Juxing Industry leads the development and helps enterprises to go overseas more efficiently

Juxing Industry leads the development and helps enterprises to go overseas more efficiently

Nowadays, the traditional foreign trade model has changed, and the new foreign trade model represented by e-commerce has developed rapidly, making a significant contribution to the growth of China’s import and export trade volume. This new model and new format has promoted the rise and development of many micro-transnational enterprises.

On the one hand, the development of cross-border overseas enterprises is inseparable from national policy support. Since 2022, the global supply chain has been affected by factors such as the Ukrainian crisis and rising raw material prices, and its stability has been impacted. Under this influence, the state has issued various bonus policies to escort enterprises going overseas. For example, the “Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP)” promulgated by the country on January 1, 2022 will come into effect on that day, from reducing and eliminating tariff barriers, establishing flexible rules of origin (rules of origin of goods), and promoting electronic Promote regional digital trade in five aspects, including business development, multi-faceted improvement of trade facilitation level, and strengthening of emphasis on small and medium-sized enterprises and technical cooperation.

On the other hand, the development of cross-border sea-going service providers and cross-border sea-going service platforms has also promoted cross-border enterprises to go sea more efficiently. Among them, Juxing Industry is committed to providing global industrial overseas services for overseas enterprise practitioners, connecting service providers, factories and many sellers, helping to link the world to promote circulation, and realize global brand interconnection. Juxing Industry is also actively innovating, constantly improving its own services, and using the highest quality and most professional services to help Chinese companies go overseas overseas.

Over the years, Juxing Industry has been adhering to the mission of building brand clusters going overseas, and the vision of endorsement for Chinese manufacturing, practicing the value concept of long-termism and openness and inclusiveness, building a global interoperable service ecological environment for Chinese brands, and also for making Going to sea across borders is easier and more difficult.

As a company that serves cross-border seagoing, Juxing Industry is connected to factory manufacturing at one end and brand enterprises with cross-border seagoing needs at the other end. , Wal-Mart, Independent Station, TikTok and other platforms, reaching more than 30 countries and regions around the world through e-commerce channels.

Win-win cooperation, Juxing Industrial and enterprises work together to create corporate value, seize market share, help corporate brand incubation, and also help to successfully bring Made in China to overseas consumers, and establish a new image of Made in China. Today, it has built one of the top 100 brands in China’s cross-border overseas business, and has provided services to more than ten million users. It has also won the recognition of domestic manufacturers with its high-quality services.

In the future, Facing the domestic and foreign markets, Juxing Industry will also continue to optimize itself, improve its services, expand its business areas, continue to make efficient efforts in cross-border overseas services for enterprises, and help more enterprises complete cross-border overseas operations faster and better.


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