Lazada’s International Women’s Day Special: Zheng Qiuxuan’s road to female e-commerce entrepreneurship | Business News

Lazada’s International Women’s Day Special: Zheng Qiuxuan’s road to female e-commerce entrepreneurship | Business News


Every International Women’s Day, stories about women breaking barriers and making significant strides in their fields are essential. Despite the challenges faced by women around the world in pursuing their dreams and ambitions, platforms like Lazada have become catalysts for change, providing women with equal opportunities to showcase their talents and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, Lazada presents a series of photo collections, introducing six successful businesswomen from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, through the inspiring backgrounds and unique stories of female entrepreneurs. , exemplifying determination and innovation and inspiring other potential female entrepreneurs.

Among them, the story of Zheng Qiuxuan, a young entrepreneur full of resilience, determination and the power of dreams, has become one of the highlights. Qiu Xuan’s mental journey shows the theme of “inspiring inclusiveness” and embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that is not bound by age and gender.

An inspiring journey

When Qiu Xuan was 16 years old, she and her brother co-founded a company calledKOMIC’s Lazada online store, which started her entrepreneurial journey. Their entrepreneurial brand focuses on cartoon character merchandise licensed from local and international brands. Driven by her father’s unremitting professionalism and the desire to reduce his father’s financial burden, Qiu Xuan devoted herself to the active and ever-changing field of e-commerce.

Qiu Xuan soon grasped the complexities of running an online business and was able to promote KOMIC’s rapid development. From its humble beginnings run by Qiu Xuan and her brothers, it now has a team of 15 employees spread across its headquarters, two warehouses and a Disney pop-up store in Penang.Qiu Xuan copes with it freelyThe ability to challenge and seize opportunities has propelled KOMIC to new heights, cementing her reputation as an outstanding entrepreneur.

However, Qiu Xuan’s journey does not stop there. She constantly understands shopping trends and adopts new shopping tools, making good use of the Lazada platform’s Business Advisor and Store Builder tools to optimize KOMIC’s operations. In addition, she also cleverly uses the online-to-offline model to better understand customers’ preferences and shopping habits, which is the icing on the cake for her business.

Prospective to the future

Looking to the future, she still believes that every woman should have the opportunity to grow and express herself. Her motto is “Make your dreams come true.” Qiu Xuan encourages every woman to have great ambitions and pursue proud achievements.

“With the equal resources, opportunities, and support systems we have today, women can grow and achieve everything they want. I hope every woman can look boldly and aim high,”

Lazada is committed to becoming an important platform for women around the world to help them achieve financial independence and pursue their dreams in the e-commerce field.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Zheng Qiuxuan’s story serves as a beacon of hope for all women who aspire to be self-reliant, reminding us that with passion, persistence, and strong support, women can overcome adversity, live good lives, and achieve their goals. .

Lazada e-commerce platform

Help entrepreneurs achieve network and career growth

Antoinette Wong | The Little Dröm Store | Singapore

“Parenting is challenging because children are born without instructions! Once they become mothers, women can easily lose themselves. Lazada is a platform that allows parents with young children to maintain their interests without the burden of running a physical store.”

Pornpavee Darnmingyen | Merge | Thailand

“Gender undoubtedly affects the attitudes and judgments of some people in society, and this is something we have no control over. All we can do is keep going and do what we believe is right. I see a future where female entrepreneurs have the support to support them community, breaking down the barriers that limit women. It’s not just business success, we can be a bright light in society because we deserve to be who we want to be.”

Nguyen Hoai Nhi | Decosa Homedecor | Vietnam

“I used to worry that my future would be negatively affected if I didn’t follow society’s measure of success, which is to have a ‘proper career.’ But now my mind has changed and I’m no longer afraid because I realize When I make up my mind, I can do anything. Lazada helps female sellers like me achieve store growth beyond their dreams, especially its strong seller community, which taught me that I always need friends in business.”

Vanda Monica | mancing_stellaproductsofficial | Indonesia

“Being a female entrepreneur is not easy; balancing the demands of work and family requires resilience. Despite the challenges I faced, I stayed motivated. From selling bags on Lazada to selling fishing gear, I learned that resilience can turn dreams into become a reality. I hope to inspire others to take on challenges and pursue their passions with determination.”

Arianne Amante | Clocheflame | Philippines

“I’m happy to live in this era where women are shaping the future. I’ve also met other female sellers at Lazada and I love the unique bond we have because really, we shouldn’t be competing. Help others selflessly and don’t be afraid Ask for help. When we are kind to others and ourselves, that is our moment of beauty.”


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