K11 Art Festival is back! Linked with Seven Cities “Art” Network, Tianjin K11 Select brings a new digital art exhibition “Virtual? Roaming”

K11 Art Festival is back! Linked with Seven Cities “Art” Network, Tianjin K11 Select brings a new digital art exhibition “Virtual? Roaming”

On March 31, 2023, the annual art and cultural event created by K11, the pioneer of “cultural commerce” – “K11 Art Festival” kicked off. This year’s art festival will join hands with international art resources to link Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Beijing, Shenyang and Tianjin to create a feast of cultural inspiration that spans thousands of years and thousands of miles. At the same time, K11 launched “One Ticket All Access” for the first time. Consumers can enjoy this artistic and creative journey across seven cities and across the country in one stop through the joint ticket of the art festival in the K11 GO applet.

  By “cultural business” pioneer K11An annual art and cultural event——K11Art Festival kicks off

As an important part of the K11 Art Festival, Tianjin K11 Select brings a new digital art exhibition “Virtual Roaming”. This experimental art exhibition gathered 8 young artists including Liu Jiayu, Ji Jun, Yang Yang, Chen Yu, Shen Bin, Yizi, Shi Yi, and Ouyang Yangyi to conduct a discussion on behavior and emotion between the virtual field and the real world Thinking. They brought a total of 48 pioneering works of art, and invited visitors to explore the integration of art and technology in the way of science and digital art. During the art festival, 48 pieces of works are distributed on dozens of screens in Tianjin K11 Select. We invite you to come to Tianjin K11 Select, stroll through all levels of space, find and discover flowing images in different spaces and intervals, and start an artistic journey!

Exhibition theme: Virtual Roaming

Time: March 31 – May 21, 2023

Venue: LED/LCD, Floor B1-L5, K11 Select, Tianjin

  A cultural feast across China and the West, an art journey through the millennium

During the K11 Art Festival, artist residency program, global graffiti and street art movement history exhibition, immersive digital Chinese craft “Black Paint and Gold”, Daniel Arsham X Pokémon China’s first exhibition, phenomenon-level artist Mr. Doodle “Graffiti “Pasta” will create a new experience of cultural consumption from an innovative perspective.

K11 MUSEA in Hong Kong presents China’s first exhibition on the history of the global graffiti and street art movement from the 1970s to the present – “City As Studio”. As a museum-level exhibition that is one of the highlights of this year’s K11 Art Festival, “City As Studio” is curated by Jeffrey Deitch, the father of graffiti and street art, presenting more than 100 works by more than 30 artists across generations, styles and styles. Regional works show the breadth and depth of graffiti and street art.

  China’s first retrospectiveHistory of the Global Graffiti and Street Art Movement – “City As Studio”

The first immersive digital craft culture exhibition in the Greater Bay Area was unveiled at K11 in Guangzhou: K11 Voyage de Savoir-Faire. The exhibition uses pioneering digital art and modern techniques to reinterpret the traditional Chinese craft “black lacquer and gold”, inviting the audience to experience A world journey of Chinese landscapes across time and space.

Wuhan K11, an international phenomenon and artist Mr. Doodle, created a unique, colorful and creative super graffiti world through 108 whimsical “graffiti pasta” paintings. At Shanghai K11, artist Daniel Arsham (Daniel Arsham) and Pokémon (Pokémon) China’s first exhibition – “Artifacts of Indigo Plateau Quartz Plateau Remains” is currently on display. Shenyang K11 joined hands with seven cutting-edge artists to create an immersive digital art exhibition “The Jungle in the Theater”, which divides the art space into seven theaters with a strong sense of scene, and the audience becomes theater characters to experience the infinite possibilities of digital art.

This year’s K11 Art Festival also breaks through the artistic boundaries between the real and digital worlds, launching a series of online projects. Consumers can not only use art festival joint tickets on the K11 GO applet to enjoy exhibitions and events in various cities with one ticket, and leave a check-in mark on the art map, but also participate in online cloud exploration exhibitions and art fairs through the “Douyin Art” platform. coffee, and participated in the Douyin Video Challenge of the City Exploration Exhibition.

