Jingxiaoxin water purifier?? Realize the freedom of cool and white water


With the improvement of living standards, people’s requirements for household water are constantly increasing, and the demand for water purifiers has gradually extended from safety to multi-dimensional needs such as health, convenience, and speed. Through extensive surveys, we found that 95% of users still have to boil water before drinking after installing a water purifier in their homes. Even with the most sophisticated reverse osmosis filtration, most users are still not used to drinking it directly.

Chinese people have continued the habit of drinking cooked water for thousands of years. Now, is it possible to have a water purifier that can not only satisfy Chinese consumers’ habit of drinking cooked water, but also ensure the health and safety of water quality and realize diversified life scene applications?

Under such market demand, Jingxiaoxin cooked water cool and boil water purifiers came into being. Jingxiaoxin has developed a number of practical black-tech water purifiers to achieve the “freedom of boiling boiled water and boiling boiled water” for Chinese consumers.

  Brand new water purification black technology, purification, boiling and sterilization in one step

At present, the heating function of many water purifiers on the market only heats to a specified temperature and cannot meet drinking standards. It may also be mixed with raw water, causing secondary “pollution” of water and failing to meet consumers’ drinking needs. Jingxiaoxin water purifier follows the processes of purification – boiling – cooling – light sterilization – steam sterilization. The warm water flowing out through Jingxiaoxin water purifier is cooked water that has been fully boiled and sterilized, allowing countless consumers to use it. You can drink with confidence and protect the gastrointestinal health of the whole family. Whether the elderly, pregnant women or children can drink it directly.

In order to improve the efficiency of consumers’ daily water use, Jingxiaoxin has developed a patented heat exchange rapid cooling technology to realize the function of rapid cooling of boiled water, so that consumers can enjoy a cup of boiled water that has been cooled to a certain extent anytime and anywhere, making household drinking water more convenient. More convenient and smarter.

The pipes behind the RO membrane of general water purifiers are in contact with the air. Therefore, the filtered water will still be affected by the surrounding environment and breed bacteria. In order to solve this problem, Jingxiaoxin developed a three-stage sterilization technology and applied for a patent. The water filtered by the water purifier is boiled at 100°C, LED cold light source bacteriostatic, and pipe high-temperature steam sterilized to prevent drinking. Secondary pollution of water.

At present, Jingxiaoxin has been focusing on the water purification industry for 14 years. The company attaches great importance to the research, development and innovation of water purification technology, and has reached close cooperation with a number of scientific research institutions. It always pays attention to the new trends in industry science and technology, constantly introduces the old and brings out the new, and maintains the vitality of advancing with the times. . Jingxiaoxin takes it as its mission to allow more families to drink a glass of healthy water. In the future, it will continue to promote the high-quality and rapid development of the water purification industry, allowing Liangbaikai to freely enter thousands of households.


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