by the scene?

On March 14, the 2024 China Home Appliances and Consumer Expo (AWE) was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Leader, a young consumer electronics brand under Haier Smart Home, released its official Chinese brand name – “Your”, which was exhibited on-site. Leader Portable Smart Projector H1 has a compact and portable design. It is the first magnetic folding head. It can be used for camping and home, and it can produce high-definition results wherever it is projected. It also has a long battery life, allowing smooth and continuous viewing for 2 hours, and two-way charging. The design allows users to completely say goodbye to battery anxiety, and is expected to become a portable projector that young people can own.

  You can cast it anywhere: it’s compact and high-definition, and it’s great for camping and home use.

The “exquisite camping trend” blew up at AWE2024: Leader TV created an exclusive camping experience space with tents, canopies, tables, chairs, and projectors, unlocking the most exquisite camping method for young people: while enjoying the outdoor scenery, Wouldn’t it be great to watch a favorite movie or TV series?

As we all know, traditional projectors are large in size. Once installed, they are difficult to “shift” and are inconvenient to carry. The battery life is poor and the power will be exhausted after a short time. Moreover, some projectors cannot see the picture clearly under strong light during the day and at night. Details are blurred, colors are off, and it hurts your eyes to watch for a long time.

The Leader portable smart projector H1 perfectly solves the above pain points. It is thin and compact in appearance, making it easy to carry around with you. It is also the first magnetic folding head, allowing you to cast wherever you want, with flexible usage scenarios. At the same time, the built-in battery has a strong battery life and supports reverse charging for emergency charging of mobile phones, allowing users to say goodbye to battery anxiety. In addition, the Leader portable smart projector H1 also has the German Rheinland low blue light eye protection certification, which effectively filters harmful blue light, prevents fatigue for a long time, and protects the eyes.

In order to solve the problem of image quality adjustment of traditional projectors, the Leader portable smart projector H1 has an auto-focus function. There is no need to bother adjusting the image clarity. It will be clear wherever you project it. Whether you are projecting to watch movies or watching singing and singing variety shows, you can get excellent results. experience. At the same time, there are also practical functions such as automatic screen entry and intelligent obstacle avoidance. You can cast wherever you want, and cast as conveniently as you want.

  No matter how you cast, it’s fast: fast screencasting, fast running, and fast networking.

Ordinary projectors are limited by memory. Not only do they load slowly when multiple systems are used, the screen casts are stuck, the sound and picture are out of sync, the projector signal is weak, the connection is unstable, and external devices keep disconnecting. However, the Leader portable smart projector H1 is equipped with a large memory, which can easily accommodate a variety of applications. The overall system runs smoothly, and there is no lag when switching between applications or videos. At the same time, it supports NFC one-touch screencasting, and there are no ads when casting the screen, meeting diversified usage scenarios, such as watching movies and dramas, karaoke, voice conferencing, and office work, unlocking various ways to play on the big screen.

For ordinary projectors, the Bluetooth link is stuck and the response is slow. The Leader portable smart projector H1 has fast networking and fast transmission. Users can enjoy a high-speed and stable network connection anytime, anywhere, screen casting without lag, and games can be played quickly. rise. At the same time, it connects and controls the whole family with one screen. Using the projector, you can connect to more than 9,000 network devices under Haier Smart Home. You only need to wake up with a word to control the projection operation with voice, without the need for a controller, which is very convenient.

Faced with the Generation Z who seek innovation and change and refuse to be defined, Leader TV has always paid attention to the pop culture and circle culture of young people, understood and met the needs of young people, constantly broke product boundaries, and conducted in-depth research to bring more diversity products to unlock the “trendy, fun and innovative” lifestyle with young people.


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