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Juduoduo 37 Quality Festival continues, the whole network is waiting for you to buy at low prices

Juduoduo 37 Quality Festival continues, the whole network is waiting for you to buy at low prices

Recently, Juduoduo’s “37 Quality Festival” is in full swing, and the event has now entered the second stage – “Brand Popularity Super SHOW”. During this period, the platform has collected all major brands and products that consumers are interested in, and continued its previous low-price strategy to help consumers easily enjoy a high-quality life.

It is reported that Juduoduo Mall created many highlights in this event and selected hot-selling items for platform users. A special reminder is that after entering the event area, don’t rush to place an order. You must get the coupon first and then shop, so that you can enjoy multiple discounts. After entering the special page, users can get a coupon pack with one click, including full-category coupons for 40 yuan off for purchases over 199 yuan, 60 yuan off for purchases over 999 yuan, 120 yuan off for purchases over 1999 yuan, 800 yuan off for purchases over 801 yuan, and 800 yuan off for purchases over 1001 yuan. Exclusive coupons for RMB 1,000 off and RMB 1,500 off for orders over RMB 1,501, which can be automatically deducted when placing an order if the corresponding amount is met.

“Big-name hot products at low prices all over the Internet” can be called the highlight of this event. This special area brings together the big-name products specially selected by the platform, which are not only popular in sales, but also extremely cost-effective. Take the extremely hot-selling iPhone 15 Pro Max mobile phone as an example. Its price is only 9,299 yuan, which is 300 yuan cheaper than other channels; the fourth-generation Apple iPad Pro has an immediate discount of 400 yuan when ordering, and it only costs 6,399 yuan. In addition, there are also affordable and practical products such as Huawei Mate 60 PRO, China Gold Investment Gold Bars, Sinopec Gas Cards, E-Cards, etc., hitting the lowest price on the entire network.

The “Brand Selection Big Brands Directly Dropped” section is an important area that reflects the sincerity of Juduoduo Mall. It is not only subdivided into three categories: “Tide Electronics has great ideas”, “Golden Favorite Gifts are coming” and “Show off your beautiful true colors” The large section makes it easy for consumers to choose their favorite products, and it has a large collection of big brands and rich categories, and all the products recommended are current hot products. For example, best-selling mobile phones and tablets from Apple, Huawei, and Xiaomi, exquisite bracelets and necklaces from Laomiao Gold and Zhongxin Jewelry, bags from Gucci, and skin care products from big-name brands such as Lancôme and Estee Lauder. Among them, the post-coupon price of the Huawei Mate The final price is only 14,999 yuan, and the discount reaches 1,500 yuan.

Not only that, in this Juduoduo “37 Quality Festival” event, there is also a special area for “Super Brands’ Super Debut”, and it is divided into sections such as international big brands, emerging big brands, powerful big brands and domestic big brands, and each section is also based on Brands and product categories have been further subdivided to fully meet consumers’ shopping needs, making it so simple and affordable to create a high-quality life!

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