Jin Zhiwei received nearly 500 million yuan in round C financing, and the national team “entered” to lead the investment in the RPA track

Jin Zhiwei received nearly 500 million yuan in round C financing, and the national team “entered” to lead the investment in the RPA track

On March 3, 2023, Zhuhai Jinzhiwei Information Technology Co., Ltd. (“Jingwei” for short) successfully held Jinzhiwei’s C-round financing and new product launch conference with the theme of “New Productivity · Rewriting a New Chapter” in Zhuhai. At the meeting, Jin Zhiwei officially announced that the company completed the C round of financing of nearly 500 million yuan in December last year, led by CDB Capital, Wenrun Investment (Wen’s Investment), Yuecai Fund, Zhongdian Zhongjin Fund under CICC Capital, Shun Followed by Capital, Junsheng Investment, Zhengling Venture Capital and other institutions, the financing amount ranks at the forefront of China’s enterprise service financing amount in 2022.

According to Jin Zhiwei, this round of funds will be mainly used to accelerate the research and development of the “RPA+X” product matrix, improve the company’s “1+N” ecological layout, and focus on strengthening the expansion of non-financial industries and markets on the basis of continuing to deepen the financial industry , to further expand the leading edge of Jinzhiwei’s product technology and market performance, and continue to lead the RPA track.

In 2022, when the capital market is relatively calming down, Jinzhiwei will once again win the favor of many well-known venture capital institutions by virtue of its industry-leading technology and product innovation capabilities, solid and outstanding market performance, and advanced strategic planning, and become the capital through the cold winter of a dark horse. Jin Zhiwei said that this round of investors covered national, provincial, and well-known market-oriented capital institutions at all levels, and the investment structure was diversified, which not only confirmed the capital market’s recognition of Jin Zhiwei’s long-term adherence to high-quality development, but also reflected the industry’s firm optimism in the RPA field The development prospect has once again boosted the market’s confidence in the development of the artificial intelligence and RPA industry.

As the first artificial intelligence enterprise in China to develop enterprise-level RPA, Jinzhiwei insists on maintaining a high degree of synchronization with the national strategic plan, actively responds to the call for building a digital China and vigorously developing the digital economy, and continues to increase its focus on digital industrialization and industrial digitization. R & D investment, deep integration of enterprise-level RPA technology and business scenarios, to provide enterprises and organizations with a one-stop digital employee overall solution. Up to now, Jinzhiwei’s digital employees have been applied to more than 1,000 large and medium-sized enterprises, including the six major state-owned banks, and have provided more than 800,000 digital employees for the entire industry. The performance has continued to grow rapidly, and it has become a leader in the RPA industry.

In the new product release link, Jinzhiwei announced the newly upgraded enterprise-level functions and features of the core product K-RPA, and released the virtual digital human secretary, bank intelligent internal control management system, bank supervision and reporting centralized management platform, data center on-site management system, New products such as K-EE’s digital transformation teaching and training platform, continue to create and improve the “RPA+X” product matrix of K-EE, and once again demonstrate to the industry the innovation ability of K-EE as an enterprise-level RPA expert and the practice of its “service The determination of the corporate strategy of “Thousands of industries, assisting the digital economy, and jointly building a digital China”.

In addition, Jin Zhiwei also stated that it has become a member of the Xinchuang Working Committee in 2022. At present, its products have fully supported the Xinchuang ecology. From basic software to application software, Xinchuang product compatibility and mutual certification of the whole industry chain.

In recent years, market investment in the domestic enterprise service sector has tended to develop rationally, and investors prefer relatively mature high-quality projects. As a pioneer in the industry, Jinzhiwei has always adhered to high-quality development. Since its establishment, it has maintained profitability every year. It has great advantages in key indicators such as R&D strength and market share. Its enterprise-level products and services are well-known, and this is exactly what the capital market focus of attention. Jin Zhiwei said that in the future, he will further explore and make good use of the assistance brought by this round of financing, actively implement the strategy of co-building a digital China, actively embrace the wave of digital economy and digital transformation, accelerate the pace of listing companies, and move towards a new journey of high-quality development .

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