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Jincheng Bank’s digital services to the real economy won international awards

Jincheng Bank’s digital services to the real economy won international awards

On September 13, the 2023 “Global Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises” was launched by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, and the Global SME Finance Forum, and supported by the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI). Finance Awards” was officially launched in Mumbai, India. At the forum, the finale of the Global SME Financial Awards, which global financial institutions have been competing for for half a year, was announced. Jincheng Bank won the “2023 SME Financier of the Year” by virtue of its digital risk control capabilities and digital services to the real economy. Year) Asia” Honorable Mention Award. Jincheng Bank has become the third digital bank in China to win this honor, following MYBank and WeBank.

2023 “Global Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise Financial Awards” release site

The “Global SME Finance Award” was created in 2018 by the SME Finance Forum and the G20 Global Inclusive Financial Partnership Organization. It aims to showcase and share good practices in the global small and medium-sized financial services field, promote exchanges, learn from each other and make progress together, thereby improving the global Financial services for SMEs. The awards are judged by experts from the World Bank and heads of multinational banks. From the numerous practical cases submitted by global financial institutions, the awards are based on “coverage”, “uniqueness and innovation”, “effectiveness and influence”, and “forward-looking”. and scalability”, and finally selected the Sustainable Bond of the Year, Product Innovation of the Year, and SME Financier of the Year. ) and Best Financier for Women Entrepreneurs. The selection lasted for half a year, and the results were announced at the Global Small and Medium Enterprises Finance Forum that year. It is currently one of the most authoritative financial industry selections in the world. Matthew Gamser, CEO of the Global SME Finance Forum, said that the number of applications for this year’s “Global SME Finance Awards” is the largest in recent years, and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. All recognized financial institutions should be proud.

Jincheng Bank is one of the first five private banks approved by the state in 2015. In August 2020, with the approval of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, it successfully introduced 360 Group to become the largest shareholder. In the past three years, it has completed digital transformation and upgrading and reconstructed its core Development momentum has created independent digital risk control capabilities and digital technology strength, and has industry-leading asset creation levels and user service experience. It has served more than 20 million consumers and provided them with efficient, safe and convenient digital financial services. , it has also reached out to more than 1.6 million small, medium and micro enterprises, providing them with a total of more than 150 billion yuan in credit services, solidly serving the real economy and practicing inclusive finance.

It is particularly worth mentioning that, as Jincheng Bank’s core product for small and micro enterprises, Jinqi Dai comprehensively applies cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and big data, and is the first in the industry to provide purely online, unsecured small and micro enterprises. The loan limit for micro-enterprises has been increased to a “credit highland” of 5 million yuan. As of now, more than 20% of the customers served by Jinqidai are “first-time borrowers”. Nearly 70% of the small and micro enterprises served are concentrated in the manufacturing and retail and wholesale industries. Jinqidai users have a single interest payment of less than 500 yuan. Accounting for nearly 50%, it is truly “both inclusive and beneficial” for small and micro enterprises and supports the real economy. At the same time, the non-performing rate of Jinqi Loan is far lower than the average level of similar products in the industry.

According to the 2022 annual report, Jincheng Bank’s operating income and net profit in 2022 both hit record highs, and the year-on-year growth rates of operating income and net profit ranked first among 19 private banks. Its comprehensive strength has jumped to the forefront of the industry. Relevant people from Jincheng Bank said that winning this international award will further encourage Jincheng to digitally serve consumers and small, medium and micro enterprises; support the real economy and practice inclusive finance; and create On the road to becoming a world-leading digital bank, we are working hard and making steady progress.

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