  Joining hands with international contemporary art forces, Promote multicultural exchanges

K11 Group and the international contemporary art review magazine “ArtReview” announced a new cooperation to launch a one-year artist residency program in K11 Art Village. As an important part of the K11 Art Festival, this cooperation aims to establish a multicultural exchange platform for artistic talents from China and other countries and regions in the world, and to push China’s young creative forces to a broader stage.

  K11 and ArtReview Launch the Artist-in-Residence Program, Sending an Assembly Order to Creative People Around the World

K11 and “ArtReview” jointly issued an assembly order to creative people around the world. Participants, regardless of age, cultural background and occupation, can submit their names and work introductions by email; upload creative self-introduction and work videos on Douyin, and add the hashtag #K11Art Residence. Qualified works will be displayed online and voted by the public at K11GO. The final 20 invited artists will be shortlisted by the professional judges of K11 Art Foundation and “ArtReview”.

The residency program will provide the invited artists with a comprehensive studio and living space, as well as exchange and cooperation with the art community, and discuss the infinite possibilities of art integration into life with local art school students, artists and handicraft practitioners. In addition, K11 Art Village specially invites internationally renowned artist mentors to provide customized guidance. Works created by the artist during the residency will be exhibited through 2024.

  Tianjin K11 Select “Virtual Roaming” main exhibition works:

Liu Jiayu

“Empty Tranquility”

“Streaming Stillness”

Video works|4K quality

Full video of works invited to the 2022 Venice Biennale

Based on a large amount of real Chinese terrain data, the work uses double-layer machine deep learning and artificial intelligence to generate multiple sets of virtual three-dimensional dynamic graphics, and finally attaches artificial intelligence to the virtual field surface to study 10,000 Chinese ink paintings with the training results.

Drawing on the concept of “Yugong”? The earliest geography imagination and thinking about China, reshaping China’s landforms by using artificial intelligence to draw maps, and creating a new geographical origin for Chinese civilization in the new era.

This field, full of unknowns but extremely sensory real, is essentially virtual generation. It comes from the real world but does not exist in the real world. It exists outside of human experience, but it reaches the transcendental natural archetype. In this work, “virtuality” is no longer a pointless target, because it is close to reality and shakes the reality, thus providing the possibility to reveal the invisible “reality”, or it can be said to “know the reality and keep the emptiness”.

Chen Yu

“Future Archeology”



The work fictionalizes the current archaeological discoveries in the future, seeing the artifacts at the excavation site, guessing and misinterpreting modern objects, and the current people’s environment and social artifacts. After being discovered by future people, how will future people understand what we have today? Artifacts, what valuable things will our production and consumption retain for the future trajectory? A misunderstanding makes us reflect, which are more valuable things for the continuation of the spiritual world?

  aboutK11 group

Founded in 2008 by the famous entrepreneur Dr. Adrian Cheng (Adrian Cheng), K11 Group is committed to integrating culture and business, gathering the power to promote creativity, culture and innovation, and building a sustainable ecosystem covering all walks of life. K11 Group embodies the founder’s purpose of enriching the lives of the new generation of consumers, shaping a new international positioning for the Chinese millennials, and bringing more opportunities for development, communication, work and shopping.

K11 Group is rooted in Hong Kong, with business spread across Greater China and investment projects in Europe and America. By 2026, K11 Group will have a footprint in 10 cities in the Greater China region, with a total of 38 projects (with a total floor area of ​​2.8 million square meters). In addition to the flagship projects K11 MUSEA, 11 SKIES and K11 Shopping Art Center, K11 Group mainly operates commercial projects including K11 ATELIER, K11 ARTUS and K11 Select; cultural non-profit projects K11 Art Foundation and K11 Craft & Guild Foundation; and educational platforms K11 KULTURE ACADEMY and K11 Future Taskforce.

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