Lady skin care products choose La Prairie Super Essence to bring the skin to appreciate the beauty of harmony

The original high-grade natural face comes from the young and firm skin state. La Prairie, a lady’s skin care brand, is committed to exploring endless and long-lasting beauty, using technology to empower luxurious and natural caviar elements, and newly launched Caviar Super Essence, which uses a unique microfluidic technology formula to bring skin a taste of harmonious beauty.

Art meets science

The beauty of harmony: Inherent in nature, it comes from the symbiosis of elements, each of which is integrated and natural. Throughout the ages, artists have tirelessly pursued harmony, hoping to achieve a dynamic balance, a harmonious whole rather than sticking to the details. Although there are many people who pursue harmony, there are very few people who are really good at it. The Bauhaus style is one of the best, well versed in the mystery of the beauty of harmony.

Inspired by the Bauhaus style, La Prairie strives to master the beauty of youthful harmony in the skin – a harmony that is fleeting. In the end, La Prairie focused on the scientific pursuit of regaining youth and uniformity, and made a breakthrough with the vertical pillar of the skin as the core. This is an unresolved issue in the field of skin care, as it relates to the fundamentals of achieving skin harmony.

Innovation breaks through vertical pillars

In 2023, La Prairie launched an innovative breakthrough, focusing on the vertical dimension of the skin instead of focusing on the horizontal elements of the skin.

The skin structure is composed of several horizontal and vertical elements, the vertical pillars being crucial for the stability of the skin.

The vertical pillars give the skin structure indispensable stability, making the skin firm on the muscle base, but it will gradually weaken with the passage of time, the skin will be affected by gravity as a whole, the face will start to relax, the firmness will decrease, and the contour will no longer Clear, deep wrinkles are accelerated.

Because of the essential importance of the vertical pillars, La Prairie scientists have collaborated with the Swiss Bioanalytical Laboratory to develop a ground-breaking test protocol to identify and quantify the components of the vertical pillars of the skin. The results of the research clearly show that the aging phenomenon of the skin is improved, the skin structure is denser, and the signs of aging seem to be reversed.

Caviar Technology’s Dimensional Improvement

On the basis of the vertical pillar, La Prairie combines a variety of unique caviar ingredients, combined with unique high-efficiency active ingredients and skin care effects, which help to significantly strengthen skin functions and reshape strong skin. Zoran Caviar Compound Essence was born: 35 years of caviar technology, everything is under control.

Caviar Super Lifting Essence*, which is full of sublime caviar complex essence, gives the skin an unprecedented lifting and firming effect. The unique microfluidic technology formula allows the microcapsule particles contained in Caviar Super Essence* to melt on the skin. The ingenious texture instantly melts into a light and translucent essence, which is silky on the skin and tightens the skin to the touch. After using it consistently for a period of time, the facial contours can be retracement, the skin will be plump again, and the lines will be smoothed and rejuvenated. The youthful and harmonious beauty of the skin is under control.

After cleansing and toning, start the Caviar Skincare Ritual. After Caviar Firming Serum, apply Caviar Super Lifting Serum*. One dropper is an appropriate amount, place in palm and spread. To complete this skincare ritual, pair with Anti-Gravity Serum** and Caviar Luxurious Plumping Cream or Caviar Luxurious Light Cream for extra firmness and firmness.

Form and function in Bauhaus style

The minimalist cylindrical bottle of Caviar Super Essence* and its inner dropper-shaped design are inspired by the Bauhaus art school, achieving a dynamic balance of form and function. The microfluidic essence formula is hidden deep in the cobalt blue bottle, which is upgraded to a harmonious and even beauty with unique charm.

The consistent concept of the Bauhaus style and the resonance of different fields have always been the source of inspiration for the La Prairie brand. Even though the Bauhaus-style artistic expression and educational paradigm are at the forefront of the times, the brilliance of Bauhaus women is inevitably concealed under the prestige of men. Fearless against all odds, the women of the Bauhaus still achieved great things.

In order to pay tribute to their spirit, heritage and achievements in different fields, La Prairie created the brand’s own team of Bauhaus female artists to reinterpret their unique creative pursuit of harmonious beauty. Their works reflect each artist’s personalized interpretation of the theme of harmony in a diverse media environment, and express their respect for Bauhaus women by exploring ways to control the beauty of harmony.

On the road of anti-aging skin care, youth and firmness depend on their own abilities. La Prairie Caviar Essence is selected for skin care products for noble ladies, using natural elements and cutting-edge technology to restore the harmonious and youthful beauty of women.

*It is the nickname of La Prairie Caviar Essence Sculpting Essence Liquid. Super-Scale only represents the brand’s pursuit of the concept of product improvement, and has nothing to do with product efficacy.

* *It is the nickname of La Prairie Caviar Essence Qionggui Firming Face Liquid. Anti-gravity only represents the pursuit of the brand concept and has nothing to do with product efficacy.

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