Kimberlite Diamond Annual Jewelry Awards, interpreting the beauty of nature and art!

Kimberlite Diamond Annual Jewelry Awards, interpreting the beauty of nature and art!

Since its establishment in 1995, diamond artist Kimberlite Diamond has been making continuous progress in various international design competitions, adding freshness to the brand’s product design. HRD AWARDS Design Competition, China Gold Jewelry Design Competition, China Hong Kong JMA International Jewelry Design Competition, “Tiangong Refined” International Jewelry Works Grand Prix…Kimberlite Diamond focuses the design of collection-level high-end jewelry on all things in nature , historical treasures, folk boutiques, etc., as the performance theme of the design. Let each piece of vivid jewelry design work shine in international competitions.

Kimberlite Diamond High Jewelry series strives for perfection in form and aesthetics, and all high-end jewelry is a fusion of tradition and innovation. Kimberlite diamonds endow art with life, deduce eternal classics with extreme ingenuity, devote themselves to exquisite carvings, and crown diamonds.

  2015 Jewelry Awards

▲ “Past Fragments” Necklace

Won the 2015 Hong Kong JMA International Jewelry Design Competition: Open Group Champion

Blue and white porcelain, also known as white ground blue and white porcelain, often referred to as blue and white porcelain, is one of the mainstream varieties of Chinese porcelain and belongs to underglaze colored porcelain. Since its birth, blue and white has quickly become the overlord of Chinese porcelain, and no one can shake it for more than 700 years. The beauty of blue and white lies in tranquility, like a piece of beautiful jade, warm, elegant and clear. Using enamel technology and brilliant diamonds to restore the gorgeous and simple colors of blue and white porcelain, giving it life. Broken blue and white porcelain, crystal fragments, but record the elegancy of history, those fragments of porcelain engraved in the imprint of time, after a hundred years, shining with the light of the past.

  2016 Jewelry Awards

▲ “The best kindness is like water” earrings

Won the 2016 Hong Kong JMA International Jewelry Design Competition: Merit Award

The “Tao Te Ching” says: “The highest goodness is like water, and water is good for all things without competing.” It is as pure as water, as clear as water, as wise as ignorant as water, and as long-standing as water. The work creates a cheerful scene of fish swimming in the water, swimming in the water, with vivid shapes, presenting the freedom and vastness of the fish flying in the shallow bottom, and the tranquility of the years.

  2017 Jewelry Awards

▲ “Flourishing Age Neon Clothes” cloud shoulders

Won the 2nd “Tiangong Refined” International Jewelry Works Grand Prix Gem Setting Group: Best Ergonomics Award

Cloud shoulders, in the costume culture of the Han nationality, are a unique style of clothing, mostly made of colorful brocade embroidery, like clouds reflecting the sun after rain, and rainbows scattered in a clear sky, so it is called: cloud shoulders. The work takes cloud shoulders as the form of expression, replacing the golden yellow that represents the color of the emperor of the Chinese nation as the main color, reflecting the sparkle of diamonds, and using dragon and phoenix patterns as embroidery patterns, implying the prosperity of dragon and phoenix, creating a gorgeous neon dress like clouds and clouds , It’s like traveling through a thousand years, dreaming back to the prosperous age of China.

  2018 Jewelry Awards

▲ “Yidu Tiancheng” necklace

Won the China Jewelry Design and Production Competition: Annual Professional Design Award

The work is derived from the famous cursive work “Thousand Characters” written by Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty. The calligraphic works of wild cursive are extracted with deconstructive design techniques. This calligraphy adopts the artistic brushwork of wild cursive on the basis of the beauty of lines, and expresses the heroic temperament vividly and vividly. , There is a trend of “who can give me up”. The auspicious cloud pattern on the traditional rice paper is extracted as the background, highlighting the majestic, flowing clouds and flowing water.

  2019 Jewelry Awards

▲ “Dancing for the rest of my life” bracelet

Won the 2019 Hong Kong JMA International Jewelry Design Competition: Merit Award

The dragon fish has a majestic look, an elegant body, gleaming scales, and a regal swimming posture, much like the dragon in Chinese mythology. The work adopts the vivid shape of the fins and tail of the dragon fish, showing the natural and soft body of the dragon fish, and creating a happy scene of the fish swimming and dancing freely.

  2020 Jewelry Awards

▲ “Eye of Time” necklace

Won the Tiangong Refining International Fashion Jewelry Design Competition: First Prize in the Diamond Group

The total weight of the work is 584.54 grams, the pear-shaped main diamond is 51.71 carats, the color is D, and the clarity is FL. Create a luxurious necklace of dancing butterflies. The main diamond surrounded by two butterflies becomes more pure and bright, singing the swan song of Liang Zhu’s love. It took nearly half a year to build. The main diamond of this set is detachable and fits the wearable design, highlighting the aesthetics of the human body. The butterfly wings vibrate slightly, which is lively and interesting, and has a long charm.

  2021 Jewelry Awards

▲ “Whale Falling Star Sea” necklace

Won the 2021 Hong Kong JMA International Jewelry Design Competition: Merit Award

Born in the sea, returning to the sea, one whale descends and all things are born. A whale falling into the sea is a transformation and a new life. The work captures the magical moment of the whale falling, and ingeniously blends black cold enamel and diamonds to create vivid marine aquatic plants and lifelike swimming fish, perfectly showing the underwater world full of infinite vitality, and showing a gorgeous artistic beauty.

  2022 Jewelry Awards

▲ “Yushu Qiongzhi” shoulder ornament

Won the 2022 Hong Kong JMA International Jewelry Design Competition: Open Group Ⅱ – Champion and Best Craftsmanship Award

The work “Yushu Qiongzhi” is displayed in the form of shoulder ornaments, which is novel and interesting. It uses 18K rose gold to create a hollow lantern grass shape. The front of the leaves is inlaid with diamonds of different sizes, which are as crystal clear as ice and snow. The stark contrast of white shows the poetic beauty after the snow, full of vitality and the warmth of spring.

As time goes by, ingenuity remains unchanged. While deeply cultivating the treasures of Chinese culture, Kimberlite Diamond keeps up with the international fashion and carves diamond art with modern craftsmanship. The collision of ancient and modern times, the integration of China and foreign countries, creates high-end jewelry with great ornamental and humanistic value, endows diamonds with life and emotions, and achieves classic and eternal diamond art.

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