Keeping promises and spreading sunshine Sunshine Life Insurance consumer rights protection work records

Keeping promises and spreading sunshine Sunshine Life Insurance consumer rights protection work records

In recent years, Sunshine Life has earnestly practiced the concept of “finance for the people”, deeply comprehended the political and people’s nature of financial work, attached great importance to the protection of consumer rights, focused on “one old, one young, one new”, and went deep into remote areas and ethnic minorities Regions, open up the “last mile” of financial publicity and education, and enhance people’s awareness of financial risk prevention through various forms of publicity and education activities with rich content.

  Help improve youth financial literacy

During the period of 3.15, the staff of Sunshine Life Hunan Branch went to Dalong School in Zhijiang Dong Autonomous County, Xiangnan, Hunan Province to conduct financial knowledge education and targeted assistance. More than 80% of the children in the school are left-behind children. This time, Sunshine Life not only sent school supplies to the children, but also brought financial knowledge.

“Zero threshold, no mortgage, no interest, specially designed for students, instant payment…” and other traps of “campus loan” and “telecom fraud” “tailor-made” for students make it very easy for students to trust. This activity raised the students’ awareness of financial security prevention through the sharing of actual cases. Let students establish a rational consumption concept and avoid the risk of blind consumption.

Sunshine Life Insurance Jiangxi Branch entered the site of the “Nanchang University 2023 Graduates Spring Comprehensive Double Selection Meeting” to carry out the “Financial Knowledge on Campus” activity, communicated face-to-face with students, and taught everyone common financial traps, preventing illegal fund-raising, and staying away from “Campus loan”, the origin and importance of insurance and other financial knowledge.

  Upholding the Educational Rights of People with Disabilities

People with disabilities are a special group of consumers. Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of people with disabilities and promoting consumption fairness are the key factors to boost the consumer confidence of people with disabilities. During the period of 3.15, Sunshine Life specially produced a sign language video on the eight rights of financial consumers, so that people with disabilities can also understand their own rights, and improve the ability of financial consumers to actively exercise and maintain their legal rights. At present, the video has been promoted on Sunshine’s own public platform and branch counters to increase the coverage of education and publicity for the disabled.

The Meizhou Central Branch of the Guangdong Branch carried out the love activity of “Caring for special children, warming the silent time”, and jointly entered the Meizhou special education school. In addition, through the online platform “Speaking of Risks with Cases” and “Risk Warning” articles, the understanding of financial risks by the disabled is enhanced. Sunshine Life will continue to focus on the disabled, innovate the form of publicity, play the role of social stabilizer, and convey the warmth of sunshine.

  Improving the service level of sunshine “suitable for aging”

Sunshine Life’s entire system provides financial knowledge education and publicity for “silver-haired” and disabled groups through various activities, focusing on investment in pensions, capital preservation and high interest rates, and telecommunications and network fraud. People’s awareness of risk prevention made the elderly deeply feel the care, attention and love of “Sunshine”, and the atmosphere at the event site was warm. Yuncheng Zhongzhi Branch of Shanxi Branch carried out outdoor publicity activities for the elderly to prevent telecom fraud; Tongchuan Zhongzhi Branch of Shanxi Branch went into nursing homes to carry out financial knowledge publicity activities of “Learning from Lei Feng to send care and improve financial service satisfaction”; Quzhou Zhongzhi Branch of Zhejiang Branch Hand in hand with Dongmen Community and Dongmen Police Station to jointly organize the 3.15 consumer protection publicity campaign.
Uncle Wang, who participated in the event, said: “Through participating in Sunshine’s activities, I have a better understanding of telecom fraud, and I will definitely improve my awareness of prevention in the future.”

“Old people are old, and people are old”. Branches went deep into communities and pension institutions, communicated closely with the elderly, patiently and meticulously explained the “Eight Rights and Interests of Financial Consumers” and “Tips to Prevent Elderly Fraud”, guiding the elderly Rationally choose financial products and services that suit you, and effectively improve the financial knowledge reserve and risk awareness of the elderly group.

  Protect the “pocket” of new citizens

In order to help new citizens better enhance their self-protection ability, Sunshine Life Insurance actively responded to the theme of “Building an honest consumption environment and boosting financial consumption confidence”, and went to business districts, express stations, property companies and other gathering places for new citizens, with the help of brochures , conduct financial publicity and education for new citizens through actual cases, reveal the fraud methods commonly used by lawbreakers for new citizens, popularize relevant financial knowledge, and strive to make new citizens understand, remember, and use them.

Relying on the “3.15” Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Week, Sunshine Life has combined online and offline methods such as “face-to-face executives” and “please come in and go out” to answer the people’s most concerned questions through multiple channels and methods. Regarding insurance issues, integrating the concept of honesty culture and consumer rights protection into the entire process of the company’s operations will continue to contribute to maintaining financial security and stability and creating a fair financial environment.

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