Korean reality show set off a craze for muscle exercises to challenge the pinnacle of physical fitness, don’t rush

Korean reality show set off a craze for muscle exercises to challenge the pinnacle of physical fitness, don’t rush

(Hong Kong News) “Peak of Physical Fitness: Challenge of 100 People” has become a hot topic. Competitions such as hanging the horizontal bar, one-on-one grabbing the ball, and pulling a 1.5-ton boat are exciting and exciting, and the physique of the players is also attracting attention.

100 big men and women with “hand melons tendon tendons”, you can tell that they have extraordinary muscle strength at a glance. In one level of the show, contestants are required to lift boulders, and the one who lasts the longest wins. Bodybuilder Jin Qiangmin is full of muscles, but he lost in the early stage, breaking the concept that many people think that muscularity must be the strongest, and even the strongest in all aspects of physical fitness.

Pan Zijun, Assistant Professor, Department of Health and Physical Education, The Education University of Hong Kong

Muscular circumference does not mean good physical fitness

“To improve muscle strength, the muscle circumference should not be too small,” said Pan Zijun, assistant professor of the Department of Health and Physical Education at the Education University of Hong Kong.

He explains how muscle is built before explaining what factors affect muscle strength. Every training is a damage to the muscles, bringing “benign tears” to the muscles, and then repairing the tears through adequate sleep and nutritional intake. After completing the entire repair process, the muscle fibers become larger, increase the muscle circumference, and increase the strength of each muscle contraction, that is, the more powerful it is.

“But just looking at the size of the muscles does not mean the best physical fitness and the greatest muscle strength, because the output of strength also depends on the control and coordination of the nervous system; for example, when moving a stone, the brain needs to send a signal to the hand muscles to exert force to move the stone. .”

He pointed out that whether the brain can recruit enough motor neurons to coordinate the contraction and exertion of hand muscles is more important (than the size of the muscle circumference).

“For some very strong players, if their muscle coordination is average and the nervous system cannot flexibly control muscle contraction, it is actually a waste of energy to use brute force alone, which prevents them from exerting force on some movements that require skill, thus slowing down their speed. Slow, not good for game performance.”

Bodybuilders are recognized as “big”. Their training pursues muscle circumference and pays attention to muscle lines. Their muscle quality is different from other similarly muscular people such as athletes and firefighters.

Physiotherapist Zhou Jinhao

Zhou Jinhao, Chief Physiotherapy Consultant and Registered Physiotherapist of Asian Sports and Fitness Therapy Center, explained that “force” is divided into 3 types, including strength, explosive force, and muscular endurance. Then there’s hypertrophy, which is mainly muscle size, which is what bodybuilding competitions need.”

The training frequency and weight of each training goal are different. Strength training is usually less frequency and high weight; muscle endurance training is more frequency and low weight; muscle hypertrophy training is in between. Therefore, “bodybuilders are not the biggest strength, but not just one or two heavy lifts.”

Muscle strength training – most people don’t need to train “explosive muscles”, but proper muscle strength training will help you cope with daily life, such as grocery shopping and rice shopping.

Competitions test different physical abilities

The muscles in the whole body may not be the strongest, and brute force is not invincible. “The name of the show is also thoughtful. It is called “Peak of Physical Fitness” and not “Peak of Strength.”

Zhou Jinhao said that each event tests different physical elements, including strength, endurance, agility, etc. Only by winning each level can he be regarded as an overall winner in physical fitness. The show claims to be created to explore the most perfect physique, is the physique of the final winner perfect?

Pan Zijun pointed out that for this competition, the champion (crossfit player Yu Qinrong) has a good physique, and crossfit emphasizes comprehensive ability. It can be seen that he is also very average in terms of strength, cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle endurance, and physical coordination. stand out.

But both Zhou Jinhao and Pan Zijun believe that there is no perfect physique, only an ideal physique, and everyone should train their physical fitness according to their personal needs and goals.

The general public strengthens their health and prevents diseases

Healthy physical fitness should be physical fitness, that is, “the body’s ability to adapt to the external environment and cope with daily activities.”

Zhou Jinhao explained that physical fitness can be divided into health-related physical fitness elements, namely cardiorespiratory endurance, body composition (fat percentage), flexibility, muscle strength and muscular endurance, and sports-related physical fitness elements, including agility, speed, balance , coordination, explosive power, and responsiveness.

Everyone’s daily activities are different, and the needs of adults, the elderly, and elite athletes are very different. “The ideal physical fitness is average in all aspects, but at the competitive level, average cannot help win, and there must be targeted training.”

For example, canoeists generally focus on upper body training, while the lower body is thinner; marathon runners focus on improving muscle endurance, rather than muscle strength and explosive power. As for the general public, they can adopt a golden mean, paying attention to whether the various elements of health and fitness are sufficient for daily life, strengthening the body and reducing diseases. For example, training muscle strength can help buy rice, and good flexibility can reduce the risk of sprains. If you have good stamina, you are not afraid to climb the stairs and get out of breath when escaping from a fire.

