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Jinwan Plaza@you, this National Day Golden Week makes everyone envious!

Jinwan Plaza@you, this National Day Golden Week makes everyone envious!

In the golden autumn of October, the autumn wind has just swept away the lingering heat of summer, and October is coming to us with a rich atmosphere. Jinwan Plaza also welcomes the most beautiful time of the year. During the National Day period, a “Tianjin Hand-in-Hand Gift·Surprise in Jinwan” sponsored by Tianjin Urban Investment Group – “Tianjin Gift” Jinwan first themed cultural week event came with a wind of joy. I look forward to joining my friends. Let’s explore the cultural heritage of the city and experience an all-round sensory feast together, making ordinary life full of extraordinary surprises.

Here, a light show with “refreshing Tianjin color”, Tianjin gifts with “extending ancient charm”, colorful performances that “praise the motherland” and a happy market with “unlimited fun” are brought together, making the “beautiful bay” come to life on the banks of the Haihe River. Continuously, make “you who come for an appointment” different!

  Jincai’s rejuvenation bears witness to the trend

On November this year, the light show at Jinwan Plaza fully demonstrated the best appearance of the “city cover”. Starting from September 29, two light shows will be staged in Building 4 of Jinwan Plaza every night, lighting up the night sky with gorgeous lights as a tribute to the motherland. At the same time, it forms a “dream linkage” with the Jiefang Bridge on the other side. When night falls, light and shadow intersect, and Jinwan Plaza will stage a visual feast that connects history and modernity, and blends tradition and fashion!

On one side of the postal building, with the themes of “Magnificent Tianjin”, “Artistic Tianjin” and “Developing Tianjin”, a super large single light and shadow show in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region is created, creating a unique artistic atmosphere. Echoing the Jinwan Cruise Terminal, which was the first to be built in the “Grand Canal Haihe” project, it officially opens a new chapter for the Haihe River.

At the same time, Haihe Internet celebrity check-in new landmark “Haihe Duck” also appeared downstream of Jinwan Pier! For those of you who haven’t clocked in to take photos yet, don’t forget to make a stop at Jinwan Plaza during the remaining days of the National Day holiday.

  Exclusive commemorative “Tianjin gift” officially unveiled

On the afternoon of October 1, the launch ceremony of “Tianjin Gift” was successfully held at Jinwan Square, presenting Tianjin’s characteristic tourism and cultural gifts to the motherland.

From July to August this year, the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau launched the Tianjin Selection and “Tianjin Gift” selection activities for the Chinese Characteristics Tourism Product Competition. After more than a month of selection, 14 representative products of Tianjin were finally selected and unveiled at this event. In the future, “Tianjin Gift” will focus on resource integration to create a mature urban cultural and creative brand operation model, and continuously improve Tianjin’s city visibility and brand reputation.

As an important cultural and tourism landmark tourist destination carrying urban culture, Jinwan Plaza has officially introduced the “Tianjin Gift Direct Store” to the Jinwan Plaza business district. Every visitor to Jinwan Plaza can go to the “Tianjin Gifts Direct Sales Store” located on the first floor of Building 6, Jinwan, to choose his or her favorite “Tianjin gifts”. These gifts have distinctive Tianjin culture, region, and humanities. Features, and the creation of a new cultural and creative industry, it will definitely become your favorite surprise that you won’t be able to put down.

  A vivid interpretation of the grand chapter of the Chinese era

As “our festival, our tradition”, it is indispensable to promote Chinese culture. A performance with the theme of praising the motherland was staged on the banks of the Haihe River on October 1st. 74 drums and 74 bright red flags played a passionate opening; 56 ethnic song and dance performances showed the new look of the motherland in the new era; the Nankai University Alumni Association Choir, a chorus of 100 people, sang the gorgeous movement of the motherland’s birthday, and even “Only This” Popular programs such as “Green”, “Wish” and “Wanjiang” appeared on the National Day stage. At night, “My Motherland and Me” resounded along the riverside, and the audience sang together from the bottom of their hearts. Along with the dazzling light show performance at Jinwan Square, the unique charm of the beautiful bay was revealed.

Not only that, Jinwan Plaza has prepared multi-themed immersive performances and entertainment activities during the National Day, and there are also intangible cultural heritage performances that are brilliant, allowing you to get up close and personal with intangible cultural heritage and inherit the cultural charm. You can see the blend of tradition and modernity everywhere in Jinwan Plaza, the joint construction of the country and the city, the whole country celebrating together, and a prosperous life!

If you missed the previous program, don’t forget to take a look at the intangible cultural heritage on October 2 and the subsequent sports “skills” and youthful style.

  Famous cities of Tianjin, Macao and Taiwan gather to see the integration of vitality and culture

The compact city life is like a new life in the rare National Day holiday. Tianjin, Macao and Taiwan Famous City Gathering – the trendy market that understands you gathers here this National Day to make up for all the beauty you missed this summer with one click. city ​​culture! Gathering of big names! Food collection! The casual market that modern people are most interested in has new products in autumn.

Come to Jinwan Plaza and encounter all kinds of exquisite cultural creations, retro clothing and trendy goods out of curiosity. Each stall is like a blind box, hiding all kinds of interesting things in life that need to be discovered. It contains creative markets with the characteristics of three cities, allowing you to encounter precious and interesting people and stories.

From Macau beer, Dacheng Pork Chop Buns, and Macau Bottled Milk Tea, to Taiwanese flavors such as Tainan Winter Melon Tea, Shihlin Pan Steak, and Kezi Omelette, interspersed with tastings of Tianjin Steamed Buns and Old Northwest Corner’s fried cakes… There are a dazzling array of fancy stalls throughout Jinwan Plaza. Here, you can search for your favorite flavors on an adventure of taste buds.

With the endless exciting activities of the National Day Golden Week belonging to Jinwan Plaza, the excitement continues. Jinwan Plaza will taste the fun time of the Golden Week with you, and there will be more surprises in the future to invite you to share the happy holiday!

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