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Jincheng Bank’s registered users of small, medium and micro enterprises exceeded 2 million, ushering in a new milestone in the construction of digital banking

Jincheng Bank’s registered users of small, medium and micro enterprises exceeded 2 million, ushering in a new milestone in the construction of digital banking

Recently, reporters learned from Jincheng Bank that as of early December, the number of registered users of Jincheng Bank’s small, medium and micro enterprises exceeded 2 million, and Jincheng Bank had issued loans of more than 200 billion yuan to small, medium and micro enterprises. This is also a new milestone for Jincheng Bank in its digital banking journey.

Finance is an important part of the country’s core competitiveness. We must accelerate the construction of a financial power and promote the high-quality development of our country’s finance. As a digital bank, in recent years, Jincheng Bank has adhered to “digitally serving the real economy and the people” as its mission of the times and the foundation of the bank, and “online operations, digital services, and international exploration” as its differentiated positioning and With a distinctive approach to business operations, we continuously forge secure and hard-core digital technology capabilities as well as solid and robust digital risk control capabilities to provide safe, efficient and convenient digital financial services to small, medium and micro enterprises and consumers across the country, and outline a picture of A beautiful picture of digital services for the real economy, using practical actions to help build a financial power.


  Digital finance strengthens the foundation of the real economy

Tianjin Shenglong Fiber Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shenglong Fiber Company) was established in 2005. When it was first established, it was a traditional manufacturer of furniture products using coconut palm, mountain palm and other plant fibers. In the face of increasingly fierce industry competition, companies have taken the initiative to jump out of the predicament, continuously empower themselves, promote industrial upgrading, and turn their development perspective to the research and development of elastic inner bladders for automobile seats. While developing unique skills, they have also achieved the goal of becoming a passenger car seat. A transformational leap in the R&D and production of environmentally friendly materials for vehicles.

With its persistence in the environmental protection track, Shenglong Fiber Company has continued to increase investment in research and development. The technology has gradually matured and been implemented in the industry, and the company’s development has also entered the “fast lane.” In recent years, the company has carried out technical cooperation with German companies and established an R&D center in Germany. It has also built an academician workstation and a key laboratory for new special plant materials led by domestic industry experts. It has continuously optimized the production process and will serve as an automotive foaming company. Plant fibers, which can replace sponges, have been brought into the domestic passenger car market and now have more than 30 patents. At present, the company has developed a greener fourth-generation composite material seat liner, filling a gap in the domestic market. The company has also been successfully rated as a “Specialized, Specialized and New” enterprise in Tianjin.

“Because we are in the middle of the industrial chain, we often need to purchase raw materials for product production. Due to the problem of repayment period, the company needs to make periodic advances during production and operation. At this time, funds are most needed for emergency relief.” Shenglong Fiber Company Chairman and General Manager Wu Huawei said.

At this critical moment, Jincheng Bank’s digital financial services are within reach. As needed, Wu Huawei applied for Jincheng Bank’s “Jinqi Loan” product through his mobile phone. After uploading the required materials, it only took more than ten minutes to obtain a credit line of 2 million yuan, which can be recycled according to the funding gap. . In Wu Huawei’s view, the characteristics of “Jinqidai” that can be borrowed at any time and calculated interest on a daily basis make the company’s capital turnover more convenient and greatly facilitate the company’s production and operation activities.

“Small business” is related to “big people’s livelihood”. Nourished by the sun and rain, it is countless enterprises like Shenglong Fiber Company that support the “capillaries” in industrial development and form the foundation of the real economy.

The Central Financial Work Conference pointed out that more financial resources should be used to promote technological innovation, advanced manufacturing, green development and small, medium and micro enterprises, and focus on digital services for the real economy. Jincheng Bank has taken a very practical path. In June 2021, Jincheng Bank independently developed and launched the digital credit product “Jincheng Dai”, initially building solid core digital banking capabilities. Its features of all-online application, all-digital operations, and all-intelligent risk control have enabled it to In more than a year, it has quickly reached more than 2 million real small, medium and micro enterprises from scratch, of which manufacturing enterprises account for more than one-third. Among the enterprises served by Jincheng Bank, there are also many technology-based small, medium and micro enterprises and “specialized and innovative” enterprises with outstanding innovation capabilities and “killer” technologies. Taking the practice of inclusive finance as its own responsibility and continuously strengthening its digital service capabilities, Jincheng Bank has also customized and developed special products such as “Zhuan Xin Loan” and “Jinke Loan” based on the “Jinqi Dai” product to meet the needs of various enterprises. meet the differentiated needs of financial services and continuously improve the coverage, availability, convenience and satisfaction of financial services.

