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Kuaishou Zhang Lu: Increased support for high-quality creators and new generation content, and is expected to invest 400 billion in traffic

Kuaishou Zhang Lu: Increased support for high-quality creators and new generation content, and is expected to invest 400 billion in traffic

On August 10, the 2023 Kuaishou Guanghe Creators Conference was held in Shanghai. With the theme of “Love, Gain More”, the conference deeply interpreted the growth of Kuaishou creators and the trend of content ecology, and released a creator service strategy to fully empower creators to grow and monetize. Zhang Lu, head of operation management and analysis of the Kuaishou main site, said at the conference that in the next year, Kuaishou will target more than 7 million high-quality creators and invest more than 400 billion traffic support. .

Figure: Zhang Lu, head of operation management and analysis of Kuaishou main station

  Creators love creation and create a more authentic and vital content community

More and more creators are actively creating and operating in Kuaishou. In the past year, the number of published works by creators has increased by 14.8%, the number of active authors has increased by 11.0%, and the number of active authors has increased by 31% compared with the same period last year. In 2023, it will be 12 consecutive years Monthly continuous authorship reached 32.78 million, an increase of 18% over the same period last year.

Behind the real and dynamic community atmosphere, Kuaishou continues to increase creators with traffic and services. In the past year, in Kuaishou, more than 6 million creators have received 380 billion traffic support, and the cumulative number of fans has increased by more than 27 billion. In the process, more than 22 million creators have earned nearly 90 billion yuan in Kuaishou. In the past six months, the total revenue of Kuaishou creators has increased by 24% year-on-year, and creators with more than two sources of income on the platform have increased by 17% year-on-year. .

The creator’s love and continuous investment in creation make the Kuaishou content community more real and more dynamic. On the one hand, many creators are sharing their real lives in Kuaishou, such as “Li Wawa” who experiences diverse lives in a documentary way, and “Filial Police Art” records real arrest scenes; Content, such as “Hu Lili”, the first native 3D virtual anchor on the entire network, and “Chen Yina”, a beautiful girl who eats all convenience stores. Kuaishou also continues to create a fair and just ecological environment for creators, empower creators to continue to grow, and continue to enhance the trust between creators and the platform.

Zhang Lu said: “Creators are the core and most important asset of our entire ecology. The diverse ecology of the Kuaishou community has created a diverse symbiosis of users, industries, and content. We also hope that the Kuaishou creator ecology will be a positive cycle. Every creation of every creator will gain something, no matter what genre or identity, Kuaishou has its own growth path and unlimited possibilities.”

  The platform continues to increase, allowing every creator to make money and gain more

In order to give creators more deterministic growth, Kuaishou will not only invest more than 400 billion traffic support in the future, but also face the core pain points of creators, and continue to increase the two strategic directions of “more gains” and “more services”.

In terms of “more gains”, Kuaishou will provide platform creators with richer monetization methods. For all authors, Kuaishou will continue to simplify the threshold for monetization and launch a way to help creators realize HP, so that creators can focus on good creation and everyone can have income. The “Magnetic Wanhe” program launched in March this year has helped more than 100,000 creators earn income. The invited authors only need to authorize to place matching advertisements on their personal pages, and can earn income without additional shooting.

At the beginning of August, Kuaishou also launched an internal test of “commodity distribution”. The author authorizes to display intelligently matched products on his personal page, and he can receive distribution income. At the same time, the task center also continues to increase shooting tasks and optimize recommendation rules to help each creator find the most suitable monetization task. For high-quality potential creators, Kuaishou has fully upgraded the photosynthesis plan to provide more incentives.

Kuaishou will spend hundreds of millions of cash and nearly 100 billion in traffic to encourage high-quality content creators across the network to join Kuaishou for content creation, and provide exclusive growth channels for new creators to help them develop better on the platform in the long run. At the same time, Kuaishou has iteratively upgraded the incentive tasks of the photosynthesis plan, and launched more personalized incentive tasks for creators of different content verticals and different development stages of each content vertical on the platform, so as to help creators get more rewards with more precise incentives. Create more rewards.

In order to fully mobilize the roles of the upstream and downstream links of the market business ecology, Kuaishou also launched the “Torch Project” for MCN institutions, which will invest tens of millions of cash and hundreds of millions of traffic, build an institutional service provider system, and comprehensively upgrade the relationship between institutions and Juxing agents. The cooperation relationship, and create Kuaishou influential authors, so that more people can see more representative authors of Kuaishou, and help institutional creators to better realize their profits.

In terms of “more services”, Kuaishou has comprehensively upgraded the creator service system, and has tailored a series of creative tools for creators at different stages. For creative hotspots, Kuaishou launched Kuaishou Hotspot and event calendar, and will test the enterprise micro-service mini-program in September, allowing creators to get timely notifications and find creative inspiration more conveniently; for content distribution, Kuaishou will invest more in human resources, The number of original protected authors has increased by 33% compared with last year, and the pre-diagnosis assistant of works has opened to authors from only supporting one million fans to more than 100,000 fans, and the coverage has increased by more than 12 times, allowing more creators to enjoy high-quality services and create with peace of mind ; Kuaishou also launched “Let’s Chat! Creator Live Room”, “Creator Community”, etc., providing creators with a full range of communication positions. At the same time, Kuaishou launched a new growth rights system this year to escort creators at every stage of their growth.

For novice creators, Kuaishou will provide more teaching resources and tools to help them grow rapidly; for growing creators, Kuaishou will provide more efficient tools, more traffic blessings and monetization methods to help them explore their own Development path; for mature creators, Kuaishou will provide more personalized and exclusive services to help them obtain more lucrative returns. Zhang Lu said: “Under the collision of various background elements of the times, Kuaishou will continue to provide creators with more diverse opportunities, and provide creators with more certain policies and futures. Let all love can gain more. “

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