Juli Rural Revitalization Forum on Healthy Development of Oil Shad Bean Industry was held in Beijing

Juli Rural Revitalization Forum on Healthy Development of Oil Shad Bean Industry was held in Beijing

February 23, 2023, under the guidance of China Beijing Oriental Beautiful Village Development Foundation, organized by Youshadou Special Diet Food Technology Development Committee, Beautiful Village Group Holdings Co., Ltd. and Beijing Wujiu Daolao Holding Group Co., Ltd., Wujiu Road, Beijing Organized by Old Technology Co., Ltd., Hainan Minority Special Agricultural Products Trading Co., Ltd., Zhonghui Shunong (Hainan) Yousha Bean Industry Co., Ltd., Henan Kangman Industrial Co., Ltd., Guoteng (Qingdao) Securities Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., Beijing Yishan Tang Yaoshan Technology Development Co., Ltd. and other unit associations"Gather Rural Revitalization Forum on Healthy Development of Oil Shad Bean Industry"It was grandly held in Beijing Wanfangyuan International Hotel.

Lu Di, director of the China Beijing Oriental Beautiful Rural Development Foundation, delivered an opening speech for the forum. Praise the volunteer team of the Wujiudao Group for organizing charity purchases to help farmers, purchase and enrich the people, and walk out of a golden road for public welfare to promote the oil, sand and bean industry.

During the forum, for the development of the national aging cause, Beijing Wujiudaolao Holding Group and Beijing Oriental Beautiful Rural Development Foundation held a grand donation ceremony, donating the generous slow oil sand bean series products to community elderly care institutions and elderly groups, so that more Many elderly groups can eat healthy food to alleviate the occurrence of chronic diseases in the elderly group. Representatives of the government, enterprises, business associations and well-known experts gathered together, and the guests conducted forward-looking discussions on new approaches to the high-quality development of the oily bean industry and rural revitalization strategies.

Li Chunsheng, deputy director of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee of the National People’s Congress, elaborated on the significance of the development of the oily bean industry, the policy support for the oily bean industry, the extension of the entire industry chain of the oily bean industry, and brand building. He believes that the current development of the oily bean industry It has a good prospect and can be developed into a high-quality high-end industry. In this regard, he proposed to vigorously support industrial innovation and research and development, apply new technologies as an important support for industrial development; establish a green and high-quality industrial chain, value chain, and supply chain; use effective means such as big data, the Internet, and information technology to reduce planting costs. Improve the planting efficiency of the seed industry; pay attention to the construction of industrial carriers and platforms, focus on cultivating entrepreneurial platforms, create local excellent brands, and promote the development of industrial integration.

Yin Chengjie, the former executive vice minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, mentioned in the forum that the oily bean has been included in the 14th Five-Year Plan by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. The oily bean is a special, highly functional and high-quality crop. In 2022, the Health and Health Commission has issued an announcement to include the oil-sand bean as a new type of food raw material. The announcement of the Health and Health Commission also pointed out that the oil-sand bean belongs to the sedge family plant and is also a kind of annual herbaceous oil crop with both grain and oil. It is widely used at home and abroad. Planted, oily bean is rich in nutrients, rich in starch, protein and polyunsaturated fatty acids. The oily bean is unanimously considered by domestic experts as an important economic crop that integrates grain, oil, feed and energy, and has four highs, three new ones and two indisputable advantages.

Chen Ping, former deputy director of the Market Information Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, introduced that rural revitalization is an important task for the whole party and the whole country. Feed is an emerging economic crop, which is suitable for planting on marginal lands such as desertification and salinity. She said that the development of oilseed beans is an important way to solve our current shortage of oil and feed. Recently, our demand for soybean edible oil and protein feed is huge, and we are highly dependent on imports. Last year, the country’s soybean imports were 91.08 million mu. The volume is 96.52 million mu, and it is imperative for us to independently develop the oil industry. At the same time, the development of the oilseed bean industry is a specific action to implement the decision and deployment of the Party Central Committee. Last year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs took specific measures. The soybean oil crop reached 250 million mu, but it still cannot meet the domestic demand for edible oil. The oilseed bean does not occupy Farmland has the advantage of not competing with food for land, and planting a large number of oily beans can effectively alleviate the shortage of edible oil.

Yang Jiudong, director of the Economic Department of the Farmers Daily, explained how to tell five stories about Youshadou from the perspective of the news media. The product story of Yousedou, the fourth is to tell the ecological story of Yousedou, and the fifth is to tell the story of the rich people of Yousedou.

During the forum, we also listened to a report by Long Rongzhen, vice chairman of the SME Development Promotion Center, on the problems existing in the development of SMEs and related policy support.

Yu Zhigang, honorary director of China Beijing Oriental Beautiful Rural Development Foundation, introduced in detail the contribution that the foundation, as a national public welfare social organization, has made in implementing the three rural policies and serving rural development.

Xie Teng, chairman of Beautiful Village Group, made a speech on how to better understand public welfare and how to better do public welfare undertakings.

Yang Yunshan, doctor of Bethune International Peace Hospital, director of Fengtai Hospital, vice president of Fengtai District Tieying Hospital, secretary of Xiluoyuan Hospital, explained in detail the efficacy of oily bean. He emphasized from a medical point of view that long-term consumption of oily bean products can effectively reduce Incidence of chronic diseases.

Xie Shuming, chairman of Beijing Wujiudaolao Holding Group Co., Ltd., made a wonderful speech from the perspective of the oily bean industry. She said that the oily bean industry is no matter from the company level, the group level, or the social organization level. It is a great thing that benefits the country, the people, the people and the self. It must be vigorously developed. The Wujiudao old group should spare no effort to promote and expand the public welfare undertakings of Yousha Douyi Buying and Aiding Farmers.

Yu Mingyang, chief brand officer of Beijing Wujiudaolao Holding Group Co., Ltd., introduced in detail the development history of Wujiudaolao Group and the blueprint for the future planning of the oil and bean industry.

Han Mingming, president of Zhonghui Shunong (Hainan) Yousha Bean Industry Co., Ltd., gave a detailed explanation on the origin, industrial background, and industry status of Yousha Bean. It can build a comprehensive economic body with new characteristic industries dominated by the grain and oil safety strategic industry and the big health industry.

On the day of the meeting, a number of companies unveiled their plaques and signed contracts, adding new strength to the oil and bean industry. The guests at the meeting spoke freely and offered suggestions for the future of the Yousha bean industry.

The forum was successfully concluded in a peaceful atmosphere.

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