  Digital banks crack the “hardest mile” of financing

The Central Financial Work Conference pointed out that serving the real economy is the bounden duty of finance and the fundamental purpose of finance. For most small, medium and micro enterprises, a first bank loan is a very critical loan in the business development process. For enterprises without loan records, it is not easy to borrow the first money from the bank. The success of the first loan means that the probability of the enterprise obtaining subsequent loans is greatly increased. Therefore, the key to solving the financing difficulties of small, medium and micro enterprises lies in solving the “first loan difficulty”. Jincheng Bank closely links its own development with the growth of enterprises, continuously improves its financial service capabilities, increases support for first-time loan customers, and uses its strong digital capabilities to help enterprises clear the “hardest mile” of financing, demonstrating the distinctive background of digital banking.

Tianjin Guyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is an entrepreneurial company mainly engaged in the construction of transportation infrastructure projects. Its service targets are mainly governments and central enterprises. During this period, the company is promoting the renovation, repair and maintenance of municipal roads and bridges in many areas of Tianjin, as well as the upgrading and reconstruction of rural roads. The company’s business has entered a period of expansion, and business capital turnover has become tight. At this moment, Jincheng Bank took the initiative to call and sent a financial “timely rain”.

“Our company has never applied for a loan from a financial institution before. I heard that it is quite difficult for companies without loan records to get a loan. I tried it after receiving the call. Unexpectedly, after simply submitting the materials using my mobile phone, I got it very quickly. When it comes to credit, Jincheng Bank’s Jincheng Loan product is really convenient.” Chen Xiaowei, the person in charge of the company, said that with the credit line, the company will be more confident in its development, and the company will continue to expand the scope of projects and strive to double sales revenue. Target.

Like Guyuan Construction, the first loan experience of Tianjin Xinying Technology Co., Ltd., which was registered less than 2 years ago, was not as difficult as imagined. “We are often out of town and have no way to go to bank branches to complete the procedures. A friend recommended us to use Jincheng Bank’s Jinqi Loan product. I filled in the information on my mobile phone and got the credit within a few minutes. It was very convenient. With this loan, the company’s Capital turnover will be more flexible and development will be more stable,” said Liu Yuxuan, the person in charge of the company.

In recent years, Jincheng Bank has taken digital services to small, medium and micro enterprises as its mission, attaches great importance to the effectiveness of financial services for “first-time loan customers”, combined with its own digital banking endowment capabilities, and continued to implement accurate quantitative assessments of the risks of small, medium and micro enterprises through digital technology means, consolidating the ” Willing to lend, dare to lend, able to lend, and capable of lending” ability. In terms of improving the efficiency of approval for “first-time loan customers”, Jincheng Bank actively opens up green service channels and gives priority to approval. In terms of products and services, Jincheng Bank has customized a preferential package of “enjoy 1/10,000th interest rate for 7 days” for “first-time loan borrowers”. At the same time, Jincheng Bank actively provides a package of comprehensive financial service solutions such as credit product policy consultation, and builds a “combination” of online and offline products to help first-time loan companies actively solve the pain point of “difficulty in first-time loans” and effectively expand the service coverage of first-time loan customers.

  Digital technology drives high-quality development

As the bloodline of modern economy, finance plays an important role in economic and social development and provides the source of high-quality development of our country’s economy. The Central Financial Work Conference pointed out that five major articles must be completed: “tech finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance, and digital finance.” In the many practices of the above-mentioned major articles, digital banking is an innovative form that promotes the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy and better supports high-quality economic development. It has become an important participant and driving force in the development of the real economy.

In August 2020, Jincheng Bank introduced 360 Company as the largest shareholder, focusing on serving the real economy, investing in “online operations and digital services” without any upper limit, attracting a group of top talents and teams in the industry, starting from the basic core From layer to application service layer, we have developed a digital technology chassis across the entire stack and chain, and forged secure and hard-core digital technology capabilities. At the same time, in the past three years, Jincheng Bank has responded to policy calls, followed the tide of economic and social development, independently built solid and robust digital risk control capabilities from scratch, and consolidated the core capabilities of digital banking.

Benefiting from the drive of digital technology, Jincheng Bank has not only achieved technological accumulation in the fields of artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing and big data, but also continues to use these digital and online methods to exert its capabilities and value in financial technology. , provide characteristic and differentiated high-quality financial services for enterprise development, better serve the real economy, and help the economy achieve high-quality development. In the future, Jincheng Bank will adhere to its original aspiration, continue to focus on the fields of technology finance, inclusive finance, and digital finance, give full play to the advantages of digital technology, give full play to its financial technology innovation capabilities, expand the breadth of financial cooperation, and deeply integrate financial services into corporate development to achieve We will serve the real economy well and continue to sail towards the goal of becoming the world’s leading digital bank.

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