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Jinqia Fair, shipping show, auto show, beauty expo…another wave of exhibitions is coming

Jinqia Fair, shipping show, auto show, beauty expo…another wave of exhibitions is coming

  Tianjin Northern Network News:The exhibition industry is known as the “accelerator of urban construction”. It is an important part of the modern producer service industry and an important platform for building a modern market system and an open economic system. It is important for guiding industrial development, promoting the flow of production factors, and optimizing the market. Resource allocation, strengthening economic and technological exchanges and cooperation, and improving city visibility and competitiveness play an important role. In November 2023, the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) and Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center will hold a number of exhibition forum activities.

  2023 Tianjin International Shipping Industry Expo

Sponsored by the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Transportation Commission, Municipal Commerce Bureau, Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, Binhai New Area Government, Tianjin Port Group, China Navigation Society, China Shipowners Association, China Shipbuilding Industry Association, and China International Freight Forwarders Association, it focuses on shipping In the key areas of the port industry, 7 exhibition areas are set up, including international shipowners, offshore engineering equipment and ships, smart green ports, port machinery and equipment, shipping services, logistics equipment, and shipping life, and focus on inviting industry leaders, listed companies, and well-known enterprises in subdivisions. Exhibition.

Exhibition period: November 16th to 18th

  2023 China Tianjin Investment and Trade Fair and PECC Expo

It is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, Tianjin Municipal People’s Government, All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, and China Chamber of Commerce. With the theme of “Consumption helps build a new development pattern”, this year’s Tianjin Fair will carry out theme activities around the construction of a new domestic and international dual-circulation development pattern, the construction of an international consumption center city, the promotion of consumption and business investment and procurement, etc., combined with the Tianjin consumer market It holds a consumer goods exhibition with special features, and sets up exhibition areas for famous and high-quality products from various provinces and cities in China, exhibition areas for domestic large enterprises, exhibition areas for imported and exported goods, e-commerce exhibition areas, agricultural products exhibition areas, and Tianjin famous and high-quality consumer goods exhibition areas, etc., and strives to build the Tianjin Fair into a platform that promotes high-level opening up to the outside world. , a consumption sharing experience platform and communication and cooperation platform that smooths the domestic and international dual circulation, promotes consumption upgrades and consumption reshoring.

Exhibition period: November 23 to 26

  2023 Tianjin Meijiang Winter International Auto Show

Sponsored by Tianjin Xinze Exhibition Co., Ltd., it attracts investment from global high-quality automobile brands around new energy, sedans, SUVs, MPVs, sports cars, micro-surfaces and other models. It invites the latest models and automobile industry-related products to be exhibited, and will be on-site. Car-buying citizens strive for the most affordable prices and the best quality car-buying services.

Exhibition period: November 9th to 12th

 2023 North China (Tianjin) International Beauty Expo

Hosted by Tianjin Zhongzhan Meibo International Exhibition Co., Ltd., the exhibition will be high-end, high-quality, and high-quality, covering five major areas: professional beauty, daily chemicals, cosmetic plastic surgery, Taiwan and Korean pavilions, and professional manicure, eyelashes, tattoos, and embroidery. It is a leading beauty and cosmetics industry The best business platform for brand promotion.

Exhibition period: November 19th to 21st

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