Unable to distinguish fat to muscle ratio BMI non-evaluation body shape index

BMI is often used to measure whether a person’s height and weight meet the standard. Asians are overweight if they exceed 22.9; but two people with the same weight of 200 pounds, one with a big belly and the other full of muscles, may have the same BMI!

“BMI does not distinguish the ratio of muscle to fat in body weight, so for athletes and bodybuilders, it may not be a good indicator to evaluate their body shape.”

Low body fat has health risks

Pan Zijun, Assistant Professor of the Department of Health and Physical Education at EdUHK, pointed out that body fat percentage and FFMI (fat-free mass index) are more suitable.

“Body fat percentage is the percentage of body fat weight in total body weight. The body fat percentage of adult men is between 10% and 20%, and that of women is between 20% and 30%. The body fat percentage of athletes is generally low, 5% for men. to 10%, women 15% to 20%.

It is not recommended for men and women to have a body fat percentage below 3% and 13%, respectively, as low body fat can pose a health risk.

As for the FFMI index, the average for men is 17 to 20, below 17 is lower than the average; for women, the average is 14 to 16, below 14 is lower than the average. “

He said that FFMI is mainly used to measure whether the muscle mass of bodybuilders has reached the natural limit. This indicator is more commonly used in Taiwan, and body fat percentage is more commonly used in Hong Kong.

Defeat 99 players——37-year-old crossfit player and former Korean snowboard representative Yu Qinrong (pictured on the right) defeated 99 players and won the Korean reality show “Physical Peak: Challenge of 100 People”.

Practice safe and effective tips Eat well, sleep well, and practice well

The reality show “Peak of Physical Fitness: Challenge of Hundred People” is very popular, triggering a fitness craze.

While everyone is paying attention to the players, some people try to challenge the competitions in the program, go to the park or fitness center to do pull-ups!

Qiu Yizhong, chairman of the preparatory committee and investigation team of Hong Kong Fitness Guide, said that winter to next spring has always been the off-season for the fitness industry, especially after the gradual relaxation of epidemic prevention measures, many people travel retaliatoryly, and their desire to exercise is almost zero; With the fitness craze, many men and women want to become as fit as the contestants. Will crazy gym exercises cause problems?

If you move too hastily, you may be injured

Physiotherapist Zhou Jinhao reminded that if you “fuck” too hastily, you will be easily injured. “In many cases in the past, in order to get fit during the summer vacation, many people were injured due to fitness in May and June every year, the most common being muscle strains and joint sprains.”

To train from a normal body shape to a muscular body, “it takes years as a unit, half a year at the fastest, and a year of training normally.” If you want to show off your muscles in summer, you need to start special training now! But to practice safely and effectively, the trick is to “eat well, sleep well, and practice well”, all three are indispensable.

Zhou Jinhao pointed out that the building material for “muscle building” is protein. The average adult needs to consume 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day, and those who build muscle need about 1.5 grams.

Training covers the whole body muscles

He said that training tears muscle fibers, and through adequate rest and proper nutritional intake, the body can repair muscle fibers and build muscle.

Pan Zijun, Assistant Professor of the Department of Health and Physical Education at EdUniversity, added that it is generally recommended to train the same muscle group at least 48 hours apart, so that the muscles have enough time to recover; Upper body, fuck lower body one day, then upper body.”

Zhou Jinhao reminded that muscle endurance training should be started at the beginning, and muscle strength should be trained after “awakening” the muscles. You must be clear about your fitness goals and physical condition, and choose appropriate training methods and equipment. Injuries are often caused by inappropriate equipment.

Pan Zijun noticed that some people only train their chest muscles and biceps, but not their back, in order to look good in photos. There is a situation of unbalanced training. “The human body is like building blocks. If there is a lack of certain parts, the skeleton of the whole person will not be stable enough and easy to be injured. , affect sports performance, so it is recommended that a good muscle training needs to cover the muscles of the whole body.”

Article Zhang Shumei, Li Xinmin “Ming Pao”

Self-check pulse rate at any time

Question 1: In addition to going to the hospital for an examination, is there any other way for ordinary people to check their heartbeat for abnormalities?

Answer 1: In addition to doing basic self-examination with nearby items, you can also use electronic medical devices such as smart watches, pulse oximeters, and blood pressure monitors to monitor your heart activity at any time.

There is another way to check whether the heartbeat is normal and feel the pulse beating. First, put your fingertips on the side of the wrist, which is half an inch above the wrist. Stretch your hand and feel the pulse.

We must do this pulse check frequently, and when you find something abnormal in your heart one day, you can seek medical treatment in time.

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