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“Joining the company and having fun together” CMB Night 2024 New Year Concert was successfully held

“Joining the company and having fun together” CMB Night 2024 New Year Concert was successfully held

The music is flying and the singing is stirring. In order to thank our customers and friends for their support and trust, on the evening of January 3, 2024, China Merchants Bank Tianjin Branch and Tianjin Symphony Orchestra jointly held a shocking audio-visual feast at the Tianjin Grand Theater Concert Hall to play a new era for more than a thousand audiences. The opening chapter of the year.

The concert will be performed by Tianjin Symphony Orchestra Principal Lei Sheng, and the concert will be conducted by Dong Junjie, the director of the Tianjin Symphony Orchestra, a national first-level conductor and a famous conductor.

The concert featured a selection of classic operas, art songs, folk songs and symphonies from different periods and styles at home and abroad.

The concert kicked off with a cheerful and enthusiastic “Festival Overture”. Captain Dong Junjie’s conductor is precise, steady and full of passion. Under his leadership, the artists of the Tianjin Symphony Orchestra performed a happy scene of celebrating the festival with enthusiastic and vivid musical language and solemn and brilliant artistic image. .

“Yao Dance” has a strong sense of rhythm. This sense of rhythm is not only reflected in the overall layout of the music, but also in the details of the music. Every note is full of energy and enthusiasm.

Singers Liu Huihui, Li Wei, Li Youlin, Zhang Xiaochen, and Sun Jinhong jointly performed the female chorus “Send Me a Rose” and “Guest from afar, Please Stay”. Their beautiful and stunning costumes and well-designed stage movements brought the audience to the audience. The audience’s visual impact was impressed by their soft and beautiful tones, yet bright and crisp, and their full and delicate singing voices expressed the fiery emotions in the music, which made people intoxicated.

“Spring Ballet” dances ballet with singing, and the notes jump and rotate. Under the youthful atmosphere, the music unfolds in the dreamy manor, leading the audience into reverie. The song is based on folk songs, based on national aesthetic tastes, and uses poetic expression to compose gorgeous melodies, vividly expressing the vitality and joy of spring. Follow the singers and dance out the most sincere ballet this spring. “China in the Lights” sings the beauty of the Chinese mountains and rivers, and the song is full of true feelings. It presents in front of the audience a beautiful Chinese picture of thousands of lights, swaying light and shadow, and is filled with joy and happiness.

From excerpts from the romantic classic ballet “Swan Lake” to the majestic “Glory and Dreams”; from the energetic “Egyptian March” to the brisk and lively “Pizzicato Polka”, the entire concert has exciting repertoire. Later, the famous tenor Zhang Xiqiu brought the atmosphere to another climax with his song “Nessun Dorma”. In this sea of ​​enthusiasm, leader Dong Junjie finally led the orchestra to bring a medley of world famous classical music to the audience. The sonorous and powerful rhythm made the atmosphere boil again.

The concert was grand, star-studded, and climaxed one after another. The artists brought an excellent audio-visual experience with their full emotions and superb interpretations. The audience enjoyed a wonderful life together in the wonderful music. The music ended with endless thoughts and endless aftertaste.

Finally, 10 little angels presented flowers to the performers to congratulate the success of the performance and thank the artists for their wonderful performance.

The product display of China Merchants Bank outside the concert venue attracted many audiences to come forward for consultation or participate in the activities.

One yuan begins again, everything is renewed! China Merchants Bank Tianjin Branch will continue to accompany its customers and friends in the new year, thoroughly implement the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference, and always take it as its own responsibility to integrate into and serve the new development pattern of Tianjin, adhere to the original intention of serving the people in finance, and practice We will carry out the mission of serving the country through finance, do five major articles well, and strive to become the best value-creating bank driven by innovation, leading in model, and distinctive in characteristics. It will help the sustainable development of regional economy, serve the high-quality life of Tianjin citizens, and contribute to the comprehensive social construction of Tianjin. Contribute more to the modern socialist metropolis!

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