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Keeping trust and keeping promises, PICC goes hand in hand – PICC Life Insurance Tianjin Branch actively carries out “3.15” publicity activities

Keeping trust and keeping promises, PICC goes hand in hand – PICC Life Insurance Tianjin Branch actively carries out “3.15” publicity activities

Protecting consumer rights and interests is an important issue in serving people’s livelihood and well-being. On March 15, 2024, PICC Group officially released PICC’s consumer rights protection culture: “Keeping promises and keeping promises, PICC goes hand in hand.” PICC Life Insurance Tianjin Branch closely follows the pace of the group’s consumer protection culture release, is committed to providing safe, reliable, and comprehensive insurance protection and financial services to the general public, and uses practical actions to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

In order to continuously improve the level of consumer rights protection, lay a fair and just value foundation for the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers, build a harmonious and healthy financial consumption environment, popularize financial consumption knowledge, enhance consumer satisfaction, and strive to improve the financial literacy of the people, To boost financial consumer confidence, PICC Life Insurance Tianjin Branch has launched the “3·15” consumer rights protection education across the jurisdiction around “Financial consumer protection is around to protect rights and prevent risks” since March 11. promotional activity. Through various forms such as combining online and offline, we strive to create a good publicity atmosphere and social environment.

  Popularize consumer protection knowledge and strengthen awareness of financial risk prevention.During the 3.15 event, consumers were reminded to pay attention to their own rights and interests and safeguard their rights legally and reasonably around the theme of “Financial consumer protection is around to protect rights and prevent risks”. Participate in consumer protection smart quiz games such as “Integrity Management Knowledge Q&A” and “Consumer Protection Answer Questions to Increase Knowledge and Rights Protection, I’m the First to Protect My Rights” to drive consumers to actively understand their rights and interests and improve financial literacy through fun quizzes; carry out “Executive Consumer Talks” In the “Guarantee” activity, the company’s main person in charge and the leader in charge of consumer protection work took the lead in setting an example and taking the lead in publicizing policies, knowledge and services to help consumers learn, understand and use finance, and enhance consumers’ trust in the financial industry. Better protect your own rights and interests.

  Guide rational consumption and improve the diversified dispute resolution mechanism.Organize and carry out publicity activities for diversified dispute settlement, strengthen the publicity and popularization of diversified settlement of financial disputes, and enhance consumers’ awareness, participation and recognition of mediation work; publicize the “three appropriate” principles and work requirements, and strengthen business channel personnel “Appropriateness” work education; set up “3·15 Consumer Protection Express” guidance signs and information desks to receive inquiries and visiting consumers, answer consumer questions, listen to consumer opinions and suggestions, and improve service quality and efficiency.

  Adhere to honesty and trustworthiness and jointly build a harmonious financial consumption environment.Actively organize and carry out offline education and publicity activities, focus on carrying out education and publicity in rural areas, communities, campuses, enterprises and business districts, focusing on “one old, one young and one new”, carry out online and offline activities, and comprehensively improve Activity participation and number of contacts help improve consumers’ financial literacy.

  Continue to optimize services and build a harmonious and healthy consumption environment.Continue to promote the standardization of counter image, improve the construction of “consumer protection information disclosure area” and “financial consumer protection promotion area”, form a regular education and publicity base for counters, popularize financial and insurance knowledge to consumers, and enhance the risk prevention awareness of consumers and service experience at the terminal counter.

PICC Life Insurance Tianjin Branch will adhere to the consumer-centered approach, implement the corporate mission of “People’s Insurance Serves the People”, solidly promote the protection of financial consumer rights and interests, be close to consumer needs, popularize financial consumption knowledge, and continue to improve education and publicity Breadth and depth, promote the construction of an honest and fair consumption environment, boost financial consumption confidence, and stand firm for the people. We will fulfill the social responsibilities of financial state-owned enterprises, keep in mind the “greatest of the country”, implement eight strategic services in depth, give full play to the functions of economic shock absorbers and social stabilizers, and vigorously promote the protection of consumer rights and interests as a key part of promoting the company’s high-quality development. Contribute PICC strength to better serve the citizens of Tianjin.

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