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Jincheng Bank launched the 2023 “3.15 Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Week”

Jincheng Bank launched the 2023 “3.15 Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Week”

Recently, in order to further enhance the self-protection awareness and risk awareness of financial consumers, Jincheng Bank combined the current deposit insurance system, prevention of illegal fund-raising, prevention of new telecommunications network fraud and other hot topics, and carried out the “3.15 Consumer Rights Protection Education Publicity Week” event.

  “Financial Knowledge Entering Rural Areas”

On March 14, Jincheng Bank organized a financial knowledge into the countryside activity with the theme of “Rights, Responsibilities, Risks” and “Building an Honest Consumption Environment to Boost Confidence in Financial Consumption”. Xiliudian Village in Caozili Town, the “Hometown of Silk Flowers” of the Lord. Jincheng Bank’s propagandists preheated through the pre-heating publicity in the village grid group, the village radio station broadcast publicity, posted posters and banners on the bulletin board of the village committee and prominent places in the village, distributed “Jincheng Bank Financial Knowledge Handbags”, and went to village-run enterprises and The village school bus pick-up and drop-off point conducts various forms of financial knowledge publicity for corporate employees, students and parents, and provides villagers with various financial services such as preventing telecommunication fraud, preventing illegal fund-raising, learning and understanding credit, deposit insurance, and preventing routine loans. The knowledge popularization activities remind villagers to reasonably choose financial products and services that suit their own characteristics, stay away from illegal financial activities, enhance their awareness of risk and responsibility, and effectively protect their legitimate rights and interests.

At the same time, Jincheng Bank also donated books related to financial anti-fraud to the village committee of Xiliudian Village. Fan Yibo, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Village Committee and Director of the Village Committee, said: “The content of this financial knowledge popularization activity is very rich, and it is also beneficial to the promotion of fraud prevention awareness among villagers and village-run enterprises.”

  “Financial Knowledge into the Community”

In addition to carrying out themed publicity activities for people with weak financial knowledge in rural areas, Jincheng Bank also carried out the “Financial Knowledge into the Community” activity. Residents have popularized financial knowledge such as anti-telecom fraud and staying away from illegal fund-raising, and alerted community residents to increase their awareness of preventing and anti-illegal activities and enhance their ability to identify fraud.

During the event, not only elderly friends participated, but also children actively interacted with each other. After receiving small gifts with financial knowledge, they took pictures and punched cards as souvenirs. Aunt Sun in the community said: “You are all good young people. You have reminded us how to prevent scammers and let us have a better understanding of financial fraud prevention. Thank you very much for entering the community. This kind of interesting anti-fraud answers is very helpful It’s a very good reminder for older people.”

  Online live broadcast helps “financial knowledge enter thousands of households”

In addition to carrying out various offline financial knowledge publicity and popularization activities, Jincheng Bank also gave full play to the characteristics of digital inclusive banks, and took advantage of its own digital characteristics to actively carry out online publicity. On March 8th and 15th, it carried out a joint online live broadcast. Two series of publicity live broadcasts on the protection of financial consumers’ rights and interests were held. In each live broadcast, the host implants financial consumer rights protection cases and promotional slogans in the form of oral broadcast, so as to achieve the purpose of disseminating financial knowledge.

Jincheng Bank popularized financial knowledge such as the new scam of “piping the old” and the correct understanding of deposit insurance to financial consumers in the form of online live broadcast, reminding financial consumers to raise their awareness of fraud prevention and reasonably protect their rights.

In addition, Jincheng Bank disseminated the financial knowledge related to the “3.15 Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Week” in multiple frequency and scope through self-media channels such as official account, Weibo, Toutiao, etc., which expanded the audience of publicity and education in an all-round way. , to enhance the effectiveness of financial knowledge publicity. In the future, Jincheng Bank will continue to promote the normalization of financial knowledge, continue to carry out financial knowledge publicity and popularization activities through multiple channels and methods, and contribute to promoting fairness in financial consumption and building a safe and healthy financial ecological environment.

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