Kelon Air Energy’s full-scenario cooling and heating system solution makes its grand debut at the 2024 China Heat Pump Exhibition


On March 16, at the China Heat Pump Exhibition, the launch ceremony of Kelon’s air energy full-scenario cooling and heating system solution with the theme of “Seeing the Future Wisdom in the Scenario Era” was successfully held. Kelon Air Energy made a grand appearance with its three major solutions of Tianfluo, Tianfluo and Tianshui, as well as products such as air source heat pump hot air blower and air-cooled module cold water (heat pump) unit, bringing users a new way of comfortable home. Experience, leading air energy into the all-scenario era, and its strength interpreting the new stage of development of Kelon brand technology breaking through the circle and improving products.

  Empowered by technology, create full-scenario heating and cooling solutions with multiple products

On the day of the event, Wang Shui, deputy secretary-general of the Heat Pump Professional Committee of the China Energy Conservation Association, Zheng Xueli, general manager of the central air-conditioning marketing department of Qingdao Hisense Air-conditioning Marketing Co., Ltd., Cui Guanxiong, deputy general manager of the central air-conditioning marketing department of Qingdao Hisense Air-conditioning Marketing Co., Ltd., and heat pumps from Hisense Air-conditioning Company Product R&D expert Wu Lintao and other leaders, as well as participating experts, dealer representatives, and industry media gathered at the launch ceremony to witness this important moment.

As we all know, in recent years, the heating industry has developed very rapidly in our country. Among them, heat pump dual-generation, as an energy-saving and comfortable product, is sought after and favored by many users in the heating market and has maintained rapid growth for many years.

As a representative of a national brand, Kelon has always adhered to the development concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, continued to delve into the field of air energy, led product functions and technology iterations with R&D innovation, and met people’s needs for a healthy and comfortable home. Thanks to its strong technical strength and advanced production system, Kelon Air Energy has consolidated its hard core capabilities in the field of heat pumps, and with Tianfluididifluoride as the core, it has laid out Tianshui Dishui and Tianfluidi Water products, achieving the three goals. The comprehensive coverage of large products creates multi-field comfortable and smart scene solutions for users.

Zheng Xueli, general manager of the central air-conditioning marketing department of Qingdao Hisense Air Conditioning Marketing Co., Ltd., said, “From single product competition to user scenario application, from a single scenario to multi-scenario solutions, Kelon Air Energy’s pursuit and exploration at the product strength level have changed from We haven’t stopped yet. The series of technological innovations displayed by Kelon Air Energy at this exhibition are strong proof of our in-depth implementation of the scenario-based solution strategy.”

Kelon Air Energy has always insisted on starting from user needs, implementing new development concepts, facing the entire industry chain, the entire value chain, and the entire technology chain. Through a series of solutions, it meets users’ demands for a beautiful and comfortable home life and promotes the heat pump industry. High-quality development. At this exhibition, Kelon Air Energy made a wonderful appearance with three major solutions: “Teflon Air Energy Series”, “Teflon Air Energy Series”, “Teflon Air Energy Series”, “Tianfluid Water… Longyao Second Generation” and “Tianshui Ground Water… Nuanyi Series”, which received widespread attention from the industry. .

  crowned with honor,Create new heights for the brand with strength

As the main product of Kelon Air Energy that is continuously upgraded in the energy-saving and environmentally friendly product line, Longyan Waterless Floor Heating adopts the form of two-supply form of fluorine and ground fluorine, one machine and two systems, integrating “warm feet and top” with a modern capillary bionic network system The traditional Chinese medicine wisdom of “cool” replaces the medium “water” for primary heating. It has high energy efficiency, fast heating, long life, and maintenance-free, bringing unprecedented comfort and warmth to users.

Longyao II Tianfluorine, ground and water dual supply combines the advantages of the fluorine system and the water system. In winter, the floor heating system dissipates heat evenly through the floor. The air conditioner can be turned on at the same time to achieve dual heating. The room heats up quickly and the temperature control is precise to avoid hot and cold. . At the same time, the unit uses a high-pressure ratio ultra-high frequency compressor, which exceeds the national first-class energy efficiency standard. It can operate in a wide temperature range of -20°C to 52°C, and can easily cope with extreme weather. In addition, the unit is equipped with multiple intelligent anti-freeze protections to ensure efficient, safe and reliable heating.

At this exhibition, Kelon Air Energy officially launched a new member of the heat pump product matrix – Nuanyi series integrated air source heat pump heater. This unit adopts an all-in-one design. The outdoor unit directly outputs hot water, simplifying household water supply. machine installation process. The unit supports a variety of terminal forms such as fan coils, radiators, and floor heating to meet diverse needs. It is equipped with high-quality components such as a high-efficiency DC variable frequency low-temperature air-supplementing and enthalpy-increasing compressor and a brushless DC motor. It combines multiple technologies with environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A, with an IPLV (H) as high as 3.58, and its heating energy efficiency far exceeds the national first-class standard. With its energy-saving, environmentally friendly, efficient, comfortable and intelligent features, the Nuanyi series brings a new experience to users and expands the application scenarios of Kelon air energy. With its excellent performance, the Nuanyi series has been highly favored since its launch, and won the “2024 HPE China Heat Pump Exhibition Household Heating Innovative Product Award” at this exhibition.

  Carry out practice and achieve great results, lead by innovation to release new vitality of the industry

As one of the core brands of Hisense Group, Kelon has experienced 40 years of technological development. With its profound technological heritage and global vision, Kelon continues to explore the endless possibilities of changing the future of the industry. In recent years, Kelon has continued to deepen its efforts in the field of air energy, and has made remarkable achievements in the new industry situation. This exhibition is not only a concentrated display of Kelon’s air energy full-scenario solutions, but also an opportunity for it to accurately focus on customer needs, and it is also a journey to break through in an involution environment.

Wu Lintao, a heat pump product R&D expert from Hisense Air Conditioning Company, also introduced the working principles and application scenarios of the three major solutions to the exhibitors in detail at the launch ceremony. “As an HVAC company that has been deeply involved in the heat pump field for many years, Kelon has a deep understanding of the needs of different scenarios. Continuously develops, innovates and upgrades, and has successively launched the Dragon Flame series, Long Yao second generation, and Nuanyi series. With stable hot and cold output, lower operating costs, comfortable user experience, and convenient installation and application, it has broken the limitations of traditional heating, covering Users have more usage scenarios to help them live a healthy and comfortable life.”

Wang Shui, deputy secretary-general of the Heat Pump Professional Committee of the China Energy Conservation Association, also expressed high recognition for the technology and quality of Kelon Air Energy’s products: “At a time when product homogeneity is serious and the market has fallen into involution, Kelon Air Energy relies on three major solutions The solution has achieved a “double breakthrough” in technology and market. While reshaping the air energy market structure, it has also won many praises from users and the industry. In the future, we also hope that Kelon Air can continue to exert technological innovation and progress in the industry The leading and exemplary role will bring greater development space and more possibilities to the industry.”

In the past, as a professional brand in the HVAC industry, Kelon Air Energy independently developed core technologies, constantly challenged technological boundaries, and led national brands to break through in the heat pump market. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the brand’s establishment, Kelon will continue to embark on a new journey with technological innovation. I believe that in the future, with the advent of more new technologies, new products, and new solutions, Kelon Air Energy will officially start the road to “surge” in a new era of all scenarios